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✅ Pros

It has eight-way mode switch.
Review Pros
You can tweak and change without extensive pre-play setup.
It comes with mono and stereo inputs and outputs.
With a street price of $249, it’s quite reasonably priced, and far more flexible than a plug-in.
It offers beautiful tone.
The Detune effect generates the lushest chorused reverb effect I’ve ever heard with crystalline clarity.
It is a small and affordable package.
This pedal has stereo inputs and outputs.
It has smartly designed interface.
Neunaber’s reverb algorithm is unique and has a US patent.
It has wonderfully useful echo controls.
It is easy to use.
It works with pretty much every power supply on the market.
The entire pedal can be reconfigured via Neunaber’s Pedal Customizer software.
It is easy-to-use delay pedal.
It works well with a variety of gain pedals/preamps.
Separate pairs of ¼-inch input and output jacks provide true stereo operation in addition to mono.
Immerse can move from purely practical to indulgent with ease.
It has external Kill Dry switch for parallel effect loops.
The software editor lets you replicate spring, hall and plate.
Inputs/outputs can be used mono or stereo.
It is made in USA.
The Neunaber Immerse Reverberator MKII has a simple “plug and play” design that delivers the goods with minimal effort.
The modulation of the Hall, Spring and Sustain effects is seductively rich.
The Immerse Reverberator MKII also features a high-quality buffered bypass to optimize and restore sound quality.
It has effect level, depth, tone, and variable function control.
The Neunaber Technology Echelon Stereo Echo does not run off batteries.
You can still use it in mono.
The Immerse is a strong ally if you like control over the space in your sound.
The expansion port, which opens up a whole new world of versatility.
EQ is versatile.
It has traditional tap tempo option.
The actual tone of the repeats was very pleasing and maintained the true tone from our amp, both on the clean and dirty channels of the Orange.
The pedal is well documented on the box itself and online at the Neunaber website.
It has all the reverb tones you likely would ever need.
It has unique and lovingly crafted effects, each featuring their own parameters to tweak.
The mix doesn’t get cluttered.

❌ Cons

The real-world space or device it’s designed to sound like isn’t specified.
The lack of tweakability may throw some people who are used to twiddling with parameters.
The control layout becomes mighty crowded.
It’s certainly not the cheapest compact delay pedal.
There is no presets or expression control.
A power supply isn’t included.
Editing software might be a little overwhelming.
Some of us may miss the editor’s strict consistency or the second switch capabilities.
You lose the near-infinite tweakability of software.
There’s no appreciable difference in price between this and an Expanse box.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Immerse is an impressive reverb tool. Lush, beautiful reverb tones lurk around every corner and with the smartly designed interface, there are many more options than the five-knob setup would lead you to believe. Better still, Immerse can move from purely practical to indulgent with ease—providing the basic spring tones I need for everyday use with more experimental settings I can use in my home studio. Even if you don’t lust over classic surf tones, ambient shoegaze waves, or ethereal sonic settings, the Immerse is a strong ally if you like control over the space in your sound.
An easy-to-use reverb pedal with a natural illusion of space that suits guitar tones.
The Neunaber describes its Echelon delay pedal as a “mono echo pedal,” which is an almost comically flat description of such a lovely, lively pedal. The Echelon is, indeed, an “echo pedal,” and its output is mono only (there is a stereo version), but the feature set and sound quality are unusual given the price point.
The Neunaber Immerse Reverberator provides an impressive selection of effects with the sound quality of the finest pro-audio digital reverb units in a compact format that’s both pedalboard and guitarist friendly.
The Echelon Stereo Echo is a fantastic sounding, easy-to-use delay pedal. But despite the simple interface it appears to feature, under the hood are some cool mods available via a simple (and free) software application. If you want studio quality delays on your pedalboard in a compact, single-pedal form factor, the Echelon may be just the ticket. We’re not sending this one back…
The obvious advantage of this is that you have many different sounds living inside the unit at once and flit between them with the twist of a rotary switch, rather than having to ask your PC for help; the two disadvantages are that you lose the near-infinite tweakability of software, and that the control layout becomes mighty crowded. There’s no appreciable difference in price between this and an Expanse box.
With a street price of $249, it’s quite reasonably priced, and far more flexible than a plug-in. A player who relies on their pedalboard for their tones, will really appreciate the way it can be used live, as well as in the studio. It can really make getting a direct sound a way of getting “their” sound without an amp, easy.
The Neunaber Immerse Reverberator is the flexible embodiment of the entire reverb branch of the EXPANSE algorithms (and more) that you can tweak and change without extensive pre-play setup. This simplicity coupled with the distinct beauty of each individual algorithm makes the Immerse a poignant choice that deserves to be recognized as a special unit. Don’t miss it.

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