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✅ Pros

This software helps you import pictures in any format that you’d like from any device such as your laptop, camera or even your smartphone.
Review Pros
It has plain and sleek layout.
The program offer simple user interface, easy to handle and master even for computer newbie.
Hardware Acceleration Support.
Each of their applications has a cross-platform compatibility that means it supports Windows, Mac, and Mobile too.
4K Video Support.
“Record Screen” feature is offered.
Support for all popular file and device types.
The purchase process is simple and can be done on pre-installed software.
Problems such as noise in the background, and abnormal frequencies can be adjusted or even removed, and this software can automatically provide music that will match the overall movement and beat of the video that you are making.
Price of the software is very attractive.
File conversion tools are present.
It’s really easy to learn and use in day-to-day office environment.
The videos that you create can be easily viewed on the numerous devices that you might own, such as tablets and smartphones.
Live “record screen” mode is present.
High speed conversion is present.
Movavi Video Editor provides more than 180 formats in total to help cater to a wide range of format needs of different people with different devices.
Consistent performance in and out of games.
It possess intuitive interface.
The NEW IN Movavi Video Converter Editor which is a statement feature of the Movavi Video Editor enables the user to extract audio, adjust the audio sound and even create GIF files.
A few days of free trial to help you to get to know how it works.
It supports 180 portable devices.
Software is integrated with capture and editing tools.
Direct upload to YouTube option available.
It comes with file conversion tools.
You can use it to capture your entire desktop or a specific region, application or window.
Supports 14 different languages, so even if you want to use it in another language than English, you’re good.
14 Supported Languages.
Very intuitive design.
The output quality is excellent and can be adjusted according to the user preference.
Super easy to learn and understand the software.
The downloaded and converted video files or converted and edited video files can directly be uploaded on social media platforms and other web portals with the built-in Share Online app.
Magic Enhance automatic aesthetic improvement.
It can easily record audio signals from system itself as well as from microphone.
Currently the program supports 13 interface languages including the popular English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Dutch, etc.
Automatic BitRate Selection lets you create a balanced video with respect to size and quality of the video.
Extremely convenient; all you need is a little bit of imagination.
Movavi Screen capture Studio can capture and record streaming videos, skype calls, games and applications.
You don’t have to spend hours going through the numerous videos to select the best ones. With the Montage Wizard feature, all the fantastic videos will be almost instantly edited to make a movie out of it with your selected music in the background.
Over 100 animated between-scene transitions.
Ability to capture from mobile devices and the program also supports computer keyboard hotkeys.
It’s great for recording streaming video, video games, video VoIP calls and more.
Simple to use platform.
It’s the easiest program to learn and use on our lineup.
It’s really too easy to use the software with the clean, polished & user-friendly interface.
Users can make screen selections as entire screen recording, customized portion, and specific application or single window on screen.
Simple installation is required but with only three easy steps for the program’s to install after selecting the desired language, it’s really a good news for a newbie.
You can start the capture from the mobile devices as well.
They’re constantly developing the existing products and as well as creating new applications which anticipate the users’ needs, requirements, and preferences.
The license is a reasonable cost and isn’t a year-subscription like other products.
Responsive customer support system is present.
They have live chat support.
Excellent Tutorials for Beginners are provided.
Movavi provides a wide array of interesting, helpful, and brilliant software for its users.
Easy saving, playback, and sharing to Web and social media.
It has simple layout.
Good customer help and support is given.
The Movavi Video Converter does not cease to surprise and comes out with a way to estimate your CPU usage and processor cores, enabling the conversion of two to four H.264 files simultaneously.
A large number of appropriate features for the market this software is aiming for.
The video quality is quite good and it comes with some advanced possibilities to capture everything on the screen.
It supports all the significant video formats (WMV, MP4, AVI, H.264, 3GP) and WMA to MP3.
User friendly and available at a very reasonable price.
A great easy-to-use product that produces good quality videos.
For assistance with any of their products and guidance for purchasing, they’re providing a helpful customer support.
Movavi Screen Capture has every capture and editing tool.
Editing is easier than ever before.
2D/3D video conversion is offered.
Easy to use interface and short and precise tutorials to help you understand its functions in a better way.
Unlike many other options in the market, there is no drastic impact on gaming performance.
The built-in video editor adds a nice touch to the overall user experience.
It has simple Interface.

❌ Cons

Free trial is very limited and is of a few days.
7 day trial is not enough for everyone.
It requiries additional drivers.
Live upport is not much responsive.
Customer support is not so valuable.
The software could use higher refresh rate recording feature like some of the competing offerings in the market.
It only contains basic editing tools.
There is no allowance to download videos or audio files.
This software is unable to burn videos to DVDs.
There are better alternatives than this.
After downloading, users have the to give the installer the permission to send usage statistics to Movavi.
Not as well optimized in some areas and can slow down when using some more demanding features.
Free trial does not give access to all the features.
Some UI Elements Need Work.
It involves additional CPU usage.
Email inquiries are answered in 48 hours.
Free trial is of only 7 days.
No 24/7 live chat support is present.
You have to spend your money to gain access of this software tool.
Limited number of effects and transitions are present.
Does not effectively support 4k footage from the Canon 5D Mark IV.
This software use to face crash.
While the Movavi Video Editor Personal Plan is a perfect and affordable option for any video editing needs, the basic plan does not offer DVD copy capabilities..
Fewer effects and transitions as compared to similar products.
Users cannot upload their videos directly to YouTube.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Movavi Video Suite is not feature-rich, nor does the software claim to offer a pro-level editing experience. But the layout and interface are clear and easy to navigate, and beginners should have no problems creating a good-looking video with this software package. Use Movavi Video Suite if you are looking for a simple and easy to use program that still has its fair share of interesting features.
Movavi Video Editor offers a nice balance of video editing features and ease of use, making it perfect for casual users who want to create their own videos to share online or with their friends and family.
Exceptionally brilliant features that rest with the Movavi Video Converter like the SuperSpeed video conversion, ability to convert more than one video simultaneously and play around magnificently with audio is something that puts Movavi a league apart.
Movavi Video Capture Studio topped the rankings of the best video capture software for many reasons. Chief among them is its wide array of recording, editing and exporting tools. It has everything we look for in the best applications plus several tools not found in other programs. It gives you an amazing amount of control over your video projects, and the end results are nearly perfect. Finding something to complain about is difficult with this program – it’s simply the best application in this category in every respect.
Movavi Video Editor enables Mac and Windows users to quickly and efficiently edit home movies and create impressive photo slideshows. Using its simple controls and intuitive interface, you can quickly and drastically improve the quality of your imported videos and photos, as well as apply filters and effects, titles, animations, and music or other audio
It’s important to remember who this software is designed for and it’s not necessarily for those that want to create high-end cinema-style movies.This is essentially aiming towards YouTubers, teachers that create video tutorials, vloggers and content creators that need something fast and effective. For many of those kinds of content creators, Movavi Video Editor might just be the perfect editor.
With the myriad editing options and filters that the Movavi Video Editor offers to you, you can now do so much more than just recording and playing the videos. What’s even better is that you can make it more relatable and precious by adding the memorable scenes and music to it.
Movavi Video Editor Plus is a video editing software that comes with a really low learning curve, you can start using it in seconds. You could use it for pretty much everything, whether it be editing your birthday video or making that professional video that you would release next on YouTube.
Movavi Screen Capture software is one of the most powerful yet lightweight screen recording tool that can be used for video streaming, to grab music from different websites, for capturing video calls, to create interactive tutorials and just to get some desktop screenshots. You will definitely enjoy its intuitive controls along with user friendly interface.
Movavi is a feature-rich video making and editing software that offers various striking features, making the videos look more professional than ever. However, the software is lacking in some features such as fewer transitions and no live chat support. Movavi is a quick and easy tool for in-house editors who want to put videos uploaded on YouTube or discs. But, it could have been much better with various additions and improvements.
It’s really easy to learn and use in day-to-day office environment. You can get what you need produced without having to fuss too much over the product itself. A great easy-to-use product that produces good quality videos.
If you’re among those individuals who need exclusive or professional quality multimedia contents on a regular basis, then Movavi and their products will be ideal for you. Their interface is extremely easy, simple, and convenient. Moreover, if you’ve any dispute or concern, the company offers an online live chat facility to address your concerns. Overall, this is one of the best platforms for accessing some awesome products to experience a smooth, seamless, and sheer multimedia fun.
A good feature set is very important for any screen recording software. Considering how many people make their decisions based on the features that are being provided to them, making it even more important. Movavi has made sure that the software is suitable for people with all level of knowledge, and despite having some advanced features.
Movavi screen video recorder is one of a kind of software that you need in any occasion. You can use it to record how-to tutorials, presentations or your favorite’s games and sport matches.
Movavi Video Converter is a complete video converter software and has excellent speed and powerful advanced features to convert your video’s and supports many file formats and devices, this make us to choose as our best Video Editing Software in the market.

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