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✅ Pros

The IQbuds Boost take about 90 minutes to charge.
Review Pros
Simple and intuitive app interface makes setup, customization and the Ear ID assessment a breeze.
Nuheara’s app is one of the better ones I’ve used.
It is quite comfortable.
Their ability to boost ambient sound is an attractive feature for the hearing impaired.
It has good battery life.
Pairing the IQBuds is simple.
The IQbuds’ app is relatively straightforward.
EarID appears to be accurate.
It has a well-designed app.
There are tons of customization options in the app.
You can tune in or out the world around you.
It is good for especially speech.
It has solid connection.
It has long battery life.
Nuheara claims the IQbuds’ software and firmware will be updated over time, helping them keep up with future generations.
Hearing test (called “Ear ID”) built into the app helps personalize the IQbuds.
It has interesting noise-canceling and hearing-enhancing modes.
The IQBuds app lets you control just how much noise is canceled out or enhanced for each mode.
High-quality, durable materials are used.
It has decent battery life.
It offers excellent speech optimization.
It has interesting noise-canceling and hearing-enhancing modes.
It will actually give you super hearing.
It enhances sound for better hearing of ambient sound.
It has clear and sharp sound across the frequency spectrum.
Sound quality is better than stock phone earbuds.
The BOOST still give you the ability to adjust Real World sound vs. Streaming sound.
It gives you better hearing.
Music sounds great.
The IQbuds lasted for 3.5 hours playing continuous music.
It has good sound quality.
Ear ID hearing test is very thorough.
Evaluating the NAL-NL2 prescription in the BOOST is relatively easy considering it can be verified by the same method of verifying the prescription in a hearing aid.
It has a great design.
The earbuds and the charging case appear to be sturdy — both survived waist-high drops in various settings.
It has excellent audio filtering.
The one touch ambient on/off (called “World On/Off”) is fantastic for changing environments.
You can custom-mix ambient sound with Bluetooth-streamed sound.
It has long battery life.
You can focus the microphone sensitivity forward to pick up more of the sound that you want to hear, and less background noise.
It offers audio augmentation for thousands less than the price of many hearing aids.
Hearing test independently adjusts the EQ for your left and right ears.
It has responsive touch controls.
It has impressive music streaming.
The earbuds and accessories look great.
It has good pairing and NFMI connection.
It comes with unique features.
It is IPX7 certified.
It offers qquick and simple charging.
It has presets for different environments like ‘Plane’, ‘Workout’, ‘Office’.
It has good noise blocking for earbuds.
Excellent audio filtering is offered.
It offers great sound.
It has pleasant, but mediocre sound quality.
It is sweatproof/water resistant.
High-quality tips provide a firm fit and seal.
These are easy to use completely wireless earbuds.
It has long battery life.
Ambient noise balance with audio playback is great.
It has a good range of filters and audio profiles.
It is cheaper than hearing aids.
Nuheara’s app gives you access to sound customization, tap controls, and the EarID hearing test.
You can check the charging status without opening the case by pushing a small button in front.
The IQBuds handle bass fairly well.
The app also lets you choose hearing profiles for different scenarios.

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❌ Cons

It is not the best for long runs.
It needs more music playback controls.
The ear tips are relatively comfortable, but not necessarily something you could wear all day.
Noise cancellation isn’t up to par with competitors.
It is uncomfortable to wear for long periods.
It is more expensive than other truly wireless earbuds.
There are occasional connectivity issues.
Amplification is less than more traditional sound amplifiers.
Amplified background noise can be a little muddled.
Nuheara doesn’t provide an AC adapter for its charging case.
It has short connection range.
Connectivity could be better.
It is too expensive if all you seek is situational awareness while wearing earbuds.
It is difficult to allign charging pins in case.
If you need more than 3.5 hours of music playback or 5.25 hours of speech enhancement, either lower your expectations or give these a pass.
It is expensive.
Comfort wanes at around three hours of use.
It can’t compensate for major hearing loss.
The sound quality is not as impressive as high-end earbuds.
It is a little expensive but worth it for the life-changing tech.
It has lousy power management.
White noise accentuated when speech input is reduced.
Noise cancellation isn’t up to par with competitors.
They are not medical hearing aids and will not restore hearing.
It is hard to get used to if you don’t feel comfortable talking to others while wearing earbuds.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
These earbuds sound great, and their ability to custom mix ambient sound with the Bluetooth stream from your smartphone are fantastic for maintaining situational awareness during private music-listening sessions.
Overall, the BOOST are a high-quality pair of wireless earbuds that can augment your listening experience. If you aren’t ready to treat your mild hearing loss, or you just looking for a little boost, the IQbuds BOOST might be exactly what you are looking for.
The IQbuds Boost have a noble aim but just aren’t a sensible purchase.
All in all the IQbuds BOOST are excellent all round hearing buds, with a multitude of functions that will have you feeling like a superhero with amplified hearing, but with the option to turn the World noise off, for that much needed peace and quiet when you crave it.
A great product to balance ambient noise and audio/video playback in a truly wireless package.
At the end of the day we believe the IQbuds are some of the better options for alternatives to hearing aids, and have the following use cases: people who need help hearing better in specific situations, such as a noisy restaurant, people who have a mild hearing loss and are not quit ready for traditional hearing aids, and the people who have normal hearing and want a pair of high-quality wireless earbuds for streaming music and phone calls.
Nuheara promises noise cancellation and hearing enhancement with its wire-free IQBuds earphones, but their performance doesn’t merit the high price.
Buy them if you need help hearing what other people say but don’t think (or want to think) you need a real hearing aid. The IQbuds’ music playback is very good, and they are great for hands-free phone calls, but they shine brightest in settings where ambient noise makes it tough to hear others. Don’t buy the IQbuds if you are deaf or have severe hearing loss; they are not medical hearing aids and will not restore hearing. They do not reduce or cancel tinnitus. If you need more than 3.5 hours of music playback or 5.25 hours of speech enhancement, either lower your expectations or give these a pass.
The IQbuds Boost are an impressive pair of wireless earbuds, and the improvement to hearing is real, though they’re not as comfortable as they could be.
The Nuheara IQbuds are excellent wireless earbuds that come with a slight learning curve.
If you suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss but you’re not ready to make the mental or financial leap to a hearing aid, IQbuds BOOST may just be the quality-of-life-transforming technology you’ve been searching for.
It is good for anyone who wants almost dangerously effective super hearing, anyone with very mild hearing loss.
The IQbuds are empowering in a way no other product in my home can match. And because of that, despite that I have other wireless earbuds with cases that don’t frustrate me and offer a better single bud experience, I find myself reaching for the Nuheara product first. And I don’t want to stop using them. Having heard the world better than I can remember, I think they are worth the price of entry.
Nuheara IQBuds deliver on what they promise. The ability to take better control of the sound around you without compromising on the audio quality we’d expect from a $300 hearable. It doesn’t escape from some of the issues we’ve confronted with other smart earbuds though, namely the not so fantastic battery life and the odd Bluetooth choppiness.

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