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✅ Pros

They help to relieve any foot pain or prevent it, especially for those are work long shifts on their feet and those who are working out.
Review Pros
The sandal is highly adjustable and can accommodate many different feet.
The arch compression band provided great support.
I felt decrease in lethargy for my feet.
It improves foot circulation and peripheral nerve health.
They provide the right amount of texture to refresh your feet.
My feet felt massaged.
They are very flexible, so they work great with minimal shoes as well.
The Naboso is light, tough, and airy.
I felt my big toe engaging more during my gait cycle.
The inside soles of the sock are outfitted with Dr. Splichal’s signature neuro-stimulating blue texture.
With its flexibility, it’s easy to pack or stash.
The high-quality material was thick, soft and comfortable.
The neuro-stimulating texture inside the sock feel like a mini-massage.
The tubular webbing has never given me a blister or even a hot spot.
Nothing hurt during and after the process and I felt as though I received an inexpensive massage for both of my feet.
I noticed that my balance almost immediately improved.
It increased awareness in my feet.
They’re also surprisingly comfy.
It helps in reducing foot fatigue in standing employees such as nurses, hair stylists, and trainers.
Putting on the socks was easy.
The Naboso insoles are great tools to stimulate your feet.
There’s even an “L” and “R” inscribed on both the left and right sock, respectively, to help wearers know which sock goes on which foot.

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❌ Cons

It also only comes in black.
Sweat build-up without socks would make the insoles slippery.
I would like to see models with more cushioning.
The only con that I believe the insoles have are they are not arched, so they might not be the best insoles for you if you are looking for arch support.
My brief experience with the sandal on rough trail convinced me that it’s not the best option for long-distance adventures.
At $60 per pair, these socks are not inexpensive.
If you don’t like the idea of really feeling the trail beneath your feet, Xero sandals aren’t for you.

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Review Summaries
Increased circulation, faster recovery, and reduced foot fatigue is a stunning trifecta embedded within the fabric and soles of Dr. Splichal’s Naboso textured recovery socks. They are a welcome addition after a long day whether on or off one’s feet.
The Naboso Insoles are not like your regular insoles and that’s what makes them so great. They have helped my foot health significantly.
I love wearing the Xero Shoes Naboso for walking, hiking on easy trails, and even running. They fit incredibly well, they’re comfortable, and they’re light as a feather. As advertised, they do have a pleasantly stimulating effect on my feet when I wear them for an hour or two.
By my own admission, I’m confident to say that the insoles have definitely improved my foot function, however I wish there was an accurate method I could’ve used to test this.
At $60 per pair, these socks are not inexpensive and we understand the cost can be prohibitive. However, how much money will you save in doctor visits later?

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