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✅ Pros

The foam layers on this mattress create a much bouncier and responsive mattress than a traditional memory foam mattress.
Review Pros
There is a good motion transfer for an innerspring product.
While the FLIP by Nest Bedding mattress isn’t the least expensive mattress on the market, it’s definitely more affordable than other, similar models.
The Nest Alexander Hybrid uses an edge to edge coil system that provides excellent edge support.
It is for you if you are looking for the best hybrid mattress with improved edge support.
It is best for all body types.
The Signature Series Mattress has an organic cotton cover that will appeal to eco-conscious consumers.
All middle men are cut out, so you get a good deal.
When it comes to pure value for money, Nest is hard to beat.
It is for you if you desire a cool surface for sleeping.
It has premium materials and design.
It doesn’t matter what position you sleep in; this mattress will support and cushion you in any case.
Side sleepers enjoy very good spinal alignment on this mattress.
You will feel well-supported along the edge and not roll out.
The Nest Alexander Signature Series stacks up to many of the big box store brands you will find in stores but will save you money.
It is for you if you want a mattress with different firmness options.
It has reasonable pricing.
It uses eco-friendly foams on all styles are certified CertiPUR-US certified.
The design of the Nest disperses heat efficiently.
With high-density foam and premium coils, you will experience comfort without feeling trapped or sinking so far you fall out of alignment.
Our sleep testers who sleep on their back found the Signature Series Mattress provided adequate lumbar support.
Nest Bedding offers three comfort levels to choose.
Lifetime warranty + comfort guarantee is available.
There is no off-gassing or new mattress smell.
It ships to Canada.
Signature mattress comes in soft, medium & firm options.
You will not have issues bottoming out on this mattress.
Company makes mattresses that cover a range of prices and styles.
Financing is available.
Quilted cover gives pillowtop feel.
It is best for shoppers who want two firmness options in one mattress.
It is best for consumers who want long-term protection.
Above-average support is offered.
It offers a cool sleep.
There is barely any off gassing.
It is made in the USA.
There is a great bounce for a memory foam product.
It offers proper spine alignment and pressure point relief.
This product sleeps very cool.
It keeps you cool all night long.
It offers two firmness choices in a flippable design.
Back, stomach, and side sleepers might like it.
Financing options are convenient for those on a budget.
It offers exceptional comfort and support.
Hybrid has copper-infused foam for cooling.
The FLIP mattress isn’t just comfortable – it’s supportive too.
It is for you if you want a mattress designed by an expert.
It comes with premium Dunlop latex and coil combination.
It is made of quality cco-friendly materials.
It is for you if you are looking for a mattress without off-gassing.
Multiple firmness options are available.
It balances foam with a coil system.
There is no off-gassing.
It is for people seeking a premium bed for an affordable price.
It is best for anyone that wants a bed with a soft, pillow top feel.
Nest Bedding gives customers thirty days to try out the mattress to find out if it’s right for them.
I had no issue with the mattress sleeping hot at all.
With three firmness options available, you have your choice in what mattress is best for your body type, sleeping position and even your personal preference.
Their double choice gives you options.
It sleeps cool.
Nice cooling features are available.
It offers good responsiveness and bounce.
This mattress, particularly on the medium side, closely conforms to the body.
Innersprings are naturally cooler due to the air filling the spaces between coils.
It is great for stomach and back sleepers.
It features two different firmness levels in one product.
It has very ittle motion transfer.
It is made using quality materials that are built to last.
If pressure relief is a major concern for you, it is for you.
Many users said this mattress had no smell and any noticeable odor went away in a few hours.

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❌ Cons

If you’re looking for just a good mattress and want to spend less, there are other options to consider.
You might not like it if you prefer a foam mattress.
It is not for you if you prefer a pure innerspring or memory foam mattress.
Some testers felt this mattress was best suited to lighter people versus heavier people.
It is heavy and difficult to move.
The price of this mattress isn’t as cheap as some other similar options.
It has average motion transfer.
It is not for you if you are looking for a cheap mattress.
It has a noticeable new bed smell.
They don’t feel so affordable in the way that some direct-to-consumer, online, boxed mattresses do.
For those who want a fully certified organic mattress, this is not it.
Someone that wants a true memory foam feel won’t love this.
Like most products with memory materials, there is a short window of time where the product airs out and has a slight smell.
As an all-foam mattress, the Signature Series can trap heat.
Ultra budget shoppers won’t love this.
It is quite heavy at around 90 lbs.
This particular model feels more like a memory foam unit instead of an innerspring mattress.
It is expensive.
Memory foam mattresses do come with a chemical odor.
Being all-foam, this mattress tends to sink in rather than bounce back.
For people who love memory foam, the latex foam used in the Alexander mattress may not be what you are looking for.
The Alexander is not entirely natural.
It takes a few hours for comfort layer to fully decompress, following unboxing.
It sleeps a bit hot.
There are some complaints of off-gassing.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
With an effective and luxurious design, Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Hybrid is a breath of fresh air in a highly saturated market. It performs exceptionally well and has a balanced feel.
Our testing revealed that the Nest Bedding Signature Series Mattress excels in multiple areas, such as providing lumbar support to back sleepers and remaining virtually silent in response to weight and movement.
Since there are three firmness options to choose from, just about everybody can receive a perfect level of firmness with this mattress. The mattress works to eliminate the sinkage and heat problems that can sometimes occur in all-foam mattresses by adding extra support and ventilation. Although the price of this mattress isn’t as cheap as some other similar options, it is well worth the extra price when the quality of the build is considered.
If you’re looking for a step-up from the bland one-size-fits-all mattresses that most bed-in-a-box companies offer, then the Alexander might just be your ticket. It’s hard to go wrong with a Lifetime warranty, too.
Overall, we really like the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid. It’s universally loved by all of our team members. In fact, Slumber Yard team member Owen liked it so much, he requested we bring it to his house so him and his girlfriend could sleep on it every night. All in all, it’s just a premium, very comfortable mattress that sports a reasonable price tag.
I think this is a great product for those who carry a lot of weight. If you do need to move it, this product is pretty heavy, so you’ll definitely need some help. However, the side handles do make this task easier. I also appreciate that this product offers an industry-first Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. Overall, it’s a high-quality, comfortable mattress that should offer many nights of restful sleep.
The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex is a 12’’ latex and coil eco-friendly mattress which will serve even the most demanding while catering for your health.
The Alexander isn’t for everyone (no mattress is), but I’m a little obsessed with Nest Bedding, and The Alexander is now my favorite mattress from them. It’s very comfortable, more natural than most, and overall provides a great sleeping experience.
Thanks to its two sides, it is both comfortable and supportive no matter your preferences. Very few mattresses can say the same. While you will need someone to help move it, and you may want to air it out for a day or so, the positives far outweigh the negatives here. If you’re looking for a new mattress or have been waking up feeling less than your best, then it’s absolutely worth trying out the FLIP; it promises great results.
Nest Bedding has continued to outperform the majority of online mattress companies because they focus on continuous improvement. They are constantly upgrading their products to have the best technology along with the best customer service. When you rest with Nest, you get the best!
The Nest Alexander Hybrid is a great option for those of you looking for a copper gel memory foam mattress that utilizes a pocketed coil system for added cooling and more bounce. Also, they offer a double choice so if you like firm or medium you can have a choice. Lets face it, not everyone will like the same exact feel. I enjoyed the mattress very much. In all sleeping positions my body was supported, it didn’t get hot and had little motion transfer. The company also offers several more mattress brands. I think they have something for everyone.
They don’t feel so affordable in the way that some direct-to-consumer, online, boxed mattresses do. But Nest gives you quality in the Alexander Series. You’re paying a little more for that. The options you get and the quality Nest gives you in all of the Alexander mattresses gives you as much a chance to be satisfied as possible.
Alexander Signature is a hybrid mattress manufactured by Nest Bedding. The mattress blends four professionally engineered layers of coils and foam for enhanced support and comfort. The combination makes Alexander Signature the ultimate choice for a restful nights sleep.
Many users praised this product’s temperature regulation and its bouncier feel. However, it is more expensive than similar products and its warranty and trial period are nothing extraordinary. But if you want to sleep in luxury every single night, the Nest Alexander Signature Series may be worth your consideration.
Nest’s Alexander Signature Hybrid is a rare “bed in a box” that features pocketed springs in its construction. The Signature Hybrid’s design offers the bounce, airflow, and edge support of innersprings, along with the conforming and supportive properties of foam. The bed is available in three firmness settings, giving customers the ability to choose the design that best fits their personal preferences.

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