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✅ Pros

Updates come out on a regular schedule and new additions are always right around the corner.
Review Pros
It is fully responsive.
It is built with SEO in mind.
It is great for developers.
Popular products such as page builders and WooCommerce integrate tightly and plenty of excellent functions available in the core bundle extensions.
Even if you are using the free version, the dedicated support team will provide a fast and easy solution.
There are a number of addon extensions that extend the functionality of the theme even further than the free version, offering greater flexibility in design and use.
It’s totally responsive and mobile friendly.
It is built-up with a responsive layout.
Even if you are using this theme for the first time, setup wizard instructions will guide you easily.
No matter which device and screen size will your visitor use, it is totally compatible with all the devices and size.
It supports all popular page-builders.
The layout of the theme is static, but it’s made to customize it.
It is fast and SEO friendly.
It is free to use.
The theme is fast and lightweight which makes the user experience more positive.
OceanWP integrates with WooCommerce and enhances its features to both its function and appearance.
OceanWP has a few free demos that you can import to your site and make changes to.
OceanWP is already lightweight and fast.
Free templates are also available.
It has multiple social icons and mobile menus.
It comes with advanced mega menu.
You can easily turn things off and on with a click of a button, even scripts for performance.
OceanWP is the fastest WordPress theme with less than 1 second load time.
It comes with email subscription form integrated.
The prices of OceanWP are on par with other themes on the market that offer extensions to their WordPress theme.
OceanWP is WooCommerce ready.
The theme is regularly updated and correctly maintained.
It comes with support for popular page builders.
Getting up and running is very simple.
It integrates with all page builders.
It is a theme that respects WordPress and SEO code standards.
It has multiple mobile menu styles.
This theme is highly responsive, so it will instantly adjust to the screen size.
Your website can adjust to all screen sizes, regardless of which device it is on.
It’s fully responsive and will look great on desktops, mobile devices, and tablet screens.
It has Menu-icon integration.
It is eCommerce ready.
OceanWP supports RTL languages and can be translated into your own language. It’s compatible with WPML.
It incorporates SEO practices and is developer-friendly.
Many different mobile menus are available.
OceanWP is a multipurpose page builder WordPress theme.
It’s compatible with all of the page builders out there.
From installation to your completed website, each and every small step is described in easy-to-understand language.
The tutorials on the site are pretty indepth and help you dig into the theme.
It comes with social media buttons.
No matter which browser your visitors use, OceanWP will perform.
The core theme is free and premium themes are well priced.
Even the free templates are well designed.
It is fully customizable.
All of the OceanWP non-vital scripts and styles can be managed via the Theme Panel.
It is lightweight and highly extendable.
It has incredible speed to provide great user experience, etc.
It is easy to configure.
The user can experience the fast speed of their website.
The theme is designed for good looks and page speed.
It is compatible with PHP7.1.
It automatically takes several stock widgets like recent posts or newsletters and enhances them for a better blogging experience.
The setup wizard is good to guide you step by step through the installation of the theme.
It is extremely customizable.
For complex menu, OceanWP has an advanced Mega Menu.
It is compatible with WooCommerce.
Further extensions are available.
It has customizable layouts.
The documentation is extensive and covered all extensions individually.
There are more than 20 Premium extensions available for OceanWP.
OceanWP is lightweight, so there will be no impact on a website’s performance or speed.
The support is rather reactive.
OceanWP is fast and efficient, as announced.
The theme is varied and can work for almost any type of site.

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❌ Cons

Its extensions are not very affordable.
It is not so beginner friendly.
OceanWP tends to rank at the end of the pack in terms of speed with things like Astra, GP, or others.
It is incompatible with many plugins.
OceanWP is a fairly new theme on the scene and has little track record, not a powerhouse or popular vendor.
OceanWP is a fairly young theme.
While support is not lacking, it isn’t a corporate level which makes it feel like you are getting your monies worth out of the support side.
The prices of the Premium versions are higher than those of two of its main competitors.
After starting to use Fremius as their e-commerce platform, they increased the price when purchasing premium extensions separately from $9.99 to $29.99.
Even though the theme is free, some of its premium extensions are required even in free demos if you want to get the same look.
WordPress beginners may find it a bit confusing to use the OceanWP theme because many of its options rely on option boxes in posts and pages.
The checkbox and selection method of page building isn’t perfect.
OceanWP was developed out of a GPL fork from underscore theme which is its purpose.
Most of the customizations rely on differing boxes in the pages and posts, and the only way to fix it is to get some of the extensions.
Many site demos require the installation of Premium plugins to work properly.
Paid customers are prioritised over free customers.
They have lame support (free version).
The options are not as intuitive as I would like to see.
There are so many customization options that it may not be easy to find your way around at the beginning, especially if you are new to WordPress.
OceanWP is a young theme and is not created by a developer with a long track record.
OceanWP also suffers from what I would call pricing overload.
Many of the theme options are reliant upon option boxes in posts & pages which become cumbersome and will be confusing to people new to WordPress.
It can be overwhelming.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I assure you will get this theme useful with impressive features. So I suggest you implement it for your WordPress website and get a great experience. OceanWP is really an awesome theme which is very flexible to use. It enables you to customize your website is quite easy steps. Its features will increase your craziness for its use. It is one of the fastest WP themes as well.
OceanWP is a brilliant multipurpose theme. If you are a beginner at building a website and are looking for a free theme with premium-like features, then OceanWP, with its step-by-step tutorials and excellent customer choice, will be the ideal choice for you.
If you are looking for a multipurpose page builder WordPress theme, OceanWP is the best choice for you. It is page builder plugin compatible, RTL ready, child theme compatible, SEO friendly, and more. Features can be extended with many Premium extensions, and customization options include copyright text, sidebar options, header and footer options, and much more.
Whether you’re a new website owner or experienced developer, OceanWP makes it easy and gives you a logical process for building great looking, fast loading websites. Both elements are perfect for newcomers to WordPress and even those of us who have been around longer who still have trouble getting an ‘A’ on Google Page Speed Insights. For that alone we think OceanWP is well worth trying.
The OceanWP theme is free. It also has many free extensions. it also offers several paid extensions (13 premium extensions) which you can purchase separately or all of them in Core Extension Bundle. There are so many ways to customize your web pages, including both paid and free extensions that are easy to download and control.
OceanWP is an awesome multi-purpose WordPress theme built with performance in mind, allows you to enable/disable pretty much everything, and crazy easy to use. A beginner won’t have any problems.
While OceanWP isn’t the best theme on the market, hint there is no best theme. It certain is one of the most stable themes with the best options. I would consider it a solid theme that allows you enough customization in order to keep your website running smoothly.I would recommend and I still do use OceanWP for client sites and I consider it on of my goto themes.
For website developers who need a theme that serves many different purposes while maintaining the integrity of the website’s content and performance, OceanWP is the best option. It is affordable, packed with multiple features and can improve any website.
OceanWP is the very best you’ll get for free. Its compliments most of the page builder as well as lets you customize everything to the core. There are various extensions available for you to customize it further and add external functionalities. The theme works out of the box with only a few basic customizations such as changing header logo and adding menu icons and links.
I think this is a great theme for WordPress, the options are endless – more than I have seen for any other theme I have used. Great for WooCommerce and great for blogs in general. OceanWP is a real multipurpose theme and can be used out of the box with site layouts or customised to suite any design and layout. The customisation options are varied and plentiful, the premium extensions are worth the investment as they add so much more and make the theme a real powerhouse.
To sum up, I am quite divided on this theme. On the one hand, it is true that it is extremely powerful, complete and flexible. It’s an excellent theme, that’s for sure. But on the other hand, I find him a little confused, especially because of the many options he offers. These options allow you to push customization very far, that’s true, but only if you have a minimum of experience with WordPress. I found GeneratePress and Astra more accessible for beginners.
OceanWP is the most feature-packed free theme that is available. For a theme that work with any page builder, it has some innovative features that I have never seen in a theme. Primarily it’s strength is with e-commerce websites and has all the feature that you would normally expect to pay for. If you are new to WordPress, the customizer options and the option boxes found in each post/page can be overwhelming and hard to make sense of at times.
Among all the popular and multipurpose WordPress theme, we recommend OceanWP, because it has premium extensions, easy to use theme settings, video and text documentation, dedicated support, and regular updates.
I think that this is by far the best free WordPress theme. You can adjust every little detail inside your WordPress even with the free version. Usually, other developers will ask for money to do most of the things this theme has for free.

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