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✅ Pros

The built-in presets in FCP X are ready-to-use, and a few quick modifications will give you a custom 3D opener to impress any client.
Review Pros
Instancers let you duplicate 3D objects in brilliant new ways.
You can also import your own models in a variety of formats.
One thing I really like about mLUT is that when you click once on a LUT, it will instantly preview the results of using it in the Viewer.
The Library contains all available LUTs.
mFilmLook comes with 30 built-in LUTs.
All the effect controls are displayed in the Video Inspector.
The on-screen controls allow you to easily enable or disable parameters on the fly, while the inspector includes a wealth of granular controls to customize things like film grain, lens flare, letterboxing, and more.
mO2’s interface has been tightly integrated into Motion’s and Final Cut’s UI so it feels familiar right away.
MotionVFX has hundreds of plugins and templates that can be easily accessed with just a few clicks.
Despite all the things it lets you do, mO2 certainly feels fast and responsive most of the time.
mFlare 2 includes over 100 presets for enhancing the look of your film.
mO2 includes 12 incredibly customizable C4D-style Primitive objects that can be used to create entire scenes.
Hundreds of preset animations in the Object Behavior Library let you manipulate an object any way you’d like to.
Each title can be customized to a high degree via the Final Cut Pro X inspector.
MotionVFX made sure that making such adjustments is as easy as it gets.
The desktop app minstaller from MotionVFX allows you to install any MotionVFX template, LUT or other utility.
mO2 contains an incredibly large library of built-in templates that can be used right away.
mO2’s output (described as Physically Based Rendering) looks pretty amazing, with many subtle features that combine to give high quality results.
While Premiere does not allow the categorization or preview functions that Final Cut does, applying LUTs is as easy as picking a choice from a menu.

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❌ Cons

It’s unfortunately not possible to apply Motion’s own behaviors or parameter behaviors to mO2’s elements.
It’s worth noting that Intel integrated graphics aren’t supported.

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Review Summaries
It’s simple, powerful, and fast as hell. Almost every parameter has its equivalent in real life so it takes guesswork out of the question and the more complicated aspects are being done automatically under the hood, making it the easiest 3D creation tool ever. And considering that Motion costs only $50, together they also form the most affordable solution for 3D artists.
motionVFX have really created something special with mO2. If you would like to expand your motion graphic skills into 3D, but keep a strong integration with FCP X and Motion, there’s no better way to go. If your clients are requesting integrated 3D models, this is a great choice. And if you feel you need to move further in your own motion graphics work, the quality of the output and capabilities of mO2 are a terrific enabler.
As more of us move into shooting video using a variety of log or RAW formats, working with LUTs will become an essential part of any editing workflow. While each NLE has its own built-in LUT manager, mLUT – especially for Final Cut Pro X – makes managing and applying LUTs simple and visually intuitive.
The bottom line is that MotionVFX is a must-have resource for both casual and professional Final Cut Pro X users.

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