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✅ Pros

The design of the of Nuvanna with the Tencel cover and phase change gel in the top layer paired with the fact you don’t sink in super far makes for a cool sleeping mattress.
Review Pros
It offers proper spinal alignment.
It is made of good quality materials.
It has simple but unique and effective design.
The Nuvanna mattress is designed to offer a balance in its feel.
It has a phase-change gel that distributes the heat and keeps your body at the right cool sleeping temperature.
Nuvanna covers all shipping and handling costs for mattress repairs and replacements.
The materials used to make it are derived from the finest.
Free shipping is offered in contiguous U.S.
Nuvanna suits sleepers who don’t have a definite sleep position and sleep on the side, back, and stomach throughout the night.
It comes with 100 night risk-free trial.
It is lightweight and easy to move.
You can expect delivery in 2-5 business days.
The cooling systems in this mattress are seriously impressive.
It comes with free shippingand returns.
Nuvanna will donate any returned mattresses to charity to help the needy.
Nuvanna is created to lower the stress and redistribute the pressure evenly throughout the body.
It has the Tencel Cover with moisture-wicking fibers which are highly breathable, soft and cool.
By eliminating the distribution chain, Nuvanna manages to stay as close as possible to the production cost.
It’s delivered to your doorstep in a 3 feet high box that can be easily moved within the house.
Nuvanna falls into the very affordable mattress category.
It is not pricey.
Free delivery is offered.
They work hard to present a strong customer orientation.
The support core is constructed from 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam.
This bed sleeps incredibly cool for an all foam mattress.
It’s a great value product that should more than meet your expectations.
It is made of innovative and unique technology.
Nuvanna provides minimal motion transfer.
Athletic Recovery is a feature that Nuvanna presents which is very useful for active individuals as the mattress promotes rejuvenation and revitalization of the body.
Nuvanna is true to their word on the 100% money-back guarantee regarding their sleep trial.
Sleeping on your side, back or stomach Nuvanna will conform to your body very well.
Regardless of whether you buy the Nuvanna mattress, foundation or both you will get free shipping.
After unpacking the Nuvanna mattress, they only take moments to fully expand.
It is made in the USA.
The Nuvanna mattress cover is soft, eco-friendly, and bacteria-resistant.
The Equilibrium layer absorbs movement while still providing support.
It is a good value for your money.
Nuvanna mattresses are made in the U.S.A.
It comes with 100-night sleep trial with no break-in period.
Nuvanna uses a very responsive top layer of foam and the memory foam under that provides pressure relief and conformance.
This is a supremely comfortable mattress.
The top two layers of the Nuvanna work perfectly with one another to create a super supportive mattress.
The second layer of this mattress has a density of 4 PCF.
Stomach sleepers will love it.
Nuvanna mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.
100 night trial is offered.
It is very affordable at $890.
They also come with a 100 night sleep trial to make sure both are exactly what you expect.
It’s tailored to fit all of the bed frames and platforms.
There is lots of experience behind this mattress.
This mattress helps to relieve back pain for most sleeping positions.
Nuvanna has a community of people and blogs posts that connect you to sleep experts, nutritionists and more.
The firmness and support are good for all sleepers.
The Nuvanna mattress is designed to keep you cool while you sleep at night.
Nuvanna gives all of their customers 100 days to make sure that they love their Nu sleeping experience.

❌ Cons

Nuvanna is not going to be super thick and tall.
The Nuvanna mattress doesn’t come in different firmness levels.
If you love the bounciness of hybrid or spring, you might find the all-foam surface a bit less bouncy to your liking.
Since it is a new company, long-term information about how well the company has provided support to customers is not available.
The Nuvanna mattress comes only with one firmness level.
There are some sinkage complaints.
The product hasn’t been present on the market long enough.
The Nuvanna 100 day trial period is shorter than some other mattress companies.
The Nuvanna is offered in only one firmness choice.
It has only one firmness level available.
The medium-firm surface might be a bit hard for sleepers who want an extra soft sleeping surface.
The company does not have a rating from the Better Business Bureau.
The Nuvanna is a 3-layer product, which is quite honestly a little on the low side.
It has only one firmness option.
It only has one firmness level.
Nuvanna mattresses only offer one level of firmness, though the company says mattresses respond to every body size and type.
Nuvanna mattresses do require a box spring or “foundation” and the company recommends their own for the best fit.
Nuvanna mattresses are only available online at this point in time.
Sitting on the edge the mattress sinks down about average for a foam bed.
The limited warranty does not cover any minor imperfections.
Nuvanna might be on the higher end of the price spectrum, due to its special design and the production technology used.
The mattress cover cannot be removed.
Customers with an eye towards intimacy may find a latex, innerspring, or hybrid model more accommodating.
Nuvanna is not the typical thick mattress that you can find in almost every store.
This model is not available in brick-and-mortar stores.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
This is a super cool mattress that will provide even the warmest sleepers with a cool sleeping surface throughout the night. This is all thanks to the reasonably thick layer of cooling gel foam on the top of the mattress. It’s a great value product that should more than meet your expectations.
It is lightweight and easy to move. Free shipping is offered in contiguous U.S. Nuvanna covers all shipping and handling costs for mattress repairs and replacements.They have spent limited time in business.
Nuvanna is a US made bed-in-a-box that offers a medium-firm sleeping surface. It suits a wide range of sleeping requirements and is recommended for combo sleepers who sleep in various positions throughout the night.
The design of the mattress is expertly put together and all the layers work in conjunction with each other to provide excellent comfort and support. The mattress performs very well in all the areas of importance such as cooling, support, comfort, motion isolation and more.
The Nuvanna mattress is created with recovery and rejuvenation in mind. This three layer all foam mattress has three key focuses to ensure the best night sleep. First, a top layer for cooler sleep. Second, a middle layer that easily isolates motion. And lastly a base foam that provides ideal support regardless of size, shape or sleeping preference.
The Nuvanna mattress contains three layers. Every Nuvanna mattress is topped with state-of-the-art gel particles that disperse heat to keep you cool. The material covering the mattress absorbs moisture and pull it away from the body for added comfort during those warm nights.
Nuvanna is a very streamlined, no frill mattress, but it the value they offer by providing great comfort while being incredibly environmentally friendly and using safe, non-toxic materials so that you can rest assured that you and your family are not breathing in any hazardous vapors or absorbing chemicals through your skin is a beautiful thing.
The Nuvanna Mattress is a one type fits all bed. The creator Alvaro Vaselli has over 20 years of mattress knowledge that he has stuffed into this one bed. It is made of good quality materials but It only has one firmness level.
The Nuvanna mattress is created to ease the stress from the hectic world we live in. Its comfortable design provides support for all body types, and it fits different types of beds. It also incorporates awesome features like the cooling one that will keep your body at the perfect sleeping temperature.
Proudly made in the United States, this luxury mattress will suit your needs instantly, restoring quality sleep and leaving you with a new sense of freshness each and every morning.
The Nuvanna mattress is designed to offer a balance in its feel. This balance hopes to offer contouring support without excessive sinking into the mattress. They work hard to present a strong customer orientation. Since it is a new company, long-term information about how well the company has provided support to customers is not available.
The Nuvanna is about a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. With the top layers fast response it is easy to adjust sleeping positions. The materials used in the mattress are of a good quality, once you’re laying down for a bit the memory foam layer reacts a bit more and it feels softer then you might think right at your first lay on the mattress. The top layer conforms immediately.

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