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✅ Pros

The micro suction technology found on this case works well.
Review Pros
The wallet features one RFID protected card slot allowing you to keep any contactless or sensitive cards protected from radio skimming.
They boast a portfolio style design which ramps up the functionality and ensures that they give you the sort of versatile performance that you demand.
Each of the wallets has a nod to our high tech world with RFID blocking.
The entire case is very well built.
There is an ample cutout for the three rear cameras and most of the bottom is open for speaker, Lightning port, and microphone access.
It comes with RFID shielding.
It is made with full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather.
It doesn’t have any clips or bulky parts that get in the way.
The polycarbonate core is wrapped in full-grain vegetable tanned Italian leather that looks, feels, and smells great.
It allows you to carry that essential bank card and securely dock your iPhone anywhere with the magnetic Micro Dock III.
The wallet has two exterior pockets for cards.
The great £55 price tag is sure to add to their appeal considerably.
Both cases are made of a nicely-finished leather in either ebony (black) or chestnut (brown).
One unshielded pocket supports contactless payment.
It holds many items.
Textured leather adds grip.
If you’re looking for gift ideas, they also come very nicely packaged with a lined box and a cloth bag.
The Nodus wallets are hand-crafted from full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather.
It is not bulky.
This wallet is extremely thin and perfect for front pocket carry.
It is compact with a slim profile.
This wallet has a slot for a key.
Apple Pay and Qi wireless charging work well with the case on your iPhone with very little bulk added by the case.
The wallet features full-grain vegetable-tanned Italian leather.
The stitching is pretty solid.
The Access Case uses micro-suction technology to both attach the device to the case and to keep the cover closed.
The Access Case can be used as a stand to hold your device in landscape orientation.
It has great quality.
The top, bottom, and right side of the iPhone and iPad are left open, making it easy to plug the devices in for recharging.
The inside of the case has a microfiber layer to protect the back of your iPhone.
These brilliant looking accessories are crafted from an elegant vegetable tanned Italian leather which has a tangible sense of quality to the touch.
It offers convenient docking system.
The stitching on each is precise, with no loose threads.
It is a potective case.
The material is easily cleanable if it collects dust or other debris.
The iPhone 11 Pro snaps into the Shell Case II very securely with a tight fit to make sure it stays on your iPhone even if dropped.
The Nodus Access case provides your iPad with hands free viewing which is handy.

❌ Cons

They’re rather plain.
The iPad version needs to incorporate some of the magnets found on other cases.
Some people prefer to keep their notes bi-folded instead of tri-folded when traveling.
Both cases come with a price tag that seems unreasonably high.
The prices are higher than the leather wallets you’ll often find discounted online.
It is expensive.
It is not useful for holding coins.
In terms of functionality, we wouldn’t consider this a wallet iPhone case as the capacity of the pocket on the iPhone version of the case isn’t large.
It is slightly pricey.
There ins’t much protecting the edges of your iPhone which is a downside of this style of case.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
I’m a big fan of the Nodus Compact Coin Wallet. It holds a ton of items, is of great quality, and if protecting your RFID chip enabled cards is important to you, this is a great option. Just don’t try to carry too many coins in the Coin.
These leather iPhone cases will definitely add a bit of class to to your devices. We’re definitely sold on the iPhone version of the case but there’s usability issue with the iPad version that we’re not a big fan of. We’re definitely going out of way to recommend the Access case for the iPhone 6 due to the design and the unique manner in which the iPhone is attached to the case.
The Access Cases for iPad Air and iPhone 6 Plus look good, although they’re rather plain. If you want a nice leather case without frills, this is probably going to make you happy. However, both cases come with a price tag that seems unreasonably high considering that there are similar micro-suction leather cases for much less that.
Nodus Shell Case II + Micro Dock combines full grain Italian leather and a magnetic dock so you can mount your phone just about anywhere.
If you’ve invested in an iPhone 11, chances are you’ll want to make sure its stays in tip top condition until the time comes to upgrade and, if you want to do it in some considerable style, these brilliant looking Nodus iPhone 11 Cases will be right up your street. Available in a number of different colours to fit in with the aesthetic of your EDC line up, these iPhone 11 Cases from Nodus excel from both a style and performance perspective.
For me, I think I’ll be using this wallet as my go-to travel abroad wallet. This wallet is able to carry all the items with a slim and discreet profile. I think that it’s also a great gift idea for a traveler in your life who could use a smaller and simpler wallet while exploring new destinations.
Nodus is focused on offering phone cases only for iPhone models with the current lineup supporting the iPhone 8, XR, XS, and 11 model phones. It offers a shell case, shell case with card slot, and a folio case option (Access Case III). Colors available include Ebony Black, Chestnut Brown, Dark Teal, and Taupe Grey.
The prices are higher than the leather wallets you’ll often find discounted online. I think the Nodus versions are well worth the premium if you want a wallet that combines a highly functional design with a minimal profile, premium leather, and the durability and quality of hand craftsmanship. These are wallets that look great, feel great, and are built to last.

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