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✅ Pros

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❌ Cons

One tester felt it was too greasy.
The scent is a strong sweet grapefruit, which I find too much for me.
I sadly didn’t find it to reduce my fine lines and wrinkles.
It does not take care of fine lines or pores completely.
I’m not sure I’ll pay full price to use this moisturiser again.
It is not suitable for day-time use because it feels sticky.
They do not offer refunds or exchanges unless items are considered faulty.
The moisturiser says it’s lightweight, but the product itself is quite viscously thick.
Nip and Fab does not cover the cost of returning the order.
Nip + Fab is premium skincare for everyday concerns at everyday prices.
It can cause breakouts on skin some times.
They contain high concentrations of denatured alcohol.
It didn’t really do anything visible for me.
The smell of this one is terrible, and the worst thing about it, it does not dissipate for a long time.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the percentages of the exfoliating acids anywhere.
The product sits on top of the skin, feels quite tacky and took many hours to absorb.
It provides a small window to return items.
Testers would’ve preferred a pump dispenser.
I felt that I got oily a lot quicker throughout the day when I was using this.
It is expensive.
Alcohol means that there’s a risk of dehydration.
The only thing that these pads haven’t helped with is the redness I have on my cheeks, but I still have hope even if it takes a little longer.
A small percentage of consumers have written negative Nip and Fab reviews due to issues like over-drying of the skin and breakouts.
It also has a noticeable chemical perfume as do the Glycolic Fix Wipes.
Some said it felt more like a suncream than a moisturiser.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Within just three weeks of use, we noticed that our skin is looking more radiant, plumper and the very faint lines we had just started to notice are beginning to fade. There’s no doubt that we will carry on using the bundle and hope we can continue to reap the benefits.
All our testers agreed it absorbed quickly and left the skin especially hydrated. It had a tightening sensation on application and a thick consistency but was pleasant to use and a handy shape/size to travel with. Its mild aroma lasts most of the day and 87% of the panel agreed not a lot of product was needed to cover the skin, leaving it looking and feeling much smoother. One tester said it treated their dry patches, too.
Overall, it was ok but I hated the scent. I prefer the size and texture of Omorovicza’s Gentle Buffing Cleanser to this. It’s worth trying to see if you like it for the price. It’s similar to Alpha-H Micro Cleanse with glycolic acid. I just can’t stand the scent.
The pads are fragrance-free which is great for people who are allergic. They’re individually packaged, which is great if you’re a stickler for hygiene, but not so good if you’re trying to cut down on your environmental impact. Since they’re quite thick, there’s actually enough for 2 uses if you cut the pad in half and reseal the foil packet, though you’ll want to use it within a few days to avoid contamination and having it dry out.
Nip and Fab is a results-driven beauty brand that offers targeted skincare treatments and a cosmetic line that includes face, eye, and lip makeup. Nip and Fab skincare products are intended to provide targeted fixes to smooth, firm, hydrate, and tighten the skin.
My skin is far from perfect but I’m happy to have found another effective product that helps me make my 49-year-old skin look the best that it can. I will definitely be making these pads a regular part of my skincare routine and I’m happy that they are so affordable!
Overall I’d definitely re-purchase the serum – I can’t believe the visible changes it gives to the skin. I do alternate this out now with my retinol so I don’t use it every evening. But it is still a staple for me for sure. I wouldn’t re-purchase the moisturiser, simply because of the oil situation. But like I said, if you’re a dry type – definitely give it a go.
I will not purchase it again since I have used a lot of better serums but yes recommend to those who want better and healthy-looking skin.
I definitely feel like the ingredients in these NIP+FAB products are working well for my skin so I’m going to continue to use them and look forward to achieving my goal of better skin.
I would definitely recommend this product as a cost effective option to smoothing and exfoliating the skin. I especially love the wipes, which were a handy way to leave the face refreshed and smooth while travelling over my summer break.
They are anything but limited when it comes to variety, as they provide a spectrum of cosmetic formulas for customers to choose from. Buyers can shop according to skin concerns or needs, as their collection is organized by items designed to target dehydration, wrinkles, flare-ups, and more. Their prices are also reasonable, as most of their products fall within the $20 budget. In terms of negatives, there are a few customers that noted no visible improvements after using their products. Reasonably, this can be said for other skincare or makeup brands.
My skin did seem to get a bit smoother and more hydrated, which was great. For someone new to using these types of products, that is looking to not break the bank, this could be a decent product to start with. However, I feel as if there are much better options out there that also smell a lot better.
I think the range is definitely worth looking at if you’re looking for an introduction in to Glycolic acids at an affordable price to test which percentage of the exfoliating acid works best for your skin.
If you breakout out often you might want to try the Nip+Fab Glyocolic Fix Line. The glycolic acid sloughs away dead skin cells that can clog pores. I love that this is gentle enough for most skin types. This skincare line is gentle yet extremely effective and does exactly what it says it will do.
Nip + Fab is a fabulous skincare and body care range. Designed to deliver targeted treatments for the face and body, their formulas are crammed with innovative and natural advanced skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients. Nip + Fab is premium skincare for everyday concerns at everyday prices.

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