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✅ Pros

It is an easy-to-use platform with a user-friendly interface – you don’t need to be an expert to navigate the site.
Review Pros
The motion graphic templates that Motion Array offers are one of the best things about video creation software.
Motion Array is an all-in-one video and filmmakers platform with a massive range of videos, photos, music, and sound effects, with more being added every day.
It provides access to pre-built templates or starts from scratch when creating your design.
Music, sound effects, and video libraries are likely to grow in size since it was acquired by Artlist.
Plans begin at just $18.75 per month, making this an affordable option.
When you have a membership, you are entitled to unlimited downloads.
If animating something quick doesn’t have the desired effect for what you want on the screen, then Motion Array also has an intuitive timeline feature with actions such as play looping animation in reverse.
There are no copyright restrictions once the asset is downloaded.
For members, the digital library includes a wide variety of quality (and royalty-free) assets, including video, audio, and photos, not to mention templates.
Everything is covered by their simple, full-usage license forever.
It allows unlimited downloads.
Everything on Motion Array is covered by one simple full usage license.
Motion Array is a great tool that helps you create animations, video transitions, and graphics.
A wide variety of digital assets are available.
There is no download limit, even on the cheapest subscription.
Extensions for Adobe are also available.
When you sign-up for the premium plan, you get unlimited downloads and royalty-free content for life.
Royalty-free high-quality video, audio, and photos are available.
An active membership allows for unlimited downloads to be used in new projects.
All assets are high-quality. This means you can use them for anything from broadcast to online-based projects.
It offers royalty-free license.
The Portfolio Website Builder works well for quickly setting up a professionally designed site to showcase your work.
Adobe extensions are also available.
If you enjoy adding plugins, you can take advantage of Motion Array’s Premiere Pro plugin kit.
You can access a large selection of templates, sound effects, and graphics.
A free subscription plan is available.
Memberships include 250GB of storage space.
You can search through a vast library and find presets like magazine letters, prismatic effects, optic zoom transitions, and more.
Everything here is of great quality.
New assets are being added daily.
Motion Array also includes a handy collaboration tool. It’s called Review, and it helps freelancers to work together more easily.
You can even map out keys on your keyboard.
Download every asset you need, when you need it, from video templates and stock footage to photos, royalty-free music, and sound effects.
You can filter through thousands of different audio files for something that will fit the video you’re creating without worrying about paying any royalty fees.
It offers ample storage space (250GB); you can save multiple projects.
Adobe Premiere Pro add-ons and plugins, Portfolio Website Builder, and a variety of other useful tools are also available.
Templates are of the highest premium quality.
It offers outstanding support for customers.
Assets for almost any video project can be found on Motion Array.
Starting from just $20.83/Month, this digital asset subscription service is one of the most affordable options you’ll find.
Motion Array is super-easy to use.
You can kick off your “trial” with a free subscription plan to make sure Motion Array is a good fit.
Free plan is offered.
It offers a wide range of digital tools.
Cheapest plan is just $20/month + $50 discount for first time users.
Motion Array is a never-ending supply of creative inspiration.
It allows unlimited projects.
There is a decent discount on the annual subscription.
If you want to add stock videos to something you’re creating, you can look through an extensive library entirely free when you sign up.
It allows lifetime use.
Plans begin at a reasonable $18.75 per month.
High-quality, royalty-free music, photographs, and videos are available.
It has affordable pricing.
It has user-friendly interface.

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❌ Cons

Some templates have compatibility issues – though this only happened to me twice out of 100s of templates.
If you cancel your subscription, you won’t be able to use downloaded assets in new projects.
It offers only Adobe Premiere Pro plugins.
Only Pro plugins for Adobe Premiere are available.
The free version is extremely limited.
Assets are not available for individual purchase and instead require a membership.
A monthly subscription cost is quite high, at almost $30 a month, so this could be better for people who are just dabbling in video creation.
If you terminate your subscription, you cannot download assets in future work.
The library is smaller than some of the competitors’.
The platform only offers Adobe app plugins which can be quite limiting to creators who use different software.
Members who don’t use Adobe’s Premiere Pro can’t take advantage of the plugins for video assets.
They only have a limited number of plugins for each software, though the quantity of plugins is growing over time.
You cannot purchase components individually; only available via subscription.
Plugins for only Adobe Premiere Pro are available.
The content library could be bigger.
Templates and presets cannot be purchased individually if you wish to do so.
It has low creator satisfaction score.
It could have more assets.
It might take a while to sift through a lot of mediocre assets to find their highest-quality offerings.
It has an unintuitive user interface according to some people.
You can’t purchase assets separately, only with a subscription.
Only members with an active subscription can use downloaded assets in new projects.
If you stop paying for the service, you won’t be able to use any of the previously downloaded assets in any new projects.
Plugins are only available for Adobe Premiere Pro.
You are only able to acquire assets through a paid subscription; there is no a la carte option.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Motion Array is a good video asset company. For $30/m; 250/y you get unlimited access to thousands of premium-quality templates, videos, photos, music, sound effects covered by a simple, universal license. I like that I can create amazing content quickly. Overall, Motion Array is a great platform and worth its value.
Overall, based on our experience, a Motion Array subscription has proven a worthwhile investment. Motion Array provides helpful, easy-to-use tools that you can input into your projects right away. As evidenced in the above Motion Array review, the pros far outweigh the cons for just about every different type of user. Furthermore, they’ve set affordable membership rates, especially in light of what you get for your money.
Motion Array is a good worth for your money, but it’s not the best. For a lower monthly fee, you get many more videos, templates, audio, and other content at Envato Elements.
If you’re looking for a website-building platform, I recommend using Envato elements because it has more features that will be useful on your site. On the other hand, if you are primarily interested in video creation software, Motion Array is probably better suited to meet those needs. The choice is up to you.
Motion Array is one of the best and most affordable ways for creators to access professional-quality video assets for their videos. At less than $20 a month, and with a constantly growing catalog, you won’t find this kind of bargain anywhere else.
Motion Array is one of the most affordable ways to create videos and other content that will reach the right audience. When you sign up, you’ll have access to high-quality templates, audio, graphics, and presets that will elevate your content and allow you to enhance your video creation skills. Overall, this one-stop shop for all things video creation is an excellent option for those making content online.
For approximately twenty dollars a month you get access to everything in the library and can download as many assets as you want, which is a significant discount compared to what some companies charge for just one high definition video. The company has a library of more than 700,000 different assets for just $30 per month or $250 per year. Motion Array gives you access to the largest collection of Premiere Pro templates in the world, which is a big plus for me.
The platform itself is pretty good but it’s always going to come down to personal preference and your overall needs. But yes, overall, it’s a worthwhile investment.
Motion Array is a great and cheap way for creators to get their hands on high-quality video materials. With a continually expanding selection, you won’t locate a better deal elsewhere at under $30 per month. The dynamic is more intriguing now that Artlist and Artgrid manage. The complete Artlist library (video and audio) is available for subscribers to enjoy.
It’s worth a lot more than what they charge. Jack and I used Motion Array extensively for about 1 year, and the results were nothing short of amazing. The array of resources offered by the platform saved us so much time and effort. Think of it as a magic potion that turned us into video editing wizards overnight. From creating professional-looking videos for school projects to making a fun montage of our weekend getaway, we achieved it all!
Motion Array is a one-stop platform for basically everything a video creator would need, with it you get access to a huge library of footage, motion graphics, music, sound effects, templates, and presets. However, it could have more assets, plugins are only available for Adobe Premiere Pro, and the website’s layout, design, and usability could be better.
Motion Array is a fantastic source of video assets of all kinds. The site is easy to use, and the assets’ quality is generally high. While the price may be too much for amateurs/hobbyists, it is very reasonable for small businesses or freelancers.

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