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✅ Pros

It has well thought out design.
Review Pros
It’s likely to be much more cost-effective to get a MyMedic kit as you won’t need to buy a big box of each individual item and take a couple out to build your own kit.
It gives you the ability to customize.
The MyFak Advanced first aid kit has over 100 trauma and first aid items, that is a ton!
It also allows easy restocking of first aid kits when you get back home.
It is very packable if you want to carry deep inside a pack and light enough to not really notice.
The kit also comes in a variety of colors from stealthy coyote to blaze orange.
The contents that are included in this kit are of the highest quality, with many name-brand medications.
That size makes it possible to fit in a small saddlebag, top box, or tank bag.
The contents are stellar.
It comes with oversized zipper with water-resistant track .
MyFAK can handle a huge range of emergencies.
It also includes a MyMedic branded patch, which holds down the tag end of the strap and quick release buckle that provides an extra level of attachment between the pack and tear away panel.
The Auto Medic kit is remarkably capable in content yet compact in design.
The case is also very durable and ideal for life aboard a sailboat.
The interior of the case is lined with Velcro, and each mesh pocket can be removed and reorganized.
Interior pouches can be customized.
Its durable- toss in the car, throw on a bike- doesn’t matter where you go the kit can hang with you (metaphorically and literally).
The pouch is well made.
The kit weighs in at only 1.3 oz or 37g.
With the MyFAK, we found everything inside was professional grade gear which is extremely hard to find in one of these pre-built kits.
We really liked the bag and how easy it is to quickly access the equipment you need when seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
It has durable waterproof bag.
It comes with multi-use pack.
It is made in America.
It has quality name brand contents.
Compact design gives the kit good storage for supplies.
This kit does have an 82-page first aid and survival guidebook.
All of the pouch zippers, pulls, and wraps work exactly as intended.
It is made from high-quality nylon Cordura for utmost durability and functionality.
Hydration items are a must-have on boats. This kit has two hydration packs and 2 water purification packs.
The My Medic advanced kit includes everything in the basic kit and much more, including a flat folded splint and the My Medic Stay Alive Guide as well as free lifesaving training.
Bright color makes the kit highly visible.
The kit doesn’t skimp on supplies, quality and variety- no knock off junk here.
The kit contains a variety of first aid supplies- almost any scenario has been thought out and put in the kit.
With the addition of two carabiners, the MyFAK can be attached to the backside of the front or rear headrests.
I love how the Moto Medic kits are built with modular organization that allows each pocket and strap inside to be infinitely customized.
The adaptability of the bag allows you to restock with the same supplies or add new ones you find valuable to include.
It is built in the USA and lifetime guaranteed.
Due to the nature of the tri-folding pouch, a lot of gear can be stuffed inside of this small pouch.
In addition to first aid medical supplies, it has a seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and single-use light stick.
Penlight, tweezer, thermometer and parachord. The little things make a difference in an emergency.
Tear away pouch inside can be used as an additional mini first aid kit.
For the money, this is probably the most comprehensive kit you will see.
The MyMedic MyFAK was designed with the intention on giving people the ability to conduct first-aid anywhere they may need to.
The Advanced version of the MyFAK is chock full of first aid and emergency items.
It contains a ton of velcro and mollie straps to add any of your favorite items for easy access.
It’s sealed shut to stop dirt or water getting in and ruining your medical supplies.
It comes with two straps made for attaching the bag to any MOLLE receiver.
Because the contents are securely attached to the case with Velcro and everything has a pouch, you can still open it up and get what you need quickly without everything falling out.
Over 100 quality first aid and trauma supplies are available.
Featuring a burly ballistics-grade nylon carrying case, the MyFAK offers exceptional durability.
It also features a tear-away back panel with a hidden Shoulder strap for when you need to quickly grab and go.
The case, available in red or black, is flexible and waterproof.
One thing we really like about the MyFAK: the velcro on the back of it sticks directly to carpeting used in many cars and trucks if you remove the MOLLE backing.
The spacious carrying case allows for the addition of other vital items.
MyFAK is made of tough and weather-resistant 600 Denier ballistic nylon.
The main part of the kit (the MOLLE pouch) is zippered, with two high-quality zipper pulls that allow it to be opened three-quarters of the way.
The modular approach allows quick identification of the pack’s contents to enable rapid access to the right supplies based on what you may need.
The Moto Medic first aid kit easily fits inside a saddlebag.

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❌ Cons

This is not an inexpensive first aid kit, especially when compared to the cheaper offerings.
There could be more bandages of varying sizes.
We would add more painkilling medications as well as upset stomach aids.
Kits are a bit bulky.
A slightly more generous-sized bag would be handy.
Cloth tape could be added. (the sample ASA received did not have tape but newer versions do).
It is expensive.
They should include a contents card and a basic First Aid Manual.
A few extra small bandages would come in handy.
Some blister treatment would be useful too.
This is a heavy kit that does take up some space, so it is not the best as a grab-and-go first aid kit for short day trips.
We would have preferred a hard copy of the survival book to be more easily referenced, even if it makes the kit weigh a bit more.
It costs more than an average first aid kit.
I can’t think of one augmentation it needs, except for a couple extra TQs.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The best first aid kit on the planet! Equipped with high-performance life-saving supplies, so you’re prepared, confident, and protected.
At $249.95 for the Recon Standard kit and $119.95 for the MyFAK Standard, you’re paying a premium for the My Medic kits, but they’re worth it especially since someone’s life could literally depend on them. Of course, all the gear in the world isn’t useful if you don’t know how to properly use it, so it’s important to get as much training as possible.
The kit stood out to our crew and instantly became something we didn’t know we needed until we dove into the product. Solid work MyMedic.
The My Medic kit comes with almost everything you could possibly need in an emergency situation, including a glow stick, flashlight, tweezers, and a whistle—handy supplies that are also common with campers and hikers.
This is well and truly a no-brainer. The MyFAK Advanced from MyMedic will set you back about $250 after shipping and handling, and if you buy while the item is not on sale. For $120, you get a kit that’s a bit less stuffed and has room for you to add your own items. Either way, the price should not be a major deciding factor for you. Life-saving equipment can seem expensive, but at the end of the day it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a funeral.
This heavy-duty MyMedic MyFak is one of the best kits we have tested, and we heartily recommend it as a kit to keep in your car or RV or even to throw in the backpack on a multi-day hiking trip with a large group. It has quality supplies, is well-organized and durable, and is capable and effective.
This first aid kit has everything and more than I would ever be comfortable using. I have an EMT friend that would LOVE this kit and he would surely know what to do with everything. I got this kit initially to store in my Sprinter van on camping, hunting and hiking trips. However, now I am throwing it in my pack and truck on nearly every outing.
The Boat Medic is comprised of a well-organized and versatile kit that provides aid for most injuries that you might incur while on a sailing vessel. Some components that are not often found in simple first aid kits include quality sheers for cutting through clothing, tweezers for delicate work, and a rapid tourniquet to aid in stopping arterial bleeding.
Priced at $100, The Auto Medic kit is remarkably capable in content yet compact in design. Even the case it comes in is carefully designed to protect the contents, keep the overall pack size to a minimum and be adaptable to a range of use environments—including your motorcycle.
If you’re looking for a quick and easy purchase of a complete first aid kit, you don’t have to look any further than their MyFAK (My First Aid Kit). These are very comprehensive, with the advanced model containing items for treating more traumatic injuries.
The MyFAK Large Medical First Aid Bag is far beyond anything you are going to find at your local big box store. The bag features medical gear for everything from minor injuries to equipment to treat life threatening emergencies. From tourniquets, Quickclot and Chest Seal to splints and specialty devices the MyFAK Large has a huge assortment of gear to help you treat a wide range of medical emergencies.
It’s funny, I keep looking back over the list of contents of this cycling first aid kit, then looking at the ziplock bag in my hand, and trying to work out how the team at MyMedic have fitted so much good stuff into such a small space. Every item has its place in the kit. Some, like the bandages are more frequently needed, others, like the ibuprofen maybe less so. But, at some point, you’ll likely use everything in the pack.
My Medic does it again with an awesome piece of kit. It’s easy to see that their kits are designed by LEO and spec ops personnel, as with this kit you get everythign from a rip away “boo boo kit” to a trauma kit and even sutures to close vicious lacerations.
It is small enough to carry in an outdoor pack, BOB, vehicle, or to place in a cabinet at home. However, it is also large enough that it can hold basic and advanced first aid supplies. I really like the level of customization that can be done on the interior and that I do not have to worry about losing sight of the kit because it is highly visible. The MyMedic is my new favorite way of carrying first aid supplies no matter where I go.

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