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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

All of the themes share very powerful core components.
Review Pros
Wide range of websites are covered.
MyThemeShop has a few super useful plugins that they have been releasing to add even more functionality to your websites.
All plans can be canceled or upgraded at any time.
MyThemeShop is a popular choice for WordPress club shoppers who are looking to buy monthly or yearly subscriptions.
In addition to 24/7 support, you’ll find an active forum which offers answers for both premium and free members plus an area where you can get your pre-sales question answered.
Any theme you purchase can be used on unlimited sites owned by you.
No design or coding skills are required.
MyThemeShop is adding minimum one theme/month.
Their themes have mobile-friendly and responsive design.
Rather than only concentrating on paid members, MyThemeShop offers great support to free users as well.
Each plugin page has a long list of the plugin’s features, giving you a clear indicator of what it can (or can’t) do.
Each theme comes with a variety of features right out of the box that makes installing, setting up, and using them a relatively straightforward process.
They provide fast loading themes.
SEO friendly themes are offered.
The codes are optimized in such a proper way that makes the themes load faster.
You don’t need a framework and you don’t need to manually create a child theme.
Their themes are compatible with WordPress multi-site.
They have easy to navigate members area.
Every single MyThemeShop theme is fully responsive and optimized for all mobile screen sizes.
One of the best thing is that all premium themes comes with 30 days money back guarantee.
All demo types as shown in sales page can be imported with one click.
Bloggers can take advantage of their affiliate program which pays 60% for each sale.
You will also get 24/7 customer support.
You don’t need to use extra plugin or services for creating mobile version of your website.
You can use themes on unlimited websites.
Excellent support service is provided.
The vast majority of themes look fantastic, fresh, and offer sound functionality that can help you get your website performing the way it ought to.
The website loads pretty fast.
There are lots of themes to choose from.
You get access to all current themes and plugins, plus any future products.
Outstanding customer support and price is acceptable.
The discounts are offered during various occasions throughout the year.
All themes have an option panel to customize the theme according to your need.
The themes are responsive by default.
Most of the themes at MyThemeShop are made of simple coding where you can easily tweak if you want to change your design structure.
Ads are optimized on their themes.
MyThemeShop has also developed some of the finest free themes.
Their themes are seo optimized.
You will also get additional features like copyright removal, video tutorials and lifetime usage of theme.
Regardless of what sort of business you run, if you are using WordPress then you will probably be able to find a theme that you really like.
The documentation you get from them will clearly explain how to install theme and plugin as well as video tutorials available.
MyThemeShop has a custom dashboard which comes with incredible SEO options, easy to use shortcodes and lots of advanced widgets to make your website more powerful.
Cpanel is properly designed which makes easy to use it.
Their themes are very reponsive.
MyThemeShop has added a collection of 45 video tutorials teaching the basics of WordPress, how to use the MyThemeShop products, and even how to use some popular non-MyThemeShop plugins.
The amount of customer support and their responsiveness has been quite impressive.
The support is excellent and the queries are responded quickly 24/7.
The support guys on the forum are knowledgeable and prompt.
Installation is a quick and easy for both themes and plugins.
MyThemeShop is known for frequently updating their themes and plugins.
Competitive pricing is offered.
MyThemeShop is one of the largest WordPress clubs around, boasting a whopping 300,000 satisfied customers and a catalogue of 99 themes and 20 plugins.
They have comprehensive video tutorials and product documentation.
SEO-friendly code and features are offered.
There are a lot of variations on a single theme.
In MyThemeShop’s themes, there’s a whole lot of theme options you can play with.
MyThemeShop has one of the very best contact support team available to you as a customer for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
They have a good selection of plugins.
All the themes at MyThemeShop are SEO-friendly as they are built with a good interlinking structure.
Fast and easy setup is offered.
Every theme can be previewed thoroughly through the demo interface on the MTS website.
MyThemeShop themes are attractive.
MyThemeShop operates a flat pricing structure.
They will run offers and discounts frequently and free themes and plugins are available to download on their website.
Superb pricing is provided.
The amount of customization available with each theme is rather astounding.
All themes are browser friendly and are responsive.
Helpful documentation is provided.
The themes are SERP optimized.
Their support forum is very active, and you will get a response quickly for your doubts.
The videos are well narrated and easy to follow – something that’s not always easy to find in tutorial videos.
It is easy to insert AdSense ads in header, sidebar, below post and below content area.

❌ Cons

Some themes look a little similar.
In-built Social Share buttons look simple, they need to change the appearance.
They show fake user count.
Changelog is a little tricky to get to – you have to go directly to each sales page and look for the link on the right hand side.
There are not enough affiliate friendly themes.
Years ago mythemeshop guys made a mess by encouraging users to leave reviews on WordPress.org site in order to get premium theme.
The biggest issue is these themes are not meant to be used by web-designers looking to create a completely 100% unique website design.
There is a lack of customization options.
The reviews shown on the product sales page is a fake one.
Some themes look similar.
No Lifetime access and you have to renew it for every year.
Extended membership support fees can add up quickly.
All of their themes have a similar look and feel about them.
Membership is pricier than that of some of the other theme clubs.
Though they are existing for around five years, you can’t really find any about us page on their site.
It can be hard to get your theme install looking like the example/demo.
They have some outdated and similar themes.
There are no built in SEO options.
It is lacking the features and flexibility of some multipurpose WordPress themes.
Downloading the themes and plugins is annoying.
Many of the themes are too similar.
The subscription cost may a look a bit high.

Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about MyThemeShop below.

Review Summaries
There is a lot to choose from and a lot of themes have variants that can look quite different. They are fast and SEO optimized and with their extended membership club, you can get a lot for a little pricing.
MyThemeShop’s WordPress themes are very attractive, full of features and very modern in style and functionality. They’re all responsive and have some very powerful theme options on the back end so that you can customize them to your liking.
If you are looking for themes that look stunning, elegant and surprisingly simple, MyThemeShop is for you. They not only have blazing fast loading sites but they have a friendly and experienced customer support team who will solve your design related issues quickly.
Mythemeshop offers good themes and useful plugins. They are light weighted and optimized for search engines. There are very good plugins out there to try out on your site. Besides the pricing, unethical business model used by mythemeshop guys is a cause of concern for using their products.
MyThemeShop does not only sale premium products, it is also offering 29 plugins and themes to create beautiful websites and add more functionality with free plugins. With free plugins, you can backup your websites, create short and easy to remember URL’s, translate your website, create beautiful coming soon pages and more.
MyThemeShop themes are designed for a wide array of users, from the budding blogger to the skilled web developer. As long as you are not trying to create an extremely complicated and customized website you should be happy with all of the customization and features MyThemeShop has to offer.
Fast loading, responsive, mobile-friendly, and simple themes are always favored as opposed to bright, clustered, and slow loading pages. And MyThemeShop has worked on this concept from start. Because of an affordable price tag, MyThemeShop is often the first choice for WordPress products among beginners.
The MyThemeShop Extended Membership scheme offers exceptional value for money. You can save several hundreds of dollars compared to buying the themes and plugins individually. The level of on-going support and the online video tutorials is top quality.
If you’re looking for themes that are attractive, easy to navigate, SEO friendly, fast, and reasonably priced, you might find that MyThemeShop meets your needs. Both themes and plugins provide solid value and they are definitely worth taking a closer look at.
They frequently update the themes and plugins to make it even better.Their premium customer support is fast and for premium users they have separate community so you can always be in touch with them. For some newbie’s they have HD Tutorials to teach about how to install their products easily.
Although not every theme is a winner, the overall value proposition here is just too great to turn down for any serious WordPress user. And the high standards and frequent updates of these WP premium themes only serves to sweeten the deal further.
Great value WordPress theme and plugin club with a focus on fast loading-times, SEO-friendly code, and clean and clear designs for building a wide range of websites.
MyThemeShop became one of the leading premium WordPress themes providers though it was launched only in 2010. At the time of writing, there are no such providers offering such excellent themes for such a low-cost.
MyThemeShop is almost certainly one of the best WordPress clubs around — it offers an impressive range of themes that are renowned for their quality at an affordable price. Throw in an excellent, versatile selection of plugins and ongoing support, and it isn’t hard to see why more than 300,000 customers have taken the plunge and become MyThemeShop customers.
Overall as a premium theme club starting from $35, Mythemeshop is a great choice for your WordPress blog. Their theme gallery is full of stunning looking WordPress theme, which will give a modern look to your blog.