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✅ Pros

It is using microbiome genetic testing to create personalized gut-health dietary supplements and probiotics.
Review Pros
Products come from ISO/GMP certified facilities for top quality.
It offers tailored probiotics for different health concerns.
You will also get personalized dietary recommendations to help you correct gut health issues by eating right.
It is a highly specific report.
The Ombre Gut Health Test is $99, which is less than similar services from competitors.
It uses ISO-compliant labs.
It is one of the most accurate at-home microbiome tests on the market.
It is best for those who want a scientific analysis on their gut microbiome and actionable steps on how to improve it.
Personalized probiotics are available.
Stool sample acquisition and account setup are easy to do.
It offers 6 clinically-supported probiotic blends for specific health concerns.
The results, particularly the recommendations, are clear enough for most individuals to comprehend.
Ombre testing is more affordable than most of its competitors.
It hs good privacy protections.
Personalized diet plan is available.
It provides personalized recommendations to improve your gut health based on your microbiome.
Some users say they received valuable information in their follow-up report and good results from the recommended probiotics.
It suggests personalized probiotics that target your unique imbalance.
It is less expensive than other gut health tests.
Ombre claims that their supplements are better able to survive through the challenging environment in your digestive tract and activate successfully.
Signing up for an Ombre account is easy.
It has a unique buffer that preserves stool samples better than competition.
What makes Ombre probiotics stand out is that you’re getting strain-specific probiotic products specifically based on what’s lacking in your gut.
Ombre Gut Health also sells probiotic mixtures that are suited to specific health needs.
It provides helpful insights on the bacteria living inside your gut.
Their website is simple and easy to use, making the entire procedure simple.
It may improve gut health.
You get a comprehensive report and gut health score.
The Ombre Gut Health test claims to offer an easy to way to see exactly how balanced your gut is looking.
Their probiotics are effective and well-priced.
It is an evidence-based program.
Its laboratories are ISO-compliant.
Ombre has a number of doctors and Ph.D.’s as advisors.
The Ombre Gut Health Test costs $99, which is less expensive than its competitors that offer similar services.
You get a “cheat sheet” highlighting all of the benefits, potential diseases and risks associated with every species that was detected.
The procedure for gathering a sample is straightforward.

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❌ Cons

Subscriptions offer only modest savings.
It doesn’t check for viruses, parasites, yeasts, and fungi that inhabit your gut.
What Ombre does claim is that its test is 28% more accurate than comparable kits. I just don’t have the data in front of me to confirm accuracy beyond what the company claims.
It has long shipping times.
Premium results can be confusing.
It uses proprietary blends.
You do not get access to medical support after receiving test results.
Once you open the test kit or the probiotic, you cannot return it.
There are no healthcare providers to help guide customers.
There is no chat feature or telephone number listed on website.
Test looks for bacteria, but not other microbes.
You do not get consultations with specialists to discuss your results.
It can’t test for leaky gut syndrome.
There are no personalized consultations with a doctor or dietitian.
Ombre probiotics use proprietary blends; therefore, exact dosages of ingredients are not provided.
Exaggerated health claims are made by the company in their marketing.
Ombre tests only detect bacterial strains.
It’s important to remember that the dietary supplements offered by Ombre are not regulated or approved by the FDA.
You cannot download, print, or view report as a PDF (according to the company, this feature is currently in the pipeline).
Products are not approved by the FDA.
Ombre does not offer a refund unless they determine they made a mistake with your order.
The company uses proprietary blends in its probiotics and does not offer much information about the exact doses of its ingredients.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Ombre test is definitely an excellent choice if you’re having GI discomfort, exhaustion, or headaches and have not been able to determine the cause.It’s comforting to know that you can monitor your gut health from anywhere. Unlike numerous gut test kits on the market, you’re also given a customized probiotic and nutrition plan.
We love Ombre because it tests for gut imbalances and explains you how they affect your health. You’ll also get personalized recommendations to improve your gut and health.
My opinion is that Ombre is worth it and 100% legit if you’re ready to get answers about your gut health. I really think that testing gut bacteria is an essential health step that nobody talks about enough. In fact, it disappoints me that doctors almost never order this type of test until a patient is already suffering after trying “everything else.”
Ombre (Thryve) is a manufacturer of an at-home gut health test and dietary supplements. Their test is significantly less expensive but has significantly poorer reviews than other at-home microbiome tests. The company appears to lack transparency about their leadership. They also make exaggerated claims about the health benefits customers can expect to receive from their supplements.
If you want to understand the microbes in your gut, you can choose between Ombre and Viome. Both use a stool sample, give you a report on your gut health and offer personalized recommendations.
Ombre Gut Health is a wonderful place to start when it comes to gut health and related issues. With so many probiotic strains available, limiting down the types you require is advantageous. However, I don’t believe the science is advanced enough to offer broad recommendations on strains and dosages. If you want to give Ombre Gut Health a try to see if it can help you feel better, I don’t see any major drawbacks.
Ombre is a good service for those curious about their microbiome and for anyone with symptoms they suspect might originate in their guts. Testing is easy, their results are comprehensive, and their probiotics are effective and well-priced.
Ombre offers a good starting point for improving gut health and related concerns. With so many probiotics on the market, narrowing down the exact strains you need is helpful. However, I don’t think the science is quite there to make firm recommendations on strains and dosages across the board. If you want to give Ombre a try to see if it helps you feel better, I see no significant downside.
If you’re struggling with digestive issues and you’ve had no success with conventional treatment, Ombre’s microbiome testing is a great option. The cost is pretty low, and you can monitor your gut health in the convenience of your own home.

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