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✅ Pros

It does not contain aluminum
Review Pros
The lasting power of this deodorant is 12 hours easily.
It controls the sweat and smell from your body nicely.
Free shipping
Individual sticks are $12 a piece, but they work out to $10 a piece if you buy the three-stick sample pack.
Native Deodorant is an emerging all-natural deodorant brand based in San Francisco that takes pride in providing their customers a cruelty-free, all-natural, 100% made in America deodorant solution.
Native deodorant performed pretty well in different conditions. also offers expediated shipping within the United States only for $10.
Reasonably priced ($12)
Native Deodorant set out to solve issues without irritating the skin by bringing together high-quality substances.
Native deodorant comes in the traditional stick packaging, not in a tub.
Native deodorant is free from any aluminum-based compounds
hey offer several different scents to both men and women, all of which contain high-quality substances that are intended to soothe rather than irritate the skin.
Deodorizing performance is great with normal levels of sweatiness
Deodorizing performance is comparable to a gel antiperspirant with high levels of sweatiness
It is completely organic product.
The deodorant smells pretty good.

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❌ Cons

May show reactions when used first time.
Nothing available related to sustaninablity on
Not an antiperspirant
$12 price might be a little expensive for some folks.
Not as cheap as dirt
The formula isn’t very smooth and the product doesn’t glide on so much as rub in.
Native Deodorant contains both baking soda and coconut oil, which can be irritating for some people’s skin.
It may cause irritations to sensitive skin.
It can be ordered online only.
It is only available online.
Contains baking soda and coconut oil (potential irritants for some people, though they do make a baking soda-free version)
Native is a deodorant, NOT an antiperspirant.

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Review Summaries
Native Deodorant is only a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, but that works for the lifestyle of those who only work out at the end of workday.
While Native Deodorant products are not yet available in stores, this all-natural and aluminum-free deodorant can be purchased online on the Native Deodorant website. Native offers free shipping and free returns on all purchases, so if you want to try a different scent or are not entirely convinced that it is right for you, Native offers a money-back guarantee.
For all the ladies looking for a perfect deodorant that lasts longer on the body without any potential side effects, Native Deodorant is the ideal choice to go for. For all the working ladies this is an exceptional product.
Native deodorant performed pretty well. Native deodorant comes in the traditional stick packaging, not in a tub. Many natural deodorants require you to dip your fingers into a jar and then rub the deodorant onto your skin. Native deodorant is pretty reasonably priced. Individual sticks are $12 a piece, but they work out to $10 a piece if you buy the three-stick sample pack.

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