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✅ Pros

One of the biggest benefits is the team’s passion to make the tool better.
You can easily manage and track all of your contacts, and see your progress over time.
Metrics on domain authority, social shares, and rss feed can be extremely helpful for organizing and prioritizing prospects.
You can track the lead interaction.
It provides options to find social influencers.
The training is on point and very well done.
It is an excellent tool that enables you to easily find influencers to promote your business.
It allows you to very simply search for people who allow for guest posts.
It is all in one software.
It offers great assistance with practical video tutorials available in the knowledge database.
They offer a 14 day free trial.
Sending personalization emails looks professional rather than spammy.
It has a very accommodating and friendly support team that sincerely wants the best for you as a customer.
It is perfect for one person or one product/service teams.
Ninja Outreach can genuinely do everything that you could expect from a blogging tool.
It is moderately priced compared to its contemporaries.
Ninja Outreach offers a 14-day free trial.
You can use it to locate contact information, save data, and manage prospect lists.
You can easily create the email templates to send the messages to bloggers and influencers.
You can use it to do content research for your next blog post.
You get 3-days trial access.
It allows you to do prospecting on Instagram and Twitter.
You can use NinjaOutreach’s messaging tool to reach out to your prospects, schedule follow-ups, save and reuse templates, or set up mass email outreach campaign.
Ninja Outreach comes with a 3-day free trial, which allows one to take the software on a test drive.
Ninja Outreach boasts a pretty massive database with millions of profiles.
Chrome extensions integrates information perfectly within the system and gives you an easy way to reach out with people as you’re prospecting or go through your day.
There is no technical team required for this easy installation process and 99.99% Uptime.
It allows unlimited users.
Link building software is offered.
It is huge time-saving tool.
Ninja Outreach offers on-point training for its customers.
It comes with Email finder.
The actual email templates feature is pretty cool.
You can label your prospect relationships, save, track, and organize all your conversation history per prospect.
It provides you with all the necessary contact information of lots of influencers in your industry.
You can connect 10 different email accounts per user.
It also has Chrome extension.
Plain and simple, the software makes prospecting for guest posts and influencer outreach extremely simple.
The Ninja Outreach team is using a very transparent approach to their business.
You can filter down your results.
It offers personalized email templates.
You can download a free Google Chome extension for any quick prospecting and outreach needs.
You can find Instagram and twitter influencers.
The messaging history is all logged in Ninja Outreach, allowing you to look back at what was talked about before.
You can personalize your outreach messages as you want.
It saves a lot of time to find influencers information easily.
It offers great price and excellent support.
Its a great solution for link building and outreach efforts.
The product provides 14-day start free trial for all its newly customers.
It takes less than a minute to begin using and get started.
The ability to group all of your prospects into lists is nice too.
It can be used for prospecting top influencers per niche.
The tool provides the 100% assurance for protection of data transmission through internet.
Google Chrome plugin allows you to do quick searches for leads efficiently.
Contact relationship management can be done.
Your outreach history is all logged on the backend, while the auto-fill contact forms are there to speed up the sending process.
The email finder tool prevents you from having to scan through company websites.
Setting up an email address in Ninja Outreach is pretty straightforward.
It offers quick access to commands, making the process of prospecting and influencer outreach incredibly simple.
It offers drag and drop interface to create new templates.
The product provides the excellent customer support for its corporate customers and for users by 24/7/365 with customer support team.
You can automate different aspects of the outreach such as email sending.
It has easy to use, improved user-interface.
You can also create a new list or blacklist some sites you want to avoid reaching out to.
You can use this software to find new guest posting opportunities.
This solution has built-in features that make it easy to find top Instagram and Twitter influencers.
Ninja Outreach includes a relationship management platform to completely replace the complicated customer relationship management tools out there.
Over 25 million influencers already added to their database.
It offers the fastest way to outreach.
It has best Influencer list organizer.
If you’re not the greatest with staying organized, then this is definitely something that’s going to appeal you.

❌ Cons

You could run into problems if you are managing bigger projects with a lot of different outreach campaigns.
Some of the features feel half-baked.
Emails sent from the software could easily be flagged up.
They have poor customer support.
Ninja Outreach has a no refund policy.
Web app is missing some features as compared to the desktop version.
One thing which is missing is pre-loaded templates.
All social media platforms are not included except Twitter and Instagram in social prospecting section.
It loads too slow.
Some of the filters are not working properly.
If you are a beginner, you will find it a bit hard to connect your email address to Ninja Outreach, if you are not using Gmail as your email service provider.
Most shared content finder tool has limited options.
Overall service has gone downhill slightly.
The product has limited features.
The product is more expensive from small users and various plans are expensive as compared to other products.
There is obviously limited resources available to work on the product.
Some of the filters don’t work accurately.
The system doesn’t work as well for larger teams.
It is difficult to unsubscribe from NinjaOutreach’s services.
It doesn’t have different types pre designed templates to use instantly.
Your Email address can get flagged.
The main problem is that you can’t group multiple lists under one folder to separate your projects.
The ability to track your different campaigns through the Ninja Outreach web tool is missing.
If you want to send hundreds of emails per day, you need to upgrade to Small Agency, Large Agency or Enterprise plans.
NinjaOutreach does not provide the refund policy and warranties towards its customers.

Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Ninja Outreach below.

NinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing and lead generation software that enables users to find emails and automate their business outreach. It provides users with access to millions of leads, bloggers, and social media influencers.
Overall, a very solid tool for influencer marketing and blogger outreach. It’s very easy and simple to use. The pricing is right on the money. There’s just some features missing from the web app that would really take it to the next level.
Packed with all the capabilities, NinjaOutreach is truly an all-in-one powerhouse for the price of one.
Ninja Outreach is strong enough as an outreach tool alone to be considered for purchasing. The auxiliary features of Ninja Outreach feels hamfisted to be relied on for your business. They’re not bad at all, but they need to work for them to be useful.
Plain and simple, the software makes prospecting for guest posts and influencer outreach extremely simple. The training is on point and very well done and they offer a 14 day free trial. There is obviously limited resources available to work on the product.
Ninja Outreach is a rock solid Influencer and Blogger Outreach software where you can find the right & best influencers for your product else if you’re an internet marketer who builds tons of white hat links, Ninja Outreach offers you the best solution to scale up your efforts.
Ninja Outreach is an easy-to-use CRM platform that allows users to find millions of influencers with a few clicks. Marketers can automatically find contact information, schedule emails, and follow-ups, as well as identify leads for specific business opportunities.
Along with content research, Instagram prospecting, link building and content promotion, Ninja Outreach seems to cover all of the bases. It’s worth noting that Ninja Outreach offers a 14-day free trial, so if you’d like to try it out without any payments, this is the best option possible.
Ninja outreach is influencer marketing tool which helps us to find the bloggers and influencers related to our keyword phrases and creates a list to send emails in pre-defined templates automatically to them with a personal touch.
Setting up an email address in Ninja Outreach is pretty straightforward.The main problem is that you can’t group multiple lists under one folder to separate your projects. You can assign different team members to different projects and tag them with specific clients and keywords, but that only partially solves the problem.
In all fairness to Ninja Outreach, their tools are decent enough. However, the plans are quite expensive, there’s the issue of possible email spamming when using the email tools, and the inadequate customer support with a zero refund policy makes them not as attractive as they were a few years ago.
Ninja Outreach is an all-in-one software as it offers both outreach solution and influencer marketing. It lets you reach 25 million websites and ensure that you reach the right influencer in your niche and region.
NinjaOutreach is the leading SEO and influencer outreach tool that provide the marketing, advertising and many more services. It provides the users to list management, SEO data, analytics, email integration and more. The main feature of this tool is an easy integration to other applications. it can handle more customers as compared to phone agent and solves their problems quickly with canned responses.
It a very useful tool for everyone. It is easy to use and packed with lots of cool features that allow you to build long term relationships with influencers in your industry. This tool will definitely help you take your brand to the next level.
Ninja Outreach reduces everything that you would do in the management of any backlink building or outreach campaign for PR, SEO, and business growth over email. At it’s core Ninja Outreach is a CRM where you can manage all of your outreach efforts from a central space. The best part about it is the included Ninja Outreach chrome extension which makes it easy to prospect and manage your outreach list on the fly.

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