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✅ Pros

It has plenty of pockets.
Review Pros
At 20L, this is a sleek bag that fits in anywhere in the urban setting and city exploration as much as hiking.
It has streamlined and low-profile look.
The Nomatic Travel Pack has a water repellent exterior and zippers that hold it end very well in a slight rainfall.
This bag is sleek and sexy.
I can already tell it’s build to last.
Material is solid and durable.
Magnetic water bottle pockets are a clever addition.
It has numerous pockets for easy and fast storage.
It has high quality construction.
The Nomatic Travel Bag is perfect for you if you are a digital nomad that doesn’t carry too much gear.
Laptop sleeve fits a 15″ laptop.
The laundry bag comes in handy for longer trips.
It’s really easy to customise it and make it your own.
It is carry-on approved and makes for a great everyday backpack.
The backpack has a radio frequency identification (RFID) pocket with a TSA-approved lock for security reasons.
It is expandable by up to 37L.
With over 20 pockets, there is enough space for all your stuff and lots of organization going on throughout the pack.
Multiple pockets and organizational compartments are available.
Water bottle compartment is waterproof.
Expandability adds quite a bit of versatility.
It has sleek and stylish design.
It’s 20 liters and expands to 30 if you really need that extra pair of shoes.
This backpack comes with a hardshell protective case for your sunglasses.
I also like the fact that, with the minimal design, it won’t be out of place traveling with a more low key down jacket kind of style, or a more dressed up business kind of style.
Thanks to comfy straps, removable waist straps and a padded back panel, this is one comfortable bag you can rely on.
The laptop sleeve provides room for a 16” MBP.
This is a nicely designed pack, and makes for a great business backpack.
I like the design and materials.
The Nomatic looks sleek and professional, making it a great work backpack.
Interlocking zipper pulls are a neat feature for theft deterrence.
It comes with comfortable shoulder straps with a sternum strap.
It’s going to be great for those 1-2 night business trips, or a 1-3 night weekender bag.
Customization makes the bag very functional.
It is great for organizing electronics.
The top and side grab handles are conveniently placed and flawless.
With the ability to expand from 20-30L, you have the choice of a sleek and compact bag for urgent meetings and a loaded-out bag for travel.
The quality of this bag is really fantastic, too.
It is comfortable for day-to-day use with everyday carry essentials.
The Nomatic travel backpack has expandable capacity, which is absolutely amazing.
The cord pass-through is a fantastic idea.
The Nomatic Travel Bag is perfect for you if you are after a cabin-approved carry-on bag.
It’s also good value for the money.
It offers easy access to different compartments of the bag.
The Nomatic backpack features a luggage strap in the back.
The special thing about the pockets on the Nomatic is that they are magnetic.
It has roomy front pouch for a laptop and other business materials.
It is water-resistant.
The Nomatic Travel Bag is perfect for you if you are looking to pack light, or are only traveling for a week (or so) at a time
It has RFID-safe pocket.
It has 3-stage aluminum handle.
It comes with lifetime warranty.
The bag combines the best characteristics of a duffel, suitcase and a backpack, plus includes a sleek minimalistic design and a weather-proof material.
It’s compact, you can use it as a daypack and hop around cafes with your laptop, and because of the simple design, you won’t look like a weird backpacker lost in a big city.
The Nomatic travel bag certainly looks sleek, minimalist and dare I say it, kinda sexy!
Nomatic offers great warranty.
It has expandable space.
It is made of durable water-resistant materials.
It is waterproof.
When it comes to pockets, there are over 20 pockets packed into the Nomatic Travel Pack.

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❌ Cons

It has uncomfortable harness system, especially if the bag is fully loaded.
At only 20 (and at a stretch, 30) liters, you won’t be stuffing a lot into the Nomatic Travel Pack.
I would also work on the straps a bit.
I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is looking primarily for a carry on backpack.
It has hefty price tag.
Unzipping the back compartment to access all components takes some getting used to.
This pack is an investment. It’s not for you if you’re on a tight budget.
There is no side opening for easy access to the backpack’s contents.
I’d like to minimize some of the organizational redundancies.
The Travel Pack can be bulky at times but if you are looking for a larger day bag, it’s a great option.
The Nomatic Travel Pack is a short-term trip / long weekend kinda bag.
I’d try and add a little bit of volume to the front pocket.
It is unjustifiably expensive for an everyday backpack.
It is not suitable for long walks or treks.
It is not ideal for one-bag travel.
It is not for you if you want something more active.
The adjustable sternum straps provide an odd fit for women.
It also lacks some features that are staple in our favorite backpacks – hipbelt, compression straps, breathable mesh, and TSA friendly laptop sleeve.
I’d look for more balance in the back support, too.
The material will pick up marks more frequently than polyester bags.
I’d like to make the internal zipper pulls and the water bottle fastener a high contrast color.
It has an expensive price tag.
The Nomatic is not a cheap backpack.
The Nomatic Travel Pack is not cheap.
The Nomatic Bag is not for you if you are planning on doing an epic trip.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, the Nomatic Navigator Carry On 37L is a solid travel bag for business travelers, frequent adventurers, and those looking for a long-term investment piece. The materials are high-quality, and the organization is top-notch. However, this may not be the best choice for travelers on a budget.
The NOMATIC Backpack is a perfect everyday backpack. It’s marketed as a commuter bag. However, it’s still a decent size if you want to go somewhere overnight. But that does mean it’s limited as an everyday backpack. It doesn’t have the specialized features that the NOMATIC Travel Pack and Bag have.
All said and done, the Nomatic Travel Pack is a decent bag. This is a highly functional backpack that is more than just a place to put stuff with handles. Full to the brim with a ton of features, offering everything from stowable straps and expandability to a laptop pocket and a little key leash, it’s a big hitter alright.
With an expensive price tag, the Nomatic Travel Pack delivers a performance worth it’s price. If you can get past the single colour, a slightly less padded shoulder strap, you’ll find a durable build with multiple pockets as well as a Laptop bag sleeve. You get a detachable sternum strap and even a included sunglasses case, and so offering both functionality and durability with a stylish design, the Nomatic Travel Pack is a backpack definitely worth your money.
This bag is still one of the top candidates in the space for a lot of reasons. Minimalist looks and flexibility being the biggest. Coupled with top notch materials and some clever designs, I think it’s still worth putting on your list to check out.
If you’re a digital nomad or tend to embark on short trips, you’ll be love this bag. At 30L, this carry-on sized travel pack has plenty of clever compartments and pockets to make fitting everything in a pain-free process while ensuring the safety of your essential items.
The Nomatic Everyday backpack is an innovative backpack with many customization options. There is room for improvement in the comfort department to serve every body type and double as an everyday bag.
The Nomatic Backpacks are so functional-we honestly don’t know what to do without them! Initially, having that many compartments can be overwhelming but you soon find a sytem that works for you. We have the Nomatic Backpack and a Nomatic Travel Pack which we use daily. The funtionality and versatiliy of this bag makes it one of the best travel backpacks out there. The materials are durable and the warranty of the bags make it a no-brainer purchase!
Well if you’re looking for something. cheap and simple then not at all, keep looking. If, however, you’re looking to investing an epic carry on bag, that packs in heaps of features, solid build quality and plenty of organisational options into a elegant and sleek design then yes – you’ll be totally stoked with any of their backpack range!
Overall this bag is great for anyone who likes its design, efficiency, and organization. It’s easily one of the best minimalist bags on the market. A lot of Nomatic reviews out there say the same thing.
The Nomatic Navigator Backpack 15L is an overall solid laptop bag for everyday carry and urban-focused travel. It’s feature-rich and has enough pockets to give every dongle in your arsenal a loving home. For us, the overabundance of features and pockets, make the bag a bit quirky to use – but nothing that causes alarm or annoyance.
Designed for trips lasting up to a week, NOMATIC travel backpack has got you completely covered. You can rest assured that your new travel backpack will fit in the overhead bin on the airplane as it is constructed with most airlines’ carry-on luggage regulations in mind.
We like the idea of expandability, but it has to be functional too. This expandable feature on the NOMATIC Travel Pack is an appreciated design feature, but when you go from the 20- to 30-liter mode, it gets chunky and unwieldy. For everyday carry in the 20-liter mode, everything feels pretty slick. When expanded to 30 liters and full of heavy gear, the harness system gets more uncomfortable and the bag gets bulky and harder to manage.
Whether or not this backpack is worth it depends on what you’re looking for. If you need an excellent everyday backpack that you can use for your laptop, chargers, files, etc., then the Nomatic is a really great choice. Especially if you want something that can fit into formal offices – this backpack would fit it pretty much anywhere.
All in all, we’ve used the classic Nomatic backpack for a few months when we wrote this review. It’s rapidly becoming my top choice for my everyday carry when I’m out and about. I’ll grab it, throw it in my laptop and go work in a cafe for the day. I’ve used it as my personal item when I’m traveling, or as a small electronics bag on a road trip.

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