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✅ Pros

It is lightweight and comfortable.
Review Pros
Built from CNC milled titanium, the body of this pen is indestructible.
Besides looking good, spiral cutouts provide excellent grip for the occasional smashing the pen is designed to endure.
Its highest setting is brighter than car headlights.
The amount of light that this torch produces is intense.
The TM36 flashlight has an impressive maximum throw distance of 1100 meters (m) when using its turbo or max output.
The NiteCore EC4S can now be used in photography by connecting its thumbscrew lock on the tripod.
The NiteCore TM36 uses a LUMINUS SBT-70 LED.
The cutout body makes for a superior positive grip during writing or defense use.
For about $50, it packs more than enough power for any situation.
You get four power modes in total.
Lockout is offered.
It also has a half-press activation feature, so you can gently push the tail switch button for a quick, temporary burst of light.
It has an amazing range.
The USB port is protected by a rubber plug.
tThe beam is highly focused.
The lantern loop seems attached well, and furthermore, is easily removable.
The user interface is fairly easy to remember.
OLED will display 5 types of information.
It is lightweight rechargeable headlamp that’s ideal for backpacking and hiking.
The headlamp also has a built-in battery indicator to indicate how much power is remaining and when the light is being recharged.
Electronic lockout can be achieved via the user interface.
Even with batteries, it weighs just 4.3 ounces.
The included MODE button allows for selecting one of the 4 brightness levels.
The TM36 NiteCore uses a detachable battery pack.
The light does appear temperature regulated as it drops sharply after doing a turbo reset, then actually increases output once the temperature has cooled.
Electronic lockout is possible when needed.
The controls are simple and easy to use.
This product has a compact and tough-looking design.
It has interesting angled head feature.
The headband contains a silicon strip for extra comfort, and is great for running.
Speaking of wear and tear, this thing is robust.
Magnet in tail is present.
A neat feature is the ability to charge the flashlight directly without removing the battery.
Battery readout feature is present.
The cable is of good quality and the whole construction will protect against water.
It has an excellent runtime.
The Tiny Monster TM36 is both waterproof and 2 meters (m) submersible with an IPX-8 rating.
The beam profile provides more than enough flood to have a clear view of the path ahead.
It offers excellent runtimes.
Extra strong replaceable tungsten tip for busting windows or bad guys.
You can lockout the light.
It is USB rechargable.
The flashlight tailcap is sealed and tightened down with Allen-key bolts from factory.
The manufacturer says it’s waterproof up to 2 meters and impact resistant up to 1.5 meters.
It includes a high capacity Battery.
It is relatively straightforward to use.
The P12 is a discrete search light that can be used to strike an assailant when the need arises.
It is weapon mountable.
An superb quality nylon holster comes bundled with the Nitecore P12.
It is equipped with a Fisher Space Pen cartridge for smooth writing anywhere.
It’s a well designed flashlight that works really effectively.
The NiteCore EC4S 2150 Searchlight offers CREE XHP50 LED reflector for a wider beam angle.
The body is anodized with a flat black finish.
Like most of the flashlights nowadays it is built using aero grade aluminium alloy body with HAIII military grade hard-anodised finish.
The body is aircraft-grade aluminum and the machining and anodizing are immaculate.
It offers 400+ meters of throw.
NiteCore also includes some replacement parts.
The P12GT features four different brightness levels.
The Nitecore NU20 headlamp is rechargeable with 4 different intensity settings ranging from 1 lumen to 360 lumens at full power.
It outthrows it’s specs.
It comes with well provided package with lots of accessories.
If you’re looking for a tough looking and working flashlight with high lumen, NiteCore EC4S 2150 is what you need.
The battery level can be read.
The lamp is super lightweight so you barely notice that you’re wearing it.
The light uses one CREE XHP35 HD.
Strobe modes can be memorized.
At only 28g, it is very light.
Build quality is good, as with most Nitecore lights.
NiteCore EC4S 2150 is built to be water resistant, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and impact resistant.
The head, as well as the tail have spring connections, which is need for for rugged uses like being gun-mounted.

❌ Cons

Light does not work well with the holster if the ninja star grip is installed.
Internal charging feature has a low Battery charging current.
USB tab is potential point of failure.
Your warranty will be void if you use non-Nitecore parts like the battery.
Tailstand isn’t super stable.
The TM36 flashlight weighs heavy at about 3 lbs.
Overall the size is too bit for this category light.
It might be a bit small for those with very large hands or while wearing gloves.
It comes in premium price range.
The Nitecore P12 warranty is only valid if you make your purchase from an authorized dealer/reseller and you keep a copy of or receipt.
The same tip can also damage pants pockets or cloth bags if not properly secured.
Getting onto a plane with this pen might be a difficult proposition.
Physical tail switch has a very slight delay.
It has direct drive-like behavior on turbo.
You are unable to test battery health over time using analysing chargers.
There is no proper lanyard attachment point.
It only takes button top batteries.
It takes CR123 or 18650 lithium ion batteries which may not be avaiable in your local store.
High is only active for a few minutes before dropping to medium mode.
It is not as solid as (heavier) metallic headlamps.
The built-in battery might seem as a major disadvantage to some.
USB cover isn’t very durable.
It goes into strobe if you cycle the through the modes too fast.
The one thing missing from this light is a lock mechanism built into the switch to prevent the light from being turned on accidentally.
There are halo effects which can be easily seen.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Nitecore MH27 is designed for military and hunting purposes. Its unique secondary RGB illumination brings versatility to critical situations: shooting, hunting, crowd control, giving you the edge to overcome any obstacle in areas surrounded by hostiles. Reliable and built to the most exacting standard, the MH27 accommodates a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED for 1000 lumens blinding output to identify and keep threats at bay.
The angle head is a neat addition, and the loop holder to make this into a sort of lantern is neat. You may like the magnet strength, but otherwise this is a fairly basic light.
The NTP10 is a really cool, unique, and functional piece. If you’re looking for a unique daily carry item with multiple uses, this titanium tactical pen should be an intriguing option.
From the manual in many languages, to the build quality and included accessories. Its performance is fantastic too. For less than 1/3 of a price of a SureFire light, this torch packs a big punch!
The TM36 is definitely a solid choice when you’re able to take on a heavier flashlight in exchange for a lot more power. Despite that, you can also mount it on a tripod or use it with a shoulder strap for prolonged use. This Tiny Monster has incredible beam distance and would suit you well for emergencies including search and rescue.
The small palm sized form factor, high moentary turbo burst output, configurable high mode, informative OLED display, fast USB-C QC 2.0 charging, relatively deep carry pocket clip and direct access to MOMENTARY TURBO and ULTRA-LOW are all plus points for this flashlight. The built-in battery might seem as a major disadvantage to some.
While it appears to be like most other tactical flashlights, the P12GT stands out from the competition. No other light this size throws light this distance. This is truly a great upgrade over the P12. If you love the form factor of the P12 but really want rechargeable light you should definitely check out the Nitecore MH12.
NiteCore EC4S gives a brighter and wider view as compared to other flashlights. It is supported by long lasting batteries that will allow you to enjoy it longer than you expected. Overall, NiteCore EC4S 2150 Searchlight is a total package.
Nitecore MT42 is the newest generation of the MT40 line which features an upgraded 1,800 lumens with increased heat-sinking, a metal indicated side-switch, and a modified UI. If you are looking for a modern thrower with a traditional longer handle, then say hello to the MT42.
With a main, red, and high CRI LED emitters, the Nitecore NU25 is a compact and lightweight version of the impressive HC65 headlamp. Due to the smaller size and weight, maximum brightness and runtimes will obviously be less.
It’s a powerful tool with multiple functions. The controls are simple and easy to use. The body is aircraft-grade aluminum and the machining and anodizing are immaculate. Speaking of wear and tear, this thing is robust. The bezel is large and heavy, with aggressive teeth. This allows for powerful throw and projection.
It is an excellent premium flashlight package. The Nitecore MH12GT offering comes well equipped with a Battery, a case and other accessories that make it a great choice for people seeking a high quality performance EDC.
Designed for military and law enforcement, flashlight enthusiasts, find the Nitecore P12GT to be an excellent choice.It offers an intuitive interface. the tactical tail switch allows for momentary and constant on. The multi purpose side switch allows for quick operation. The bezel turns the light into a valuable self-defense tool.
Nitecore P12 offers a range of brightness settings and is easy-to-use . You get four power modes in total. For about $50, it packs more than enough power for any situation.
The Nitecore NU20 is very bright, lightweight rechargeable headlamp that’s ideal for backpacking and hiking. Weighing just 1.66 ounces, including a comfortable head strap, it has 4 brightness levels, ranging from 1 lumen to 360 lumens on full power.

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