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✅ Pros

They looked very appealing.
Review Pros
Green to match the cute logo and packed with tissue paper was an added touch.
Orders over £35 are delivered free of charge.
It felt like they cared about providing good service.
The option for Paypal checkout was similarly pleasing.
There is a large variety of brands to choose from.
It is nutritionally complete.
If you’re not sure what to choose, answer a few questions about your pet, and you’ll get suggestions from the Monster Pet Supplies team.
If you’re tired of running to the store every once in a while, you can pick your pet’s favourite products he needs regularly and set them for repeat delivery.
Monster Pet Supplies stock over 20,000 products at low and affordable prices.
The main Monster Pet Supplies website features a lot of ‘tail-waggingly good’ deals and discounts.
In terms of the main navigation, the search and filter options are fluid and easy-to-use.
In addition to food, toys, healthcare products, and accessories for your dogs and cats, Monster Pet Supplies offers a range of products for horses, birds, and small animals.
Monster Pet Supplies offer free Delivery on orders over £59.
The Supreme rabbit treats come in a bright red bag and are shaped as mini doughnuts.
The items arrived in lovely packaging.
It contains carefully selected herbs to increase antioxidant levels in ageing rabbits.
It prevents selective feeding – a common problem for many rabbits.
It comes with Timothy hay & thyme to help maintain appetite.
In terms of pricing, there is a clear focus on beating the recommended retail price.
It is high in fibre – 22%.
There was a little note to the cats inside with the items and we were pleased to see a soft and fluffy toy and some catnip spray inside to test.
It stocks some of the best pet brands at up to 50% cheaper.

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❌ Cons

While some products are certainly cheaper, I found other items selling for less on rival pet websites.
The only downside is that the app so far only caters for dogs and cats, meaning other small pet owners are left out entirely.
Nibbles was unfortunately not as impressed and would only eat the yellow donuts which was unfortunate as there were only a few of those in the bag!

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Wow, I’d never have thought of giving green tea to a rabbit ! I didn’t know they were prone to middle-age spread either ! You learn something every day.
Despite some negatives like heavy-handed sponsorship and embellishment of the amount of savings on offer, it’s a pretty decent ecommerce app overall. Going back to the initial point – will people use it to buy their pet food instead of a regular supermarket? If the app is able to deliver on its promise of price and convenience, I don’t see why not.
Monster Pet Supplies stock over 20,000 products at low, affordable prices. Having had a look at their site it’s easy to navigate around and they even accept paypal.
Monster Pet Supplies is an online pet supplies store, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Leeds, in the UK. It stocks some of the best pet brands at up to 50% cheaper, making it one of the UK’s favourite stops for pet owners.
The Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food, aims to prevent picky eating and ensures a well balanced diet. The food itself is clean and there’s not lots of bits which end up everywhere!

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