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✅ Pros

They have a wide variety of menus which people of all ages (even the kids) would surely love to eat.
Review Pros
You can also purchase several different seed vaults, which include 21 different types of seeds, all enclosed in protective packaging that keeps them viable for up to five years.
MPS’s water containers, replacement water filters, and Alexapure products cover water source and filtration needs.
You can always add your own seasoning if you want.
My Patriot Supply stands out for offering a gluten-free emergency food supply, along with gluten-free individual entrees available for purchase.
Multiple customer support channels are available.
Patriot Pantry is proudly made in the United States thus you are assured that it is high-quality.
The short term kits go up to 2 weeks for one person and they have around 1,500 calories per day.
Their customer service is helpful and friendly, ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.
It is sold on Amazon therefore improves accessibility for the consumer.
My Patriot Supply is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
They have a wide range of food supplies.
The company’s survival food collection items are packed in slimline totes and last up to 25 years in storage.
They offer lowest price per 2000 calories.
They have a refund policy if you aren’t happy with your purchase.
They offer free shipping on orders $99+.
Patriot Panty items have good flavor.
The company offers both short-term emergency food supplies and long-term food supplies.
A 45-day return period is allowed.
They offer emergency food estimator.
They use uniquely slim stackable totes as opposed to other brands’ pails and buckets therefore saving storage space.
It also caters to a variety of dietary needs and offers tools to equip you for self-reliance, like a cooking kit, seed vault, and more.
The food items are easy to prepare and it doesn’t require extensive cooking.
A majority of their kits come in plastic containers and all of their food comes in sealed mylar pouches with oxygen absorbers.
Each meal is cooked in a special Grade-A kitchen by chefs selected from the top around the country.
U.S. shipping is free to the lower 48 states for orders over $99.
Gluten-free and special diet options are available.
Low-priced products are available.
My Patriot Supply offers a guaranteed 2-Day delivery on all survival supplies.
They didn’t forget the survival coffee as most companies have.
They offer a variety of food storage sizes including Pouches, Cases, Kits, and Ammo Cans thus increasing your purchasing options.
They have 30-day no questions return policy.
It has a shelf-life of 25 years when unopened and 1-year when opened.
MPS grants former and current members of the U.S. armed services a 10% off buyer discount.
The fact that the pouches can be zipped closed combined with the affordable price point make this kit worth considering.
They offer a low-price guarantee.
Their meals are specially packaged and sealed in Mylar packaging to ensure freshness and storage capacity.
In their long term food storage kits, they up the calorie count to 2,000 calories a day.
The food has 25 year shelf life.
The company offers select free shipping to certain areas and orders.
My Patriot Supply’s flagship product is its collection of heirloom seeds.

❌ Cons

They do not offer free shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.
They don’t sell an emergency kit that you can throw on your back if you have to leave in a hurry.
The main complaint that I see about the 72-hour kit is that it only has about 1,600 calories per day.
If you cook the product in the pan, it might get sticky and it can cause burning.
The food items include a filler and may sometimes incorporate little remnants of fruits, vegetables, or meat.
You can’t just buy one pouch in order to try out a flavor.
If you’re storing your food above 75 degrees, they warn that you may shorten the shelf life.
No water storage is included.
There are multiple complaints about shipping.
You don’t prepare the dishes directly in the Mylar pouches consequently meal preparation involves more clean up.
The company does not cover the cost of return delivery charges.
Several reviewers on HighYa noted that the food disappointed, not so much in quality but in the ingredients.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Ordering My Patriot Food is a great way to start stockpiling fresh and healthy meals for the event of a major catastrophe. As anyone knows, it’s vital to be prepared for the worst; you simply never know when economic collapse could strike, or a major natural disaster might hit. Rather than having to depend on others for help, you can prepare yourself, making sure that yourself and your family are well-fed and ready.
My Patriot Supply focuses on supplying accessible and long-lasting emergency food supplies, but also caters to a variety of dietary needs and offers tools to equip you for self-reliance, like a cooking kit, seed vault, and more.
Customers trust My Patriot Supply because they back all of their 25-year food products with a quality assurance guarantee, and will honor a refund on any unopened items within 45 days. They also offer free shipping on orders over $79, so you’re not getting gouged with extra shipping or handling fees when you order.
Overall, the Patriot Pantry items is a must-try emergency food for you and your family. Gradually start to fill your pantry now with food and drinks so you’ll be ready when disaster comes.
What sets this company apart is its selection of seeds and its specialty in water filtration. But it also carries the long- and short-term food storage inventory we look for in the emergency prep industry. Customers should be aware that My Patriot Supply features a daily “deal of the day” featuring a heavily discounted item from its inventory. And the company’s flat, affordable shipping rate allows customers to shop for what they want and need without worrying about expensive shipping charges for bulk orders.
My Patriot Supply is a company that aims to equip individuals with survival gear intended for self-sufficiency and Emergency disaster-Preparedness.
I was impressed with the 4 meals that I tried and I think the 72-hour kit is a great way to see if you’re interested in spending more money on one of their more expensive food storage kits. If you decide to get one of their other kits, go for the ones aimed at a month or more, they’re a better deal. You should also look at the #10 cans and other food storage items they have to offer.
Patriot Pantry focuses on helping Americans be prepared for emergencies. Their style is unique choosing to use military looking totes rather than the traditional bucket or pail to store food in. They even offer an ammo can for short-term emergencies. Their Mylar pouches proudly display the American flag and include a drawing of a frontier looking family gathered around a full table with one man standing holding a rifle. The artwork gives you the feeling of self sufficiency, independence, and thanksgiving.
19+ years since its launch and My Patriot Supply is still regarded as being one of the best available companies to meet the survival and emergency food needs of people across America, this is through continuously providing high-quality food and water goods to those who need it most. Its amazing choice of products includes fruits, essential meats, and vegetarian and gluten-free food.