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✅ Pros

Nutrient Survival’s food and drink products are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fiber.
Review Pros
There are options for single people or large families.
Each package of foods from Nutrient Survival has everything listed on them, so you know what you’re consuming.
There is 15 to 25-year shelf life on most products.
It is very easy to prepare meals.
It offers a money-back guarantee.
Most of the Nutrient Survival Foods are ready in 5-7 minutes.
These foods are high in folic acid, something that is very important for women in their childbearing years.
The coffee is a bit better than some instant coffee we have consumed on camping trips.
They also sell convenient 72 hour and 90 day kits.
Meal kits, #10 cans, & individual meal pouches are available.
It contains plenty of protein and nutrients like omega fatty acids.
All consumers need to do is add water.
No cooking equipment is required.
We eat these on busy weekdays and they’re incredibly popular with the whole family.
All food is proudly sourced & manufactured in the USA.
It also adheres to health and wellness standards, such as avoiding GMO ingredients, excessive sugar, and artificial sweeteners and dyes.
It has a delicious selection of breakfasts, entrees, snacks, & drinks.
All the foods that are used in Nutrient Survival products are sourced right here in the good ol’ USA and made in Reno, Nevada – not foods from other countries.
It contains essential nutrients.
The company guarantees top-notch quality control, exceeding FDA standards.
Some of their foods don’t even require anything other than to open the packages and eat.
Foods are fortified to provide complete nutrition.
They also do a good job of offering items that even people with food sensitivities can eat.
It was nice that the instructions were accurate.
It uses freeze-drying instead of preservatives for 25-year shelf life.
It provides high-quality & nutrient-dense survival food.
It is quick and easy to prepare.
They have more than a dozen different options.
It has a wide selection of flavors.
Nutrient Survival foods do not use artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors added to them.
They offer meals in single-serving pouches which is great for bug out bags.
They have meals in multi-serving pouches and #10 cans.

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❌ Cons

At $55 for 10 servings, that means dinner costs $11 per person. That’s not affordable for long-term survival food.
Since they’re still a new company they don’t have as many types of meals as others on the market.
Cans are bulky.
It is mostly just carbs; no real meat and very few vegetables.
Only a few bulk freeze-dried foods are available.
Kits lack variety.
A small selection of entrees is available.
They’re not “bargain-basement cheap.”
There are not many meal options.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
It’s nice to see new survival food brands on the market, especially ones focusing on nutrients and lowering sodium levels. However, the price for essentially carbs with a supplement blend is high. However, it could be worth buying some single-serving meals for your bug-out bag. The convenient size and 15-year shelf life on these go some way to justify the high price.
Nutrient Survival offers shelf-stable food that is not only packed with essential nutrients but also tastes great. No more questionable mystery meat, clumpy milk, or bland, grey meals. The team at Nutrient Survival has spent years perfecting their recipes and have created delicious options that are packed with all 40 essential nutrients needed to help boost your immunity, build muscle, and most of all, sustain your energy levels.
The oatmeal raisin cookies were great – and your body will readily recognize that you have some serious food in your stomach…these cookies, while not big or many – just two in a package, were filling – very filling.
No matter what life throws your way, it is good to be prepared. Nutrient Survival can help those looking to nourish and protect their family’s health and safety, for years to come. So don’t wait until the next emergency and prepare today with Nutrient Survival.
The Nutrient Survival 30 Day Kit does a great job of convincing the consumer that it’s a product worth acquiring. From the delicious flavors, to the nutritional value, to the quickness in preparation, it unquestionably hits the mark.
The quality and taste are top of the line. More survival food companies should strive to produce nutritionally complete meals and meal replacement options like Nutrient Survival. If you can afford it, you may want to have a few cans of this for times when the convenience of a good meal in minutes will make a big difference. However, I recommend adding some spices and hot sauce.
Nutrient Survival sells prepared, ready-to-eat freeze-dried meals that are easily prepared without cooking. Just add hot water (or cold water in a pinch) and you’ll have a meal in your bowl ready to eat in minutes.

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