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✅ Pros

Everything comes in decent portions.
Review Pros
New foods are being launched to keep the menu interesting.
There are weekly offers available.
The delivery was pretty smooth.
It is convenient.
Each week, Muscle Food feature some cracking deals that last just one week only.
A big plus for the recipe cards was that they only used a few ingredients – only two, three or four, plus oil and seasoning.
They have a wide selection of meal options.
I liked that there is a servings guideline which outlines how much of the recommended fruit and vegetables you should have to compliment the meals provided.
The A5 size recipe cards clearly listed the expected prep time, cooking time, and ingredients.
They also have live Q&A sessions in the Group, so you can get personalised answers to any questions you have.
Pretty convenient on the whole, although days out are a little more difficult.
They have a great support system.
Everything tastes great.
You can choose your meals from the selection on their website.
I really enjoyed the variety of the food, so many different options to choose from.
1.2kg chicken had no added water or salt, meaning that it didn’t shrink and it tasted amazing.
There are also exercise videos available in the Member Zone.
The great thing about these recipes is that they take into account people who are looking for lean and healthy food.
Most items are vacuum packed which saves a load of room in the freezer.
Quality food is provided.
The food tasted really good.
For six people, you’re looking at £16.66 a head just for the main course and £16.66 a head if you add Christmas pudding for dessert.
Most orders arrive within 24 hours in special temperature controlled boxes which keeps the meat fresh.
You get support from qualified trainers.
The chicken breasts are much bigger than expected.
They offer good variety.
All the food is prepared with clean, fresh ingredients and carefully packaged to make sticking to your diet as simple as possible.
Because of the high protein content and the 6 meals a day, you shouldn’t feel hungry.
You could even have the same meal each day if you desire.
They offer a loyalty points scheme so every time you buy something you earn points which you can use against future orders.
The gravy tasted great, and heating up a pouch was so much easier than slaving over a hot stove at the last minute.
You can add fresh fruit and vegetables to your meal plan.
You’ll get a tracking number and text updates so you can plan your day around your delivery.
The meat is surrounded by frozen cool pouches so it stays fresh and remains ice cold.
I found that there was such a great selection of both meat & seafood options.
It is good value for money.
Muscle Food lays out an amazing selection of high-protein, low-calorie options so you won’t go hungry.
It is very competitive and cheaper than the supermarket.
Muscle Food provide easy step by step guides for each of your meals so you can get ready to eat fairly quickly.
In the first food delivery you also get a DVD with the exercise plan, a recipe book and details of how the plan works.
The parcel was insulated and contained ice packs, so the food was all chilled on arrival.
A lot of the food the MuscleFood.com sell are provided from family business.
In terms of the training, there are optional workouts provided, as well as you having access to a team of personal trainers.
All the food I tried was thoroughly enjoyable, and really easy to prepare.
Muscle Food then gives you a list of recommended meals and snacks to suit your goals.
High quality workout videos are provided.
You will get access to your very own personal trainer and workout library.
If you share a unique Muscle Food code with your friends – and they use it – you’ll receive 500 points.
The chicken MuscleFood supply tastes amazing.
Throughout the 12-week programmes you will have a whole glossary of recommended workouts to do alongside your new diet.
I really loved the Combo packs.
Muscle Food have put together recipes for main meals and also loads of delicious looking puddings.
It was just so easy to come in after a busy morning and pop a meal in the microwave for 4 minutes straight from the freezer.
All of the members have access to a private community.
The chicken breasts are huge, easily double the size of supermarket chicken breasts.
Muscle Food allows you to choose exactly what food you to order.
It is good value for money.
With your food hamper you’ll get Do the Unthinkable workout plans with carefully curated workouts you can follow online or watch on your complimentary workout DVD.
This was ultimate convenience food.
If you’re a student you also get 10% off too, making it even cheaper.
The crisp selection was yummy.
In terms of the food choice, you have a whole variety to pick and change up each day and week as you see fit.
Muscle Food also throw in 500g of shredded red cabbage (RRP £1.99) 500g of sweet potato fries (RRP £2.99) and a 500g slow cooker mix (RRP £2.99) into the new customer offer.
All snacks were really high in protein and low in sugar.
Takes away the effort of thinking about and planning what to eat and what exercises to do.
The food packets themselves are simple with no excess material.
If you’re a student and are registered with UNiDAYS you can get a 10% discount off your Muscle Food orders as well.

❌ Cons

Snacks were hit and miss.
My criticism is that the recipe cards were a bit haphazard.
I did try the fitness test and I did find it quite difficult the first time.
The prices of some of the products can be a little pricey if you’re on a budget.
When you first open up the 2 big packets of chicken (if you ordered the 5KG deal that is) you’ll notice a slight smell.
The checkout process is a little “faffy” as some items are listed as 24 hour delivery and others are not.
Some products tasted a little strange.
I don’t like that they haven’t listed the calorific information on the foods.
Not very convenient for days away from the home or office.
You need to keep an eye on dates, or freeze.
Snacks can be a bit over processed.
They probably need to add more veg.
It is reasonably expensive.
It doesn’t educate you when it comes to preparing your own healthy meals.
You are paying extra for the convenience of the food and being on the do the unthinkable plan.
It requires time and effort to see results.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, I thought that the plan was great, the food options tasted great and it never felt like a healthy eating plan. I always felt full and satisfied after every meal and I had lot of energy for my workouts during the week. I would definitely recommend it to people who are keen for no hassle and whom want everything ready and prepared for them. Also for those who like snacks between meals won’t feel like they are restricted with this.
If you want good quality meat, delivered to your door for much less than it costs in the supermarket then it’s a good choice.
Overall, the Muscle Food Christmas recipe box* made life much easier, despite any issues with the recipe cards, and we certainly ended up with a delicious result. Fingers crossed they sort out any vegetable sourcing issues by the time the boxes are delivered between 19 and 23 December.
Considering all the above I think the Do the Unthinkable is an amazing programme overall for anyone looking to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. If you are someone who is really struggling for some motivation and even some structure with your diet this could be just the system for you to live that healthy lifestyle you desire.
Overall, I was really impressed with the ‘Do The Unthinkable’ program that Muscle Food have introduced.
Each item has been bigger, cheaper and of superior quality to anything I have bought from a supermarket. Win.
It really goes to show that we need to forget the old theory that being healthy and dieting means being hungry and restricting yourself. Instead, you can be excited about every meal, work exercise around your lifestyle and still get the results you want.
Even if you’re not a fitness fanatic, it’s definitely worth looking past how the website is branded. If you are looking for quality cheap, good valued meat, veg, meals or snacks then Muscle Food should be added to your list of places to shop!
If you’re looking for high quality premium meats at a reasonable price that you can trust then MuscleFood.com is your next stop.
Basically, it’s a food and exercise plan designed to help you achieve your goals where all of your food and exercise plans are supplied for you.
I am pleased with what I received and with the entire system. You might look at the price and think £60 is a lot, but you do have to bear in mind that you are getting five breakfasts, five lunches, five dinners, and 15 snacks, let alone an entire workout program.
It’s so easy to stick to 5 days of healthy eating when everything is provided for you. With this plan, there really is no excuse.
I would definitely recommend this as a great way to lose weight and stay healthy. Going forward, I will continue eating more high-protein and low-carb options, as it really does work for me.
Whilst Muscle Food does focus on high protein meat for people who are seriously training, they still offer fantastic value for money for the non-gym goers amongst us.
My final thoughts are this a perfect solution for when you can’t be arsed to meal prep, or are at a complete and utter loss for how to eat well….just be careful of the snacking and try to listen to your bodies signals about hunger. Its 100% worth giving it a go.

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