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✅ Pros

They provide 15 year warranty.
Review Pros
Nolah ships in an innovative mattress package that is in an easy to handle manner.
They provide free Shipping And Return.
The Nolah Mattress comes with a wildlife adoption.
The Nolah foam layer has great pressure relief when you compare it to high end memory foam that doesn’t have as much give.
If it doesn’t suit you after few weeks, then Nolah will send someone to come pick the mattress up at your door and donate it to a charity or a recycling center.
It is a solid mattress that will appeal to people that want the benefits of foam without all the traditional pitfall.
Nolah seems to be softer than the average bed-in-a-box, making it ideal for side sleepers.
The cover provides a cool and ever-fresh sleeping surface.
Nolah sells only online in an attempt to provide with a value product at a reasonable price.
It provides excellent pressure relief for side sleepers.
The company positions their product as having four times less peak pressure than similar memory mattresses.
This foam lacks the weaknesses of latex and memory foam mattresses and comes with new capabilities.
Comfortable and supportive in all sleep positions.
It is for you if you like a company that not only has a higher than average warranty and trial, but also gives back and for every mattress sold makes a donation to the Defenders of Wildlife
It is for you are a side sleeper and like a mattress that has plenty of support but also allows for ideal comfort and contour for your hip and shoulder to sink in.
If you own or plan to buy an adjusable base at some point the Nolah performs well on the base. It bends easily and lays back to the flat position once you are finished inclining.
Free shipping.
Good motion isolation and no noise.
There is 4 Months Risk-Free Trial.
7% of mattress purchases donated to Defenders of Wildlife nonprofit organization.
The mattress is well constructed and, unlike many mattresses at this price range, is quite durable. This reasonably priced mattress should last you quite a while.
It is good for you if you like a medium feeling mattress that provides the feel of memory foam with 4x better pressure relief and cooling properties.
Nolah Air Foam conforms much faster than traditional memory foam.
The Nolah mattress uses a warm, comfortable color palette.
It has minimal heat retention.
Nolah Air Foam provides good pressure relief.
They give free trial and Coupon codes.
No off gassing after first day.
Nolah’s CertiPUR-US® certification guarantees their product is free from formaldehyde and cancer-causing substances that competitors use in their foams.
It’s much more soft than it is firm, especially in comparison to many box brand mattresses.
Cost-free 15-year warranty.
It is a great choice for side sleepers, back sleepers and people with back problems.
The Nolah foam and Aveena foam layer underneith pair up nicely to help disperse heat and maintain good airflow.
They provide free shipping, free returns, 120-night risk-free trial, 15-year warranty.
If you are under 200 lbs and sleep on your side, you should love this mattress.
It is really a value mattress with great, long-lasting, construction..
It is CertiPUR-US certified.
The company works with charities to adopt a wildlife animal with every mattress that is purchased.
Customer service is the cornerstone of Nolah, and they are serious about making sure that you receive the best bed possible for you,
The foundation of the Nolah is constructed with 7” of high-density polyfoam, a firm layer that responds well to pressure and gives the foam mattress its structure.
Nolah Sleep delivers mattresses free of charge to the continental USA.
It is very soft and comfortable.
The product is oderately priced.
Nolah claims that its AirFoam technology bests memory foam because it doesn’t suffer from the overheating problem that sometimes plagues the material.
The proprietary Nolah Air Foam used in the top layer sleeps quite cool (for a foam mattress) based on testing.
Avena foam provides good recovery.
It offers you free shipping and returns.
The Nolah bed in the box arrives at your doorstep and takes only 20% of size and space.
It is ideal for side sleepers.
Nolah features a second layer of Avena foam, which has only been used before in Leesa.
It is ogod at limiting motion transfer.
A great advantage of the Nolah is that it is naturally cool.
The price of Nolah Mattress is pretty fair.
It has simple but effective design.
If you sleep with a partner, you’re very unlikely to feel their subtle movements if they get in and out of bed frequently during the night.
A wildlife animal is adopted with each purchase and returned mattresses are donated to local charities.
The Nolah is just naturally cooler and also more durable than a standard latex bed.
The Air Foam is designed to dissipate heat, so you won’t be sleeping hot.
Their packaging assists in removing carbon dioxide emissions which is simple and easy to set up.
It is a a great option for couples who need to be able to snooze even if their partners are moving about.
If you are a side sleeper it will work great for you.
It is made for you if want a mattress that won’t get hot, has great adaptable comfort and comes in at a great price point.

❌ Cons

It makes you feel little unstable at the edge.
If you prefer an extra-firm mattressot for you.
It could have thicker base layer.
It is not the coolest sleeping mattress.
There isn’t a lot of bounce.
People who are significantly heavier back or stomach sleepers may need to consider another mattress to aid proper alignment.
Although Nolah does not bottom out it is not going to be super thick and tall like some mattresses you will find online and in stores like a pillowtop.
It is only sold online.
You need to try it for 30 nights before you return it.
Overall, the Nolah is softer than average, so you may want to look for something firmer.
Regardless of the position, you feel like you’re sinking into the Nolah mattress.
Nolah performs slightly above average to comparable beds in regards to edge support.
Mandatory 30-night break-in period with sleep trial.
Nolah Mattress is available online only.
One model/firmness option.
It has average edge support.
It provide only one comfort level.
This mattress is priced at $949 for a queen which is a bit pricey.
If you’re on the heavier side you might find that it sinks too much for your personal taste.
They do not provide great support.
Weak edge support.
It is only avaialble online.
Edge support is poor.
More expensive than other mattresses of a similar design and quality.
It is a relatively young company.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The company positions their product as having four times less peak pressure than similar memory mattresses. Nolah’s CertiPUR-US® certification guarantees their product is free from formaldehyde and cancer-causing substances that competitors use in their foams. A wildlife animal is adopted with each purchase and returned mattresses are donated to local charities.
Nolah Mattress is a US based online mattress company. Their focus is on using the newest technology to create the best all foam mattress possible. Their Nolah Original mattress uses a proprietary Cooling Nolah Air Foam. It takes the benefits and appeal of memory foam, but with added cooling properties. As well as better pressure relief by 4 times.
Nolah mattresses are available in six sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California. Prices range from $549 to $1,069. All Nolah mattresses are manufactured in the United States.
The Nolah mattress is one of the most innovatively designed mattresses on the market today. Comprised of the unique and cutting edge Nolah Air Foam, this mattress not only provides great breathability, but it also provides exceptional support.
Nolah is a 10″ mattress consisting of a proprietary top foam layer that has fantastic pressure relief and cooling. Under the top layer there is a layer of Aveena foam that is similar to latex to give the mattress some bounce as well as body conformance. With a 120 day trial and 15 year warranty Nolah is worth a look.
Nolah is a very comfortable bed-in-a-box mattress made of different kinds of foam: proprietary and Avena Foam. It receives plenty of positive reviews due to its technology and unique design. It is a bit softer than average and offers great pressure relief, therefore a great option for side sleepers. Sold exclusively online, Nolah is good value for money and is definitely worth a try.
Overall, there’s a lot to like about the Nolah mattress. They offer a long trial period, a super long warranty and the mattress itself is very soft and comfortable. They provide free shipping, free returns, 120-night risk-free trial, 15-year warranty.
The Nolah is a comfortable, breathable mattress created by a company that is dedicated to helping the environment. It uses top-quality materials and has a very unique feel, making it a well-balanced bed for a very decent price. And thanks to their partnership with Defender’s of Wildlife, every mattress that they sell helps keep an endangered species alive.
Nolah Mattress is one of the best mattresses available on the market today. By purchasing your mattress with Nolah, you will get access to the factory-direct pricing which is less than 70% of what you buy at a retail store. It comes in an environment-friendly manner.
The Nolah mattress is truly unique and a next-generation foam mattress not being made from Memory Foam like almost all the other online mattresses. It has simple but effective design. They provide free Shipping And Return.
Nolah is a very comfortable mattress made with proprietary foam and Avena foam. It’s a bit softer than average, so I think its a great fit for side sleepers. Sold only online, its a strong value and has a unique donation proposition that will resonate with a lot of mattress shoppers.
The Nolah Mattress is truly an evolution in foam mattresses. The layer of Nolah Air Foam does its job in keeping you cool at night and the second layer of Avena foam gives you great bounce without the use of latex. It’s a great mattress for people that just don’t like the sinking feel that dense memory foam gives you. It’s easy to change positions at night.
A medium-firm mattress that uses a unique air-filled foam that eliminates most of the downsides of latex & memory foam. More durable and better at pressure-relief than leading memory foam & latex foam mattresses in the same price range.
On a mission to create “tomorrow’s mattress,” the founders of Nolah decided to ditch the standbys of yore and develop a new substance that would best them both.The Nolah AirFoam™, a material that mimics the body contouring principles of memory foam, but promises to do so without overheating.
Nolah only has one mattress, as instead of creating more, they’ve decided to perfect the one they have. As you might expect, it is available in all the main sizes. The benefit to only having one mattress is that you know they are putting all their time and effort into making the best possible mattress. It doesn’t matter what size you’re getting.

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