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✅ Pros

They do offer a high degree of flexibility that caters to multiple shooting angles.
Review Pros
The Neewer 35mm f/1.7 comes packed in a sturdy cardboard box, complete with a soft drawstring pouch for storage and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
It is ideal for working in low light and with shallow depth of field.
It has compact size.
It is extremely affordable.
The Neewer 18” Advanced Ring Light comes with a remote.
The brass colored adjusters on the left and right of the bracket are smooth and easy to rotate ensuring that you can quickly and easily tilt or pan the light as required too.
It is compact and lightweight.
Both lights can be angled up or down easily using the ring’s locking mechanisms.
It does not use phantom energy.
If required, two batteries could be plugged into a single light.
The light survived unscathed and remained in perfect working condition despite the 3’ fall and a close encounter with water.
This is a very powerful light and can easily fill a scene or even small room.
It has fast recycle time.
The Neewer Vision 5 comes in at a relatively low price point .
The Vision 5 comes with full, build-in 2.4G wireless remote control functionality as standard.
It’s light, it balances well and makes for a combination easy to grab on a moment’s notice.
You are able to get around five hundred full power flash activations from each full set of batteries used.
This system’s lightweight metal stands can be adjusted between 36-79 inches.
It gives steady color temperature.
The size of the Neewer is great.
It gives very accurate color.
It gives high flash energy.
The actual tuning dial that controls the light output is also very easy to use to allow you to adjust the brightness of the light to meet the needs of each individual session too.
It is extremely quite.
The other biggest positive is the minimum focus distance.
The lights’ color temperature can be adjusted between 3200K and 5600K.
It offers budget lighting with fantastic results.
These units are wi-fi capable and can be controlled via a phone application.
It can run on AC power or on batteries.
Both lights come with an aluminum stand.
With a twelve-blade diaphragm it’s buttery smooth with nicely rounded circular highlights that only slightly bend towards a cat’s eye on the edges.
It has very sturdy construction.
It can be control via bluetooth with the Neewer app.
The lens itself is positively tiny and feels sleek and solid in the hand.
A scissor arm stand, shock mount, and pop filter are included.
It gives consistent performance.
The product is also powered by a USB cord.
The focusing ring feels high quality, easy to use and mostly precise.
It has straightforward controls.
It feels strong and sturdy on my Sony a6000, despite being absolutely tiny.
The lamp comes with 330 individual White light LEDs as well as 330 individual Yellow light LEDs with both sets of LEDs having the modern long lasting bulb technology.
Low light performance is good.
Carrying bag is also included.
The color fidelity and image detail remain good despite the high ISO.
The Advanced Ring Light stays soft and even at any brightness level which makes it better for prolonged use in a home or office environment.
It offers variable color temperature and output power levels.
The mounting attachment on the light is great quality.
It supports the bokeh effect.
Build quality looks good.
The tripod can be connected directly to the light and it can also be connected to the extension stick.
The Neewer 35mm F1.7 definitely fits the bill.
At F1.7, images were fairly sharp.
It is portable, sturdy and durable.
They are equipped with a set of barn doors and a removable diffuser.
It has wireless control feature.
Due to aluminium housing it runs cool.
Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite is very affordable.
It is bright.
The 660 is made from an excellent quality aluminum alloy that ensures that the light unit is lightweight to make it easier to mount while also being robust enough to take a fair few knocks without breaking.
Neewer is the most affordable of all at only $50.
It is one of the most cost-effective microphones available.
It is not pricey.
The Vision 5 also delivers a 5600k color temperature with plus or minus 200k variations to allow you to get that natural sunlight feel out of the flash when needed.
With the included camera ball mount and phone grip, you can place your device right inside the ring.

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❌ Cons

It has manual focus.
The adjustable ballhead is a bit flimsy, really have to tighten it up to keep the LED in place.
I am not completely happy with the methods provided to attach the light panels to their stands.
Aperture ring is without clicks.
It’s biggest drawbacks are poor corner sharpness, flaring and potentially the clickless aperture ring.
I don’t like the light on features.
This lens is completely manual focus.
The build quality looks basic.
It is not a condenser mic.
It should be noted that since this lens has no electronic connection to the camera, the aperture must be controlled with a ring on the lens.
The actual ring is plastic.
The lights are pretty bulky.
Since this is a fully manual lens with no image stabilization or built in autofocus features, it was not recognized by my Sony a6500 mirrorless camera when first attached.
Stands are not the most stable.
It comes with a short power cord.
The corners suffered quite a bit of softness and vignetting.
HSS and TTL features are not supported on this unit.
I don’t like the so-so build quality.
Neither of these lights come with a desk clamp and there’s no 1/4 inch threading to put it on a third party one.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you are looking to expand your lighting rig and want to add some outdoor capabilities to it then the Vision 5 can make a great addition to your collection of camera accessories.
A great budget solution for fast moving low budget productions, certainly planning to get another one at some point.
One of the primary reasons that the Neewer nw700 has amassed such a huge client base in such a short period of time, in our opinion, is that it provides outstanding performance at entry-level pricing. Neewer has also improved the overall performance of the microphone when utilized by updating the audio circuitry in their NW700 over what they were previously utilizing in their earlier microphones. This truly brings the Neewer cardioid microphone range up to current.
The Neewer (Meike) 35mm f/1.7 is a great value lens for hobby photographers looking to add a midrange prime to their camera bag. The Sony 35mm is another great option, but costs $300 more than the Neewer. Having used the Neewer extensively, I’m not sure I can argue that the Sony is worth the extra money. The image stabilization and autofocus would be very nice to have, but not $300 nice. For landscapes and outdoor activities, this lens doesn’t make the cut. For portraits, indoor photography, travel, and low light settings, the Neewer 35mm is a great option.
With many features shared with the GN60, they both offer an equal level of performance. Amongst all the features shared, HSS and TTL features are not supported on this unit. Thus, this unit works best for photography newbies or people who don’t need these features.
Overall, I loved this lens. During my tests, I primarily used it for portraits, but it could be used as a general purpose lens for travel, walk-around, etc. as well. Sharpness is pretty great besides the few caveats I mentioned earlier in the article, that being minor vignetting and corner sharpness. Build quality feels really good besides the non-clicky aperture ring, and I really enjoyed the precise feel of the focusing ring.
These lights are ideal for semi-professional lens-based enhancement, even professional if used aptly. They facilitate photography/videography on the go and enable convenience from shoot to shoot or video call to video call. If you are thinking about upgrading your light source to shift from opaque, unpolished finishes to fresh, refined results, the Neewer 5600K is a bright purchase for you!
All in all, the Neewer 2.4G 660 LED lighting kit is a versatile kit that provides a lot of value for its price. While it is not perfect (especially the stands), we highly recommended it to anyone who needs lots of light for photography, video, or streaming and does not have the budget to invest in high-end photography lighting.
The Neewer 25 1.8 is a great value for what you get. It is lightweight, solidly built and balances well on the smaller Fujifilm bodies like the T and E series. It’s biggest drawbacks are poor corner sharpness, flaring and potentially the clickless aperture ring. It’s not optically perfect, but it’s image quality is an interesting throwback to the late 70’s and 80’s in photography and produces photos that I personally enjoy. I recommend it.
The Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite does an admirable job balancing features and performance at a lower price point.
For personal use indoors, I recommend the Neewer 18″ Advanced Ring Light. It’s more convenient with the remote, it’s easier on the eyes over longer periods of time, and the light is never too harsh.
An excellent lighting solution for both video and photography and I highly recommend it!
Its price tag, ease of use, and great performance make us feel this would also be a great light for beginner and advances users alike and we would highly recommend that you consider picking it up.
It is relatively inexpensive, provides plenty of light, and is extremely versatile. I am especially impressed with the ability of the individual light panels to operate for up to three hours on a single battery. The Neewer 2 Pack 660 LED Video Light System is recommended.
While the extra effort required to shoot with a manual lens makes it somewhat of an acquired taste, the fast f/1.7 aperture on the Neewer 35 makes it ideal for working in low light, when manual operation often yields best results. That rationale, combined with its compact size and extremely affordable price, makes it a worthy choice to add to your gear kit.

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