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✅ Pros

It is suitable for shorter connections.
Review Pros
Monoprice noise isolating earphones are awesome.
They have a ton of other headphone options to choose from.
They’re lightweight and small, which makes it easy for them to sit comfortably in the bowl of my ears.
It has fast print speed.
It will effortlessly drive just about any headphone.
It showed crisp, clean, mids-focused audio performance.
It is optimized for movies.
Atmos speakers are installed for convenient height speakers.
It showed non-fatiguing sound character.
No amp is needed to sound great.
It is based on open source software and has the volume and speed to print big and detailed items.
It has polite but engaging treble.
It offers comfortable fit.
It has solid build.
It offers comfortable, well-padded fit.
They’re pretty comfortable and sound good.
Sound quality improves with EQ.
It includes detachable audio cable with remote and mic, zip-up hard shell case.
It shows excellent sound and performance for the price.
It offers great, solid bass reproduction.
It offers balanced and detailed sound.
It gives THX Ultra caliber performance for an extremely reasonable price.
It is outstanding value for money.
It handles 4K.
The Monoprice Maker Select V2 can print in many different materials.
It is smooth, spacious sound with an appealing overall balance.
Monoprice’s battery checks off all the right boxes.
Three-way center design avoids dispersion/lobing problems with typical two-way centers.
It has handsome packaging.
It is freeSync & G-Sync compatible.
It offers lively and dynamic sound.
They can hold their own against pairs that cost four to five times as much.
It features dual AK4493 32-bit DACs and dual THX AAA-788 amplifer modules.
It is very cheap.
The Plus earbuds charging case is smooth and sleek.
Increased compatibility and a budget price are what make Monoprice’s 4K monitor stand out and worth a look.
It is attractive for largish and affordable bookshelf speakers.
It offers an overabundance of features and inputs for the price.
It offers excellent contrast.
Having two USB ports is nice, because you can charge two of your devices at once.
I wasn’t expecting a lot for a mere $20 over Monoprice’s already-good entry-level earbuds.
It is easy to use with cloud software.
Monoprice’s selection of cases, screen protectors, and other cell phone accessories is surprisingly large.
It has good cable quality.
Their monitor speakers have been well reviewed considering the price.
Their 30 day money back guarantee and lack of a restocking fee often outweigh the risk of buying what may end up being a inferior product.
It has vast, expansive soundstage.
With the 500mAh battery in the charging case, I can charge my set of Plus earbuds five times.
It showed accurate color with calibration.
It has heated print bed.
It is an excellent 3D printer that comes at a very low price.
It has spacious soundstage.
It showed excellent print quality.
Build quality is great.
It is extremely comfortable.

❌ Cons

They are obviously made from inexpensive material.
Ear hooks break easily.
Some of their stuff, like a 802.11N router or their mechanical keyboard might put off name brand shoppers.
It might be a bit strange and complicated to beginners.
It lacks the transparency, detail, and delicacy you’ll find in even finer headphone amps.
The audio quality on their speakers and headphones certainly won’t impress an audiophile.
It has poor detail levels and transient response.
There are no USB ports.
It can sound a bit thin on certain genres.
It has unwieldy cable.
It has extremely fragile earhooks.
The bass was so thick I could feel my eyelashes vibrating.
It won’t handle 4K at 60fps.
It has clunky OSD and control buttons.
Non-Atmos model is currently unavailable for 365T.
Some Wi-Fi connection issues were observed.
It is extremely uncomfortable.
It is rather large for bookshelf speakers.
It has weak overdrive.
It is bulky.
It has lackluster software.
It lacks dynamics.

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