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✅ Pros

It also includes a business card holder slot on the inside.
Review Pros
It is inexpensive and convenient.
It has versions for phones or tablets, with landscape or portrait support.
There three different models on the MOFT laptop stand.
Weight and folded dimensions are both outstanding.
It is also non-slip and scratch resistant.
The stand is made from a durable polyurethane and fiberglass material for stability.
MOFT X is about five millimeters thin and only weighs a single ounce which feels like nothing when it’s in your hand.
Made of 100% vegan PU leather material, the MOFT carry sleeve is eco-friendly and water-proof, unlike animal leather.
The MOFT stand is movable with two elevation adjustments, making it easy to find the ideal height and comfort for a healthy posture.
It is a lightweight, portable alternative to bulky, heavy laptop stands.
The stand also doubles as a card sleeve which can hold up to 3 cards.
It folds compactly.
The MOFT stand is super light and super thin at a 3 oz and 1/10” thick.
The stand is made of PU material and can be folded repeatedly.
It is barely noticeable.
It offers solid stand mode.
It gives adjustable views.
It takes 2 seconds to set up.
It folds out to two elevations.
The 15-degree angle is perfect for watching videos, movies or reading.
It is easy to install.
MOFT is absurdly lightweight.
It is inexpensive.
The MOFT X Phone stand package also includes a magnetic sticky pad which you can paste onto any surface via its 3M adhesive.
MOFT goes everywhere without getting in the way.
It offers spill & heat protection for laptop.
It functions with magnets and can offer up to two different elevation levels for various levels of comfort.
It is scratch proof.
This invisible stand from MOFT is just a perfect combination of efficiency, functionality and minimalist style.
It is slim and sits flush with your case.
The team behind MOFT guarantees the stand can hold up to 18 pounds of weight.
The MOFT is made from PU and fiberglass.
It feels like high-quality leather.
It comes with magnetic capabilities for Apple Pencil, etc.
The load-bearing capacity can reach an astonishing 8kg, not to mention the heavy game-type notebook, and even a pile of books is no problem.
MOFT is easily removable, and re-attaches in seconds.
At just $19, you will not find a better value.
With the MOFT X Phone stand, you can stand your phone in both landscape and portrait mode.
Most people will find the 10-inch lift height appropriate—at 5-foot 10 inches.
It also doubles as a wallet and can hold your business cards, credit cards on your driver’s license if you like and does have RFID so your cards are safe.
The MOFT X Phone stand comes in three colors.
It is also very affordable.
There is no need for separate laptop stand.
It is only about 5mm thin.
The MOFT laptop stand is also compatible with plastic cases.
It comes with microsuction pad with large surface area.
Moft Z is definitely stable well within the weight range it needs to be.
It’s completely portable, allows you the ability to have not just one but two positions to situate your laptop.
The laptop stand lets you elevate your device to two different viewing angles – 15 and 25 degrees.
The stand is made of good quality materials like PU and fiberglass, so it feels quite sturdy and durable.
It is comfortable to the touch and scratch-proof.
Two height adjustments are available.
iPhone version can hold credit cards.
It is available in 5 colors.
It can be adjusted to 2 or 3 inches.
The removable adhesive allows me to attach and detach the stand without leaving any stain.
Adhesive is reusable.
It is helpful for relieving neck strain.
MOFT is compatible with most devices that are up to 15.6 inches in size.
It has slim profile.
It is perfect for on the go use.
The MOFT is easy to open and close.
After using it, the sitting posture is more standardized than before.

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❌ Cons

The 15° position could be a little easier to set up.
It takes practice to quickly switch between heights.
It doesn’t have anything to protect the front edge of my MacBook.
There is a bit a of a learning curve with the MOFT.
It is currently only sold via Kickstarter.
Laptop wobbles a bit when stand isn’t in use.
The laptop can slightly wobbles when the stand is raised.
Metal interferes with Qi charging compatibility.
If you’ve got a larger, older laptop with sloppy hinges, screen bounce while typing may be a problem.
It is not flat with computer when carried around, flaps.
It requires case or phone with straight, flat back.
This is a product that’s still in “pre-order” status—although the design is finalized, and the company is just accumulating orders for a big production run.
The lift height isn’t adjustable—especially tall users may find it lacking.
Built-in magnets don’t always keep stand folded.
Typing on laptop keyboard is harder due to slant.
This stand is not as stable as aluminum stands.
Because the support position is in the middle of the computer, there will be some small shaking when pressing the corners of the keyboard.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
MOFT is compatible with most devices that are up to 15.6 inches in size. It is best used on laptops or tablets with a flat bottom and with no vents in the center area of the hinge. The team behind MOFT guarantees the stand can hold up to 18 pounds of weight, so there is the possibility that it might even work with some smaller gaming laptops and devices heavier than a MacBook.
All of my previous stands are larger, so it has rubber pieces to protect this part of my laptop. In this case, obviously we have to sacrifice the edge protection and sturdiness for a more compact design. I couldn’t accept that, so I stopped using the product after a few days. However, it is not a bad choice if you use an external keyboard and place the stand on a smooth and soft surface.
The MOFT X lets you easily add a stand to your tablet or phone without much bulk, as long as you don’t use Qi charging for that device.
MOFT’s laptop stand offers the ideal typing height for maximum comfort for extended periods of time. It weights less than a pen. At just $19, you will not find a better value. It’s the same price as Amazon’s best-seller, and a far and away better product.Which is pretty damn amazing for how sturdy it is.
The Moft Laptop Stand is available now from the company’s website for $24.99 USD and comes in multiple colours, Space Grey, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold and Jean Grey. Moft also offers a double pack of laptop stand and also a version of their stand that is non-adhesive.
At $29.99, for what it offers in terms of health, we highly recommend the MOFT stand. There are a lot of other laptop stands on the market but the MOFT stand outshines its competition in terms of size, portability, convenience, and the fact that it truly feels “invisible”.
At just S$32, the MOFT X Phone stand is a really attractive accessory for your phone at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a stand for your phone and want a nice looking one, then MOFT X should be your go-to.
I’ll be toting around my laptop in this for the foreseeable future. I like the stylish and multi-purpose design. It looks and feels great.
The MOFT Laptop Stand is a super-thin, portable and lightweight stand that will help you solve those laptop posture problems forever. It is also very affordable and comes in a range of bundles.
We’re not sure how broad the market is for a laptop-only standing desk, but the Moft Z seems poised to suit that market quite well. It succeeds broadly in all the promises it makes—it’s lightweight, stable, and, even with heavy-handed users, it’s more than strong enough for the purpose.
The MOFT Stand is an adhesive that sits at the back of your devices, such as your laptops and even now your phones and tablets to make sure that you can enjoy an ergonomic comfort regardless of the situation.
It is light and thin, and it is attached on the back of the notebook. It is very portable and can be used anywhere. It is available in 5 colors. Because the support position is in the middle of the computer, there will be some small shaking when pressing the corners of the keyboard.
Because I’m always on the go and working from my laptop is a necessity, I really like the compact nature of this stand. It doesn’t impede my ability to store my laptop in a protective sleeve and it lifts my laptop quite easily to a level that is more ergonomically correct when I’m working remotely. I have noticed that I don’t have neck strain like I did before I started using the stand. I can recommend this stand to any user based off of its ease of use, price, and utility.

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