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✅ Pros

It has easily held up for 10 hours.
Review Pros
Nicki’s Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper is made of 8 layers of 100% bamboo.
It keeps Benjamin dry and comfortable overnight, and contains large messes with ease.
I am incredibly impressed with the leak protection I receive from the Best Bottom system.
Nicki’s offers the choice of snaps or hook and loop tape on their diapers at no additional cost.
There are no minimums on orders with Imagine Baby Products.
I love it when the diapers have crossover tabs.
I haven’t noticed any staining, though, after washing.
The shell of the diaper is lined with microfleece.
Incredibly absorbents, particularly if buying the ones made of natural fibers, so perfect for nighttime or heavy wetters.
The natural fiber bamboo insert is soft against the baby’s skin and is quick to put on.
Nicki’s Diapers often runs sales on the Nicki’s Diapers Exclusives line of cloth diapers, so you rarely need to pay full price for the Ultimate All-in-One.
This diaper is a stay-dry with its fleece topped microfiber.
It comes with elastic at the front and back for a more flexible and comfortable fit.
Buttons are made with a very durable double-layer PUL that is way less likely to soak through to the outside touch than other brands, even if totally soaked,
At 14.95 you can stock up on these babies without breaking the bank.
I can’t afford to buy a whole new stash every time my baby grows into the next size up so One-Size is perfect for us.
They perform very well when babies are little and making huge poops so many times a day that often results in diaper blowouts.
I really like the hook and loop velcro and laundry tabs.
A true waterproof Cover with a wipeable inside that allows me to reuse the cover if its not totally soaked or contaminated with poop.
They fold up beautifully.
They’re all really pretty if you’re looking for some pizazz for your stash.
It is cheap.
It can easily fit my 2.5 year old on the largest waist and rise settings.
The main absorbency (insert) is not sewn in, but rather snapped in.
No folding is required as compared to flat or prefold diapers.
I have never used a fleece-lined diaper before, so I was very pleased with this discovery.
It has fun prints like Daddy Love, Float, and Dairyland.
It’s so soft that I felt like I could have used it as a pillow.
With the bamboo insert that can snap out for easier washing and drying, this AIO is very absorbent.
The designs were catchy.
Nicki’s Diapers Ultimate All-in-One is affordably priced compared to many other brands of all-in-ones.
It’s lighter, and allows for potentially more airflow.
There are also overnight inserts and doubler inserts available to offer maximum protection when needed.
It is made in the USA.
Three sets of snaps with three across give you options for the best fit.
They are the first and only wet bag on the market that are not only sewn but also sealed.
I love the style of this cover as it’s similar to the EcoPosh.
I adore the colors of the shell.
The bright white is so fresh and pretty; they look like a dream blowing in the breeze on your clothesline.
I’ve found they are an amazingly cheap alternative to pricey muslin blankets.
Nicki’s Diapers offers enough colors and prints to suit any taste.
This All-In-One diaper is easy to use with the insert that can snap out before washing to speed up drying time.
This is perfect for really tiny newborns and fits nice and trim under onesies.
It comes in great colors and designs, most of which are gender neutral.
The stay dry liner on the insert makes it easy to clean up poops.
The exterior of the diaper consists of waterproof PUL with PUL guards on the front and back interior to prevent wicking.
It has leg gussets.
3 styles of inserts are available.
Another plus of purchasing Nick’s brand diapers from Nicki’s Diapers is that for every Nicki’s diaper or swaddle blanket purchased they will donate a diaper or swaddle blanket to a child in need.
Nicki’s Diapersis a one stop shop for all your baby needs.
You can still reuse the outer waterproof cover if only the fitted nappy got dirty.
Not only did it last the normal time between changes, it held up much better than some of my other diapers.
The AIO diaper has a super luxurious insert.
The laundry tabs are placed in a great spot and very reliable in the wash to stay connected.
They don’t add a lot of bulk to your overnight solution.
The rise snaps are spaced well to grow with my baby and not leave leg gaps.
The encased elastics mean it’s just one step to put it on.
One feature I love about this diaper is the crossover snaps.
They even have free shipping on many items and orders over $75.
You can put your wet wipes, super wet diapers, swimwear, or anything really wet into these bags.
The snap option has crossover tabs.
The all-in-one features two rows of ten waist snaps plus one row of cross-over snaps for the smallest possible waist fit.
I love natural materials and this over achiever is an excellent example of why.
The leg openings of the shell feature a double gusset to ensure that the diaper provides unparalleled leak and mess protection.
They take great care in picking the very best fabrics including matching zipper and waterproof layer.
As a small family-owned company, I love supporting what they do.
I can trust them for overnights, which is not something I can say about every diaper.

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❌ Cons

While most people like double gussets, I don’t think the outer gusset ever does anything for us.
I do wish it had fold down cuffs.
The stained area was bleached clean by the sun, but so was the color. My beautiful purple soaker has an abstract white design on it now.
If you fold it the wrong way (microfiber up toward the baby instead of down), the microfiber will be directly in contact with the baby’s skin causing extreme dryness.
They are slow to dry.
My insert always came off in the wash.
The One-Size 9-35lbs style cover runs slightly tight for my guy around his legs.
None of the prints are a must-have for me personally (except for Swell which is out of stock) but many parents absolutely do love their designs.
Perhaps I didn’t wash it well enough the first time, but I noticed the dye bled onto our fitteds some.
I really wish these OS Covers had front and back flaps to help hold the inserts in place.
Once you buy the diaper, plus the cover, they can be quite expensive.
If your baby is a super soaker, they still may be able to out-pee this diaper within a few weeks.
The tongue on this diaper is so long that I needed to fold it for her.
It’s not very stretchy, at least compared to our other ones.
This diaper doesn’t have a lot of width, and a gusset.
I prefer smaller inner inserts to the big fitted nappies during the day.
Nicki’s Diapers are exclusive to Nicki’s Diapers. They are not available anywhere else.
They can be quite bulky. Once your baby is wearing the fitted nappy with the cover, the bum will look huge.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
This diaper is an excellent solution for parents that don’t want the hassle of a pocket diaper but may get frustrated with the long dry time of most all-in-ones (you know what I’m talking about here). It comes in great colors and designs, most of which are gender neutral.
At $12.95 USD at Nicki’s Diapers, this diaper is a cheap AIO cloth diaper , but I need to boost it for longer than an hour. I love using flats and prefolds and covers, that this kinda system is just as cumbersome, and would rather rely on something I love. Notably, my opinion is my own and this diaper is highly ranked on Nicki’s Diapers. Many people love this diaper. It’s just not for me. I’m not happy with the fit, function, and cut of the diaper.
I like it! Nicki’s Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper is a very absorbent and trim overnight diaper. I would even say a great night-time diaper solution for heavy wetters. You might need to put in an extra insert or two, but this diaper gets the job done.
It works really well! It has easily held up for 10 hours. The only time it’s leaked some was in the butt and it had been 2 or 3 weeks and we had been using it a lot since we were reviewing it, so I knew it was time to re-lanolize.
They are very soft, even a little squishy, and don’t feel flimsy at all. And because they feel so wonderful, I’ve found they are an amazingly cheap alternative to pricey muslin blankets. You can get a 6-pack of the larges for close to the price of one Aden + Anais swaddle.
This All-In-One diaper is easy to use with the insert that can snap out before washing to speed up drying time. This is by far the simplest diaper in the Nicki’s line up! The stay dry liner on the insert makes it easy to clean up poops, and the encased elastics mean it’s just one step to put it on. The only learning curve for some people is the direction you fold down the insert.
I reach for my Buttons OS Covers first since they are the most leak resistant brand I currently have. I wish I had more. I did try their hemp inserts, which I really liked but we quickly outgrew the Size One inserts we had. Instead of stocking up on the bigger size I tried a different brand next that was a little more trim. The Buttons cloth wipes look amazing though and I’d love to try them too.
I was honestly so pleasantly surprised by how well they can perform at night when I first started using them with my daughter. I was instantly converted.
It never leaked through and the bag stayed dry on the outside. I was quite impressed and just wiped it out when I got home so it would be dry for the next time. The wet bad is available in 3 sizes and can be machine washed and dried with clothes or cloth diapers. Easy and convenient. Every mothers goal.
If you have small babies and want a diaper that is easy to use, this newborn bamboo AIO is the perfect choice for you. The natural fiber bamboo insert is soft against the baby’s skin and is quick to put on.
I hate when a hook and loop style diaper detaches during the wash and then sticks to a nice insert or diaper. I don’t worry about that at all the Imagine Baby Product diapers. The insert is really smartly designed because it has two snaps instead of one. This makes the insert have a smaller chance of shifting inside the diaper while in use. I really think that feature makes Imagine Baby Products diaper stand out.
I really appreciate the design of the Best Bottom cover and never experienced any leaks while using it on my son. We found a comfortable fit and the inserts did not slide or stick out of the cover, as can sometimes happen with AI2s. I especially liked the addition of elastic to the front and back of the waist for a snug, flexible fit.
If you are shopping for an affordable all-in-one cloth diaper with synthetic fabrics, I highly recommend the Nicki’s Diapers Ultimate All-in-One. At $12.95 for solid colors and $13.95 for prints, the retail price is more affordable than many other brands of all-in-ones.
After multiple uses, I can honestly say that this is one of the most coveted diapers in my stash. I now try to save it for the days that we need to be out of the house for a long time because I know that it will hold up to my heavy-wetter while also keeping her dry so that I won’t worry about her getting a rash.
Nicki’s Diapers created this cloth diapering system to help make using cloth diapers a pleasure instead of a chore, and there is no doubt in my mind that they succeeded. The Best Bottom system is cheap, easy, fun and effective.

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