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✅ Pros

They also have little holes in the upper to help your feet breath.
Review Pros
The brand aims to reduce its carbon footprint on the world.
The biggest selling point for Natives as my spring and summer shoes is that they are odor resistant.
They are easy to clean, and you can even throw them into the washing machine.
They are non-slip and very comfortable.
They are sustainably made.
They are made of a material that feels like he ugly but oh-so-comfortable Crocs that everyone loves to hate.
They are durable, and your child will typically outgrow the shoes before wearing them out.
The odor resistant and massaging footbed molds to your feet which makes it comfortable for all-day wear.
The kid’s Native Shoes look exactly the same.
They are available in more than 75 colors as well as contrast, marbled, and print treatments in sizes 1 to 12.
It is shock-absorbent, resistant to bad odors and can be easily washed by hand.
Native Jefferson sneakers are made out of injection-molded EVA and feature a rubber rand and toe.
Native Shoes are excellent for travel.
This is a water foot apparel made entirely from injection-molded EVA.
These come in more colors than you can imagine with sizes for the entire family.
They have a new chunky sole.
They’re breathable.
They are animal by-product free. Even better, Native strives to be environmentally responsible, by using a low emissions manufacturing process and recyclable packing materials.
The shoes are not made from any hazardous materials.
The shoes are lightweight, shock-absorbant, and odor resistant.
They are flexible, super lightweight, and comfortable.
It comes in a wide range of different color combinations, and can even be treated with marbling or a print.
They come in a lot of different fun styles and colors and most of them are gender neutral.
They are pretty stylish considering how lightweight they are.
You can buy them online and in stores in over 45 different countries.
These are easy to clean.
They are easy to pull on and they are waterproof making them perfect for a day at the beach.
The care for Native Shoes is very easy.
Pregnant me is happy with the light-weight aspect of these shoes.
It will always keep your feet smelling fresh and breezy.
They are hand-washable, odor-resistant, and shock-absorbent.
They are made from 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate with a rubber sole.
They also weigh next to nothing and can squish down easily in my bag.
In terms of fashion, I love how my Veronas pair with leggings and dresses.
These are odor-resistant shoes.
They have perforations all over to allow your kid’s feet to dry rapidly while preventing bacteria and mold.
They are colorful and cute.
The new feature on Cub’s style of Jeffersons is the glow-in-the-dark sole.

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❌ Cons

It can lead to formation blisters if you choose the wrong size.
The plastic-foam material can shrink or warp if left out in the sun or heat for an extended time.
It is not good for children with wide feet.
The shoes felt true to side at first. But after wearing for a couple of minutes it was clear that the width of the shoes was too small – smaller than normal.
International shipping can be pricey and cost depends on country.
Your child will need to break them in, and that process can rub skin raw and even cause blisters.

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Review Summaries
Through their innovative and lightweight EVA molded shoes, they want children, men and women to live a lighter, healthier and happier life.
With socks or without, the perforated uppers on these kid shoes lets feet breathe and cuts down on odor. They’re made from acetate which is not only durable but fully waterproof. Environmentally conscious parents will love their low-emission manufacturing policy and materials that don’t harm animals.
They are perfect shoes for walking around in the leaves and mud. Not only are they great for rain or shine, but they also weigh next to nothing and can squish down easily in my bag.
All Native Shoes, made of dual-density EVA, are designed to be washable, beast free, shock absorbent, odor resistant, and lightweight.
Native Shoes are summer shoe perfection and the Robbie, made with eco-friendly Sugarlite, somehow manages to make them even better. If you’re the kind of parent that would rather buy one smart and multi-tasking product as opposed to three different products that don’t do the job nearly as well, we advise you to give these shoes a try.
I only recommend kids’ shoes that are made of high-quality materials, are comfortable, and provide good support for their feet. Native shoes are ONE of the best summer choices for your children! Your kids can wear them to the beach, swimming pool, or any other wet area since they have excellent traction!
Native Jefferson slip-on sneakers are our go-to warm-weather shoes. I buy at least one new pair for each of my children every season. It is always fun taking them to pick out a pair and see what fun color or pattern they choose. If you are looking for a late spring, summer, early fall, or vacation shoe, consider investing in a pair of these sneakers.
In the Jefferson, you can run and leap and twirl and dance to your heart’s desire. This entirely EVA constructed Native shoe is also entirely impact-absorbing, and it will help prevent pain resulting from pounding at the heel, as well as foot fatigue.
Overall, we like the idea and overall look of Native Shoes, but we must have wide feet in our gene pool. If you don’t have fat feet, check out Native Shoes to wear to the pool!

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