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✅ Pros

Most of the followers they deliver are of high quality according to their website.
Review Pros
They provide 24/7 support.
They have clear Terms and Conditions and refund policy.
Their verified payments gateway system is 100% safe & secure.
They’re probably authentic, and in the very least high quality, which means that they’re going to do a lot for your Instagram growth.
Their prices are affordable.
They have flexible pricing system.
It promotes organic growth.
The company supports all major social media networks and more.
If you’re a bitcoin user, you’re in luck because Mr. Insta accepts it as a form of payment.
Besides Instagram followers, Mr. Insta seems to be offering a wide variety of services related to some other social media platforms such as Twitch, Pinterest, Youtube, or Twitter.
Mr Insta provides you with genuine reviews on their website.
They have lots of upgrade options.
Mr Insta’s pricing plans are not too expensive.
They offer refill guarantee.
Guys from Mr. Insta have been very careful when it comes to website design.
The site is SSL Certified which is secure anyway.
Their FAQs page offers a lot of information that you can read through.
Mr Insta does appear to have different price points visible to help you get an idea of what they offer and how much it’ll set you back.
They have secured their website with https.
They offer a free Instagram followers and likes plan.
You do not need to provide your Instagram password, which gives your account some security.
You will get some real likes and followers that can give a new account a major boost.
There are some reviews that claim they’ve gotten a fantastic quality and quantity of followers from this service.
They have a wide range of packages.
They have an FAQ section on their website, so you can find out as much as possible about everything before you commit.
It is very easy to get started.
They have positive reviews on Sitejabber.
They have excellent reviews.
They also say that they deliver within 12 hours, and we think they can achieve this across the board.
They also say that they don’t require your password, which is good.
Mr.Insta has an easy order placement process.
It is a well-known service.
They include a free trial of their services.
They appear to be upfront and honest about what they offer, their price points, and what comes with each package.
Because their services worked so well, they’ve expanded to a variety of other social media networks.
It will get you some followers and likes.
There is plenty of positive customer reviews.
FAQ’s answer all queries if you have any doubts.
Some of the followers are legit.
Various plans are available.
An FAQ page is present.
There are no bots.
They also say that they’ve helped over 500,000 Instagram accounts, which is an incredibly bold statement.
These various packages could be used singly and also combined.
They employ third-party vendors to process payments. This ensures your transactions are not compromised.
They have made sure to verify their payment gateway.
They have excellent Trustpilot reviews.
Mr. Insta seems to be right in the middle between the seriously expensive ones and the ridiculously cheap services.
They guarantee delivery and also offer a refill guarantee.
A free trial is available.
They have a phone form and email for you to fill out, which is a good level of accountability.
They do respond within the time limit.
Most will find their registration process to be pretty straightforward.
Free plan is available.
You can start trying out for free with their Free Instagram Followers plan.
They have a free trial and affiliate program.
Mr Insta also offers Instagram views and comments.
Mr Insta’s pricing is reasonable.
Customer support is available in the form of an email.
Mr Insta is starting off on a good foot – with an https secure site.
They promise fast delivery.
Their FAQ page is descriptive.
Mr Insta does appear to have verified payment gateways, which is also a good start.
It is a trusted Social Media Service provider that has been in the market for the last 7 years.
Free plan is available.
Free trial option is available.
24/7 support is available.

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❌ Cons

There is a risk of being banned by Instagram, especially if you are too aggressive.
The results from your purchase will begin between 24-72 hours, which is a bit slower than other companies out there.
There is no clear indication how they deliver the results to you: are they real followers or bots?
They have confusing service menu.
It poses a certain risk to your IG profile.
Refund isn’t always possible.
There is no dashboard or analytics to check the progress.
They are banned from Trustpilot.
There is danger of being banned by Instagram.
They use bot technology to sell followers which can make your social accounts banned.
Payments from PayPal are not accepted.
Their speed of delivery is not good.
The quality of followers is mixed.
Mr. Insta does not indicate precisely how it finds you these followers.
It requires personal information.
To use a free plan, you have to like and follow others.
Likes seem to be from fake accounts.
It is fairly expensive.
It looks spammy.
Some followers & likes disappear.
Their Trustpilot page was removed.
To receive followers, your account must be public.
I got mixed quality of followers (a number of them are fake).
It doesn’t accept PayPal.
Followers will drop off after some time, though we cannot be sure the percentage.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Mr. Insta below.

Review Summaries
Overall, we would recommend using Mr. Insta to help grow your Instagram account. This is for several reasons, including excellent reviews, free plan, and 24/7 support. Using Mr. Insta will help increase long-term organic growth on your Instagram profile, for a small one-time investment.
It’s a good idea to try different methods to grow your Instagram; however, some of these methods can severely damage your account, such as buying Instagram followers and likes or using automated bots. At any rate, we leave the final judgment to you.
It’s hard to get started organically, so being able to get that extra boost (for free, no less) can be a huge asset for any aspiring influencer. Therefore, our final verdict about Mr Insta? Go for it! They are your best bet for Instagram or other social media growth.
I got some likes and followers. If that’s your goal, Mr Insta could help you. However, you’d have to spend more money all the time, over and over again, to keep their likes and followers because they are not all genuine. That’s not really the path to long-term success.
All in all, buying something from Mr. Insta is not a complicated process, but you are definitely asked for some sensitive information.
Searching the Internet for Mr. Insta’s review and reading countless experiences from past customers got us thinking – could Mr. Insta be a scam? And is Mr. Insta legit? We’re not the first ones to ponder this question. Anyone who’s interested in trying out a service will ask themselves whether it’s a scam or not. The good news is that there is no evidence that would support the claim that Mr. Insta is a scam. Also, there is no doubt that this service is safe to use from a few aspects.
As the name implies, Mr. Insta focuses on services for Instagram. You can buy Instagram followers from Mr. Insta that are described as high-quality and premium, but that’s not all— because their services worked so well, they’ve expanded to a variety of other social media networks. The results from your purchase will begin between 24-72 hours, which is a bit slower than other companies out there, but they guarantee delivery and also offer a refill guarantee.
We highly suggest you go over as many Sitejabber reviews as possible and come to your own conclusion.This is recommended precisely because there is a possibility that you’ll see something that missed, or maybe come to a different conclusion than us regarding some topics. But there is one thing to remember here, before ever using any service that requires your credit card number – be patient, be careful and stay safe!
Mr. Insta looks fairly legit, but we still don’t think you should trust it head-on. Still, it is worth trying, and we encourage you to use a free plan to see if the terms and conditions suit you. The prices aren’t affordable for anyone, but the quality seems to meet the expectations you have after paying such a sum.
It is evident that they really care about their clients, and want to do everything they can to make sure that your Instagram is growing in the right direction. Definitely check them out and see how they can be of assistance when it comes to producing safe, secure engagement for your Instagram page.
Mr. Insta is amongst the most popular platforms for offering free Instagram followers and likes. It is because the portal is not complex, offers great plans, and thus, is an affordable way to better success in terms of social media presence.
When you are doing your research, always aim to use a service that uses real human engagement. You will usually be assigned an account manager who will guide and assist you. Bots are frowned upon by Instagram, and in our opinion should be avoided for the long run. Mr Insta does have a free account for you to test out, and often has a discount coupon to get you started on their premium paid plans.
Mr. Insta’s offers come across as legitimate. It is very open about its prices and policies. There are many good reviews of their service quality. It is safe to say that you should typically get excellent service from them. However, as is the general rule, there are exceptions. Generally, this is one of the more transparent platforms in its category. It is also a one-stop for all significant social media promotion needs.
They know that it’s not easy making a name for yourself out there, and they also know that you simply don’t have the time to do a lot of it yourself. This is why we think that they are a switched-on option, and a great choice if you need your social media engagement to be practical and effective, yet affordable.
We would recommend using Mr. Insta. This is because they have Excellent reviews on Trustpilot, and offer features such as Refill Guarantee, and 24/7 support. Overall, definitely make sure to check out their service to grow your Instagram page quickly and safely.

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