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✅ Pros

It feels very comfortable.
Review Pros
Quality buttons, triggers, and sticks are highly responsive.
It’s great to see more devices utilize USB-C instead of the ancient Micro USB connections.
It looks superb when lit up.
The joypads have a variety of functions to play with when they rumble.
It has the octagonal joystick bumper ring like the GameCube but comes with some round plates you can swap on if you want it seamless.
The connecting procedure was fairly straightforward.
The Nyxi Wizard’s greatest asset lies in its use as a Joy-Con alternative.
Comfortable design merges the best features of the Pro Controller and Joy-Con.
LED colors around the analog sticks can be changed to a number of colors by pressing the T button on the back and clicking on the stick (L3, R3).
It gives nostalgic but modern GameCube feel.
It offers on-the-fly customisation.
It has attractive aesthetic and neat customisable RGB analogue sticks.
The box says “START WITH GAMERS. STAY WITH GAMERS” on the side, which I am always saying to whoever.
When making the purchase, you can add a set of Mario-themed joystick caps and a screen protector to your order as well.
The A/B/X/Y buttons are also backlit, which is a great addition, especially if you like gaming where it’s darker than normal.
After the first connection, the joypads may use the home and screenshot buttons on the joypads to turn on the Switch wirelessly, which is a very useful function.
This controller is perfect for those who play Super Smash Brothers or any other Gamecube game on the Switch.
It has clear shell with lights.
Stick accuracy is good.
It’s a GameCube controller in every way that matters.
It works beautifully out the box.
Buttons can be set to turbo by pressing the T button on the back and pressing the button you wanna turn into turbo.
Six-axis gyros, an eight-color LED with three color options, and a turbo function are all included.
It is cost prohibitive over another pair of Joy-Con.
Buttons are quiet not clicky.
Eight different colors bring variety to the customization in which you can mix and match colors on each controller or set it to the rainbow or breathe modes.
The sticks are responsive, and all of the buttons and triggers feel great too.
LED light settings and vibration are easily adjustable.
It feels more like a traditional controller, which is something you may be more comfortable with.
At the bottom you will find a USB-C port that allows you to charge your controllers individually.
There are also two programmable buttons located in the grips that you can assign functions to, and there’s even an adjustable Turbo button.
The material is of very high quality.
It is easy to connect and use.
This product makes a great first impression and sticks to all it boasts for the most part.
It is upgradeable via firmware updates.
It is larger and has more ergonomic feel for adults.
The Nyxi Wizard also has programmable buttons in the grips.
Unlike the traditional A/B/X/Y layout, the Wizard sports a now massive A button with the B/Y/X buttons spaced around it, just like the Gamecube controller.
There is no drift to be detected.
Extra buttons can be re-mapped.
The instant triggers on the shoulder buttons makes it very easy to miss press should you be squeezing your fingers slightly for grip.
It is great for handheld mode.
It can be attached to Switch, used on its own, or individually Joy-Con style.
It is lightweight & comfy in hand.
It has many features.
For its price, it’s pretty good.
Every other button on the controller sits incredibly close to the contact, making everything super fast to press.
Turbo and mapped back buttons can give a major performance boost in games.
Installing the controller to your Switch is easy, and so is the setup process.
There is no stick drift.
It has D-Pad rather than D-Buttons.
It feels like you remember a GameCube controller feeling.
It is two-in-one: Joysticks and D-pad.
The joypads’ battery life is estimated to be eight hours of play and twenty hours of standby, with a charge period of two to three hours.
The button design, the button locations, and the grips makes it feel incredibly nostalgic.
It is a perfect choice for gamers with larger hands.
Although the Wizard controllers can be charged on the Switch itself just like normal Joy-Cons can, Nyxi added USB-C ports to the bottom of both, so you can charge them individually if need be.
Comfort is the first thing that caught my eye about NYXI’s wireless Joy-pads and is where the product truly shines.
It comes with controller, interchangeable rocker rings, bridge, and one charging cable.
It is more comfortable and precise than standard Switch joycons.
The joysticks are Hall-effect sticks, which are allegedly drift-proof.

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❌ Cons

The “big, small, and two beans” button layout will probably trip me up when I eventually play Breath of the Wild or something and I have to follow visual cues that use the regular four-buttons layout.
Particularly small hands? These controllers may be unwieldy.
I wish they had more clear colored version of these because I need them all.
The Nyxi Wizard can have some irritating Bluetooth connection issues.
Lack of Amiibo support may be off-putting for some players.
It has short travel triggers and bumpers.
Even after using it non-stop for a week, this thing is still stiff to the point where I have to use some muscle to push it down.
I need a bigger carrying case for these beefy controllers.
Feedback triggers and face buttons are not uniform.
There is light leak around triggers and sockets.
It is not the most portable controllers and will not fit in existing Switch cases.
Rumble is horrible.
The sticks are slightly too high in handheld mode.
Battery is not great.
Only one USB-C Cable/No charging grip.
The design could’ve used one more pass.
There are directional arrows on the D-Pad, but if you run your fingers over them, there’s no indentation whatsoever.
Separate charging ports means charging them simultaneously while not attached to the console requires two USB-C charging cables.
The rumble isn’t as meaty as the original GC controller rumble.
It also feels cheap.
No IR or Amiibo features.
This is a controller dedicated to one player only.
It does not fit in most Nintendo Switch travel cases.
It might be heavier to hold for some.
You have to charge them individually.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
With excellent functionality and sleek RGB infused style, the NYXI Joy-Pad is a superb low-cost alternative to either the Spilt Pad Pro, or a third party wireless controller that won’t break the bank and performs admirably!
NYXI Gaming is the greatest brand for a third-party Nintendo Switch controller. NYXI Gaming controller is not only an alternative to the official product, but it also has extra functionality. NYXI Gaming controller will also have a nicer design compared to the official one.
Comfort is the main selling point to these types of controllers, so yeah, when you’re playing for long periods of time, it’s way better to use a Joy-Con replacement like the NYXI Joy-Pads. It feels more like a traditional controller, which is something you may be more comfortable with.
After several days of regular use, there’s no denying the NYXI Wizard is one of the best Nintendo Switch controller options available and among the best in the GameCube style. Getting used to the controller took very little time, and it’s quickly become a favorite to use across several different games.
NYXI’s Wireless LED Joy-pad is a level-up for my handheld gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch. The quality of the product is a cut above what other third parties have to offer, and its features work just as advertised.
If you’re a fan of the GameCube’s controller and you’ve been waiting for a Joy-Con that recaptures that nostalgia, this is probably the closest you’ll ever get without creating one yourself. It’s not a perfect 1:1 re-creation by any means, but it comes with some key features that make it not just one of the best Joy-Con alternatives but also the best wireless GameCube-style controller for the console — something I don’t say lightly.
If you’ve been looking for a quality Gamecube-style controller for the Switch, you won’t do any better than what NYXI’s Wizard affords you. It’s not perfect, mind you, but it’s a fantastic recreation of a controller that served us faithful so many moons ago and even to this day if you are a Super Smash Bros player.
The NYXI Wizard is for those of you that want a nostalgic way to play your Nintendo Switch exclusively in portable mode, even if it makes it… not portable. It’s not the best Nintendo Switch controller on the block, but its a good start for NYXI and i hope they iterate over the coming months/years.
At $79.99, the same price as a Nintendo OEM Joy-Con set, the NYXI Wizard is a tremendous value. This is far and away the best controller you can buy for the Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for a classic GameCube feel for Metroid Prime Remaster, or just want to get ready for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, this is not just a good option, it is the option.
Overall, there are many features: interchangeable joy-stick rings, rumble, gyro, nice joysticks that do not drift yet, an equally good D-pad and all that is molded into the classic GameCube controller. The bumpers and triggers have nice feedback, although the travel is a bit short and sensitive to accidental inputs, where the face buttons feel a bit mushy; we would have preferred to see this a little more uniform with each other.
Love the comfort of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller but would like the practicality of the Joycon? Well, the Nyxi Joy-Pad brings the best of both worlds, thanks to its comfortable design and features akin to those found in first party controllers.
Overall I’d say this controller is a 8/10 mainly because of the vibrations/rumble being so loud.
Overall I am saying this is a Good Controller if you are my level of gamer, which is to say you basically only play Mariokart and whatever they put on SNES Online.

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