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✅ Pros

Screen does excellent in sunlight.
Review Pros
All Oaxis products come with a one year international warranty covering quality and material defects.
The InkCase i7 Plus features a 5.2 inch E Ink Carta display with a resolution of 960×540 with 217 PPI.
E Ink Display is swift and decent.
As part of the 21 day challenge, the app also made an interactive tracker that represents the users journey to a better health.
You get a waterproof e-reader with a decent-sized E Ink display and the ability to tweak the font size a bit.
It seems to accurately track steps, sleep and heart rate.
It has 30-day battery life.
It adds relatively small bulk to iPhone.
Unknown numbers cannot call or message your child as the device automatically blocks communication from these.
It gives stylish look and feel.
The FitCase is available for a variety of Android smartphones like Samsung, Nexus, HTC and my LG G3.
Companion App will continue to gain functions.
It is lightweight and comfortable.
Oaxis Timepiece is available in a choice of four distinct styles featuring different colours and strap combinations.
You can use second screen as a viewfinder to compose a selfie using the iPhone’s primary camera.
The Oaxis WatchPhone also features an SOS function which, when pressed, will immediately call the number programmed into it.
It has elegant traditional look with analog design.
It is reasonably priced.
The pairing process takes a few minutes.
The InkCase Plus snaps securely into the cover of the FitCase.
myFirst Fone S2 has a companion app and it works seamlessly with the SmartWatch.
The widget system is really cool because not only can you see the current date, various clocks, but there is also the option to import in your schedule.
The InkCase Plus can run for several days without needing a recharge.
The InkCaseNow app allows you to turn your InkCase Plus into an external always on clock with local weather info, your agenda for the day and a list of your favorite stocks.
It has good battery life.
The Oaxis WatchPhone features an SOS function which, when pressed, will immediately call the number programmed into it.
It displays PDFs for easy reading.
OLED display is clear, albeit small.
It saves iPhone battery.
The smartphone app that is available on both iOS and Android.
Information is encrypted via a 128-bit encryption algorithm, making the device and its GPS feature completely safe for use.
A rubberized bumper helps keep the smartphone safe from drops.
It has a 128-bit encryption algorithm built into it.
The watch also allows for Geo-fencing, letting parents set up safety zones on their child’s device for extra reassurance.
It has nice build quality.
The Timepiece is water, dust, dirt and sand proof so that is can cope with problems that might emerge from use in different type of environment.
The band itself is lightweight and is relatively thin compared to the other fitness trackers that we have seen.
It displays images sent from iPhone.
Oaxis also has a newsfeed system within their app, where you can send over all the daily articles they push out.
InkCase Sports app looks impressive on the smartphone.
It gives nice feel on the wrist.
There is a classroom mode which silences the WatchPhone at specified periods to minimize distractions.
You have the option of checking on notifications, create up to six daily reminders plus choose from four skins which use different coloured head bands.
The WatchPhone has an interactive touch screen which displays images.
The WatchPhone app will display a lovely and clear map image, so you can check that they are where they should be.
It is waterproof up to 30 meters.
It comes in two sizes to suit most wrists.
The big news from my perspective is the boost in the size of the E Ink second screen.
The Oaxis WatchPhone is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it easily accessible for all parents.
Robust design feels good in hand and provides good protection.
All location data are protected with a 128-bit encryption algorithm, so you can be sure the information is only accessible by you.
Oaxis rates the battery life of the Star.21 of up to 15 days on a full charge.
The InkCase i7 Plus connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and from there you use an app to configure it.
It has some nice launch colour options.
Kids can use it as a conventional watch, whilst parents can log into a smartphone app to track their actual location in real-time.
The WatchPhone is packed with safety features, including a one touch SOS function for use in emergencies.
It has 5-day battery life.
It offers notifications for calls, texts, email, calendar appointments, and social media.
The case is waterproof, dust proof and sand proof.
Oaxis has chosen a minimalist design for the Timepiece.
The app is available for both iOS and Android.
Partnering the Timepiece watch is a free-to-download app from the appropriate Apple or Android store.
As well as the tracking and call features, the WatchPhone also functions as a step counter, which is a nice addition.
E Ink screen is great for reading.
It has 30 days of battery life.
This battery is capable of powering the watch for over a month of uninterrupted service.
It protects iPhone, doesn’t just carry E Ink display.
The Star.21 band comes in 6 unique colors.
It comes with One-Touch SOS.
You can call the watch so your child can answer and speak to you.
It is powered by 3G network.
Various colour options are available.
It is also extremely lightweight, adding only 0.18″ / 4.5mm to the back of your iPhone 7 Plus.

❌ Cons

OLED is low res.
The Inkcase does not have a touchscreen and you have to interact with the onscreen UI with three softkey buttons.
It uses its own unique charging cable.
The Oasix WatchPhone requires a SIM card.
Crown function scrolling is problematic.
Functionality of smart notifications is lacking.
The app will need to be paired to the watch via a Bluetooth connection.
You have to click on each picture or e-book one by one, there is no bulk import feature and manually send it over.
Power button is tucked away and hard to press.
knob is the push type rather than one which is twisted.
The app isn’t as polished as it could be.
The case itself is fairly light, but it definitely adds bulk.
The Agenda list and stocks list work do work, but the weather, temperature and mail notifications don’t.
The instructions were not clear.
Proprietary charger needs work.
The battery life could be improved as it needs to be charged on a daily basis.
It is a Kickstarter project.
The power button is narrow, rubberized, and extremely stiff.
There is manual activation of the heart rate sensor.
Unlike your smartphone, the screen on the InkCase Plus does not have a backlight.
The initial user interface might require some time to get used to.
You’re still forced to use a proprietary magnetic cable to charge the battery.
Screen doesn’t fill entire circle cutout.
InkCase goes to sleep after a minute of inactivity.
Notification support is poor.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
I had hopes that the InkCase Plus would become a really useful accessory for my smartphone, but in the end it turned out to be a huge disappointment. This product has obviously been rushed to market and will make anyone who tries to use it feel like they are a beta tester.
The Oaxis WatchPhone is a smartwatch your child wears on their wrist which features GPS. Kids can use it as a conventional watch, whilst parents can log into a smartphone app to track their actual location in real-time. The WatchPhone app displays a lovely and clear map image, so you can check that they are where they should be and can set Geo-Fenced safety zones which highlight geo-locations on the map so when a child moves outside of this area, the nominated smartphone will be alerted.
If you’re a Kindle user and an iPhone user, this case could easily replace your e-reader. The lightweight InkCase is easier to carry around and is already connected to your iPhone.
Don’t let the Oaxis Timepiece’s cool minimalist design win you over, as the notification support is poor, and the fitness tracking too basic to justify the price.
The Oaxis Star.21 is a decent fitness tracker and has a lot to offer to the average consumer. This fitness band offers long battery life, a water-proof body and a very comfortable strap. The tracker also has a surprisingly good software that works on both Android and iOS. However, some users may find the lack of a conventional UI a nuance or even the absence of a heart rate monitor to be inconvenient. For a basic to mid level fitness tracker, the Star.21 would be a good choice despite very steep competition from the bigger names such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Garmin.
The Oaxis WatchPhone will give parents peace of mind, and also kids a bit more confidence. Knowing mum or dad are just the touch of a button away will help make even the most nervous children feel a bit mote supported.
The Timepiece from Oaxis meets a need for those of us who want smart notifications—plus fitness, sleep, and heart rate monitoring—while looking stylish and not worrying about battery life.
The Timepiece watch has a range of built-in features and technology. The watch is built around Swiss made Ronda movement and is powered by an ultra-low energy module which has been designed by Oaxis. This battery feature is capable of powering the watch for over a month of uninterrupted service.
If you read a lot of e-books on the go (and your library includes compatible files), it’s a nice alternative to carrying an e-reader as well. For everyone else, you’ll need to decide if the cool stuff like photo wallpapers, widgets, and selfie-assistant is worth the additional bulk and price tag.
If you’re looking for a hybrid smartwatch that has a bit more digital than straight up analog, the Oaxis Timepiece offers up a nice mix of the two at a decent price. While it’s a bit disappointing on the notifications side, the fitness tracking aspects are more than suitable.
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd, there are enough interesting features to be useful, but not essential. It is the best Oaxis E-Ink secondary screen that they have ever made, it is tremendously durable and waterproof. There is a steep learning curve for the buttons and UI, although I wish the E-Ink display had a touchscreen.
If you’re a fitness fan, this isn’t for you. If you want very accurate and constant heart rate monitoring, again, look elsewhere. IF you’re looking for a nice little watch, on a budget, with some notification aspects, and you don’t want to wade into the troubled waters of WearOS or Apple’s ecosystem, then it might be worth putting your money into the Oaxis Timepiece.
The case itself checks off my list for needs in a smartphone case – it’s protective, it’s sufficiently grippy, and it doesn’t make the phone too big to fit in my pocket. I’m fairly forgiving when it comes to big cases, but there is a limit – and this InkCase i7 model is well within my bounds for size. The protective elements are here, which means I can move on to the more unique features.
I am going to recommend you all to check this out right away. My son has been using it for quite a few months and I haven’t find any flaws in this gadget.
We’ve seen various kids’ smartwatches on the market in recent years, but this is one that certainly covers all the bases by meeting the needs of both parent and child. For a device that takes safety seriously in a way that is fun for kids, there are few that can match it.

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