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✅ Pros

They offer extensive genetic screening.
Review Pros
They have a chromosome browser.
The DNA test turn-around-time is usually within four weeks.
You can get accurate results from a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab.
They have extensive database of family history records, newspapers, and DNA data.
Affordable tests and discounts make it a great value.
It gives you the ability to upload relative’s DNA for no cost.
One of the biggest advantages of having DNA testing done is it lets you connect with your relatives who are still living, all the way out to third, fourth, or even fifth cousins.
You can get access to the largest historical database, with over 9 billion records.
MyHeritage DNA does offer free family tree software too.
MyHeritage has perhaps the best customer service in the market with a helpful 24-hour toll-free number hotline (1-800-987-9000).
It does not sell data to third parties.
You can also call MyHeritage DNA toll-free in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Israel, and several European countries.
Over ten billion records are available.
MyHeritage gives you the option of downloading your raw results as a text file.
It is slightly cheaper than the competition.
Free family tree software from MyHeritage is included with each DNA test purchase.
MyHeritage has the shortest waiting period of any major company, just three to four weeks from when you mail back your kit.
It is available in 42 languages.
MyHeritage DNA boasts access to 36 personalized health reports.
You can compare DNA records from other tests you’ve taken to get a better picture of your ancestry.
MyHeritage takes many steps to ensure that your privacy is protected.
There is good explanation of results.
It is easy to understand results.
The site is available in 42 languages.
You can enhance the quality of vintage photos you have.
You get to know about your roots.
MyHeritage also has a search engine that sorts through billions of historical records.
They have great customer support.
It provides DNA comparison with relatives.
You can get your results in as little as four weeks after samples are received.
MyHeritage utilizes a simple cheek swabbing method for DNA collection.
It is most affordable test with regular sales and promotions.
They accept cheek swab sample collection instead of saliva.
It is based on DNA kit testing.
In the USA, the company works with a group of physicians called PWNHealth, which supervises Health DNA services and provides clinical oversight.
With the health upgrade, you get 48 personalized health reports based on the latest scientific research into genetics and disease risk.
Your MyHeritage ancestry DNA results include an Ethnicity Estimate, which is a percentage breakdown of your ancestral origins from 42 ethnicities, including Irish, British, Jewish, Italian, Japanese, and more.
You can connect with matches through messaging system.
MyHeritage has excellent family tree software, which allows you to build a family tree of up to 250 members for free.
This company has 2.4 million DNA users worldwide, 3.8 billion family tree profiles, 11.9 billion historical records, and offers 42 supported languages.
You can get access to billions of historical records and ancestral data.
It lets you upload DNA from other tests to see other results.
It is easy to collect your sample and send it back.
MyHeritage DNA will get you your test results faster than any other test on the market, typically in 3-4 weeks, compared to up to 8 weeks from most other test providers.
The DNA Matching technology reveals the percentage of DNA you share with your matches, indicating how closely related you are.
The DNA test is easy to use as it’s a simple cheek swab (no blood and no spit).
MyHeritage offers affordable, basic DNA testing at $59.
It includes family matching within MyHeritage’s large network.
The base price of the Ancestry test is well below the sticker price of many other ancestry tests.
Bonus features include coloration for black-and-white photographs and mapping software to illustrate life events in familial history.
Within a matter of weeks you should receive an email notifying you that your test results are ready.
They have a huge ancestry database.
They have a huge updated database of records.
It’s incredibly easy to get your DNA tested with MyHeritage.
They are also one of the least expensive DNA tests comparatively.
They have a DNA database with 92 million users.
You can animate pictures to bring back the nostalgia.
Though they are newer to DNA testing than some other larger companies, their genealogical community has been around a long time and is fantastic.
Test results can be accessed online or using their mobile app that’s available for both iOS and Android.
It is a simple, well-packaged test based on cheek swabs.
The kits are affordable and easy to use.
It allows you to search for your relatives you were unaware of.
You can get access to more than 14.5 billion historical records.
You get access to tools such as smart matching, which finds matching profiles in other members’ family trees, and record matching, which pulls in records associated with people on your family tree.
It can reveal potential health conditions.
It also shows neighbors feature.

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❌ Cons

Their DNA test only obtains data on SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). It does not obtain any data on INDELs (insertion-deletion variants), CNVs (copy number variations), SVs (structural variations) or MITO (mitochondrial heteroplasmy).
They allow yearly subscription only.
There is a tricky sample collection process.
MyHeritage DNA has one of the smallest database sizes (~2.4 million).
It does not offer mtDNA or Y-DNA tests.
Only autosomal DNA testing is available.
No health prediction or analysis service is provided.
Its database is still not on par with the largest companies on the market.
Their Health DNA test is a separate package, which costs more.
There is fear of data leaks.
Expensive overall, with prices starting at $129/year (1st year at $89) for the Premium package which allows for family trees up to 2,500 people.
There are no mtDNA or Y-DNA tests (only autosomal DNA).
It requires stable and high-speed internet connection.
It is expensive.
Some tools need subscription.
Its services are expensive.
MyHeritage’s DNA test does not examine your DNA for medical traits, conditions, or predispositions.
The database is primarily made up of European records, which isn’t helpful to people from other parts of the world.
It doesn’t test yDNA or mtDNA to determine fatherline or motherline for migration patterns.
It has a smaller database than competitors, which may impact accuracy of ethnic estimates.
It can’t tell you what tribe your ancestors came from, or even what state.
Company history includes a major security breach.
MyHeritage only offers autosomal DNA tests.
Ethnicity matching seems to be inconsistent when compared to other ancestry DNA sites.
It can be slow.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
MyHeritage is the industry leader in genealogy ancestry tracing. In addition to this service, they also offer a DNA matching platform that connects users to any relatives they may have in MyHeritage’s database. Finally, they also offer a basic disease and carrier tracking DNA health test which can be added to their various subscription plans, but cannot be purchased independently. It is also very difficult to locate information about their DNA health testing services on the MyHeritage website.
Genealogists have been unearthing their family roots for many years without relying on DNA. But the recent rush on genealogical DNA testing shows just how useful a tool it can be. With costs lower now than ever, anyone doing genealogical research today should strongly consider DNA testing. And once you’ve done your testing through MyHeritage DNA, be sure to take advantage of more than 8 billion online records freely available on their main website as well.
MyHeritage is the international answer to AncestryDNA and delivers essentially the same service with a few added perks, including DNA comparison with relatives and the ability to upload DNA from other providers.
In summary, MyHeritage DNA testing is a good option for those interested in learning about their DNA matches or for finding long-lost relatives. It can also be helpful in areas like ethnicity estimation and ancestry. Additionally, if you are interested in genetic traits and health testing, a health testing package is available.
MyHeritage DNA offers a raw look at your genetic makeup, but it doesn’t include any information to help you interpret the results or learn more about how your ancestors lived.
If you are simply looking to build out your family tree and are on a tight budget, then MyHeritage DNA could be a good choice for you. You’ll get your results faster, too. However, if you also wish to have health-related genetic information, you might want to consider 23andMe. If you intend to do some hardcore ancestry research, then perhaps AncestryDNA or Family Tree DNA would be a better option.
MyHeritage combines its ancestry DNA test with a genealogy subscription service, making it a good choice if you want to build an extensive online family tree and watch it grow. These subscription costs are also more affordable than those of its chief rival, AncestryDNA.
MyHeritage is a DNA testing company specializing in ancestry. They have a comprehensive database with mostly European records, making it a great option for individuals whose ancestors are from Europe. DNA uploads of raw DNA data from other test providers are free and can be used for DNA matching to find new relatives and information for building a family tree.
If you want to save a little money and don’t mind the smaller database and paying for shipping, this test may be a good fit. While DNA testing companies like and 23andMe may have more data and a better presentation, you still get quite a bit with MyHeritage DNA’s lower price tag.
With a host of unique features and plenty of records, this is a great choice if you’re looking to uncover your local history.
If you are after intensive genealogical research and connecting with as many cousins as possible, AncestryDNA has a larger database and is your better option. Its ability to now identify 1,000+ different ethnic regions is also incredibly impressive.
MyHeritage offers two tiers: ancestor tracking and genetic health screening. Neither service is cheap and the process takes a long time, but the results are comprehensive and very well presented. However, we have worries about people getting potentially alarming reports if they don’t have support in place.
With MyHeritage you can use the 2 most powerful tools in genetic and genealogical research—cutting edge DNA testing and the best family tree services in the industry. The kits are affordable and easy to use, and can provide surprising, enlightening, even humorous insights to users, especially when combined with the company’s genealogy resources.
We can sum it all up in three simple words: experience, purpose and price. MyHeritage DNA is a safe bet for those who fall within its target. It has specific ethnicity tools that you probably won’t find in any other competitor. If you could design an archetypal minimal but comprehensive ancestry DNA testing service, you might come to the same conclusion that the people behind MyHeritage DNA came to.
MyHeritage has gained a good reputation for some time due to its features such as Deep Nostalgia, Photo Colorization, and many more. The app received a good response from its users, and currently, if you look at social media, many platforms and influencers are using it to create content.

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