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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It is stylish.
Review Pros
They have robust heel for stability and longevity.
These are reasonably priced.
The lightweight foam is cushioned on landing and responsive on takeoff to give you a powerful feel.
A light but durable engineered mesh upper promotes breathability.
It has plush cushion.
The first time I took off running in them, I couldn’t believe how they propelled me forward thanks to their ultrahigh stacked CloudTech foam pods.
the no-sew construction limits distractions so you can focus on pushing your workout.
They are durable and versatile.
These shoes are beautiful and have breathable design.
They offer a secure fit.
These are attractive despite all of the extra bodywork required to implement CloudTec.
The upper of the Cloudmonster is smooth and sleek, hiding the complexity of the construction.
Raised sidewalls help center your foot and give you stability, which creates security whether you’re running, jumping or changing direction.
They offer an effortless ride.
On has consistently designed good-looking shoes and used color palletes that stand out from the other shoe companies’ trends.
It is one of the most cushioned On running shoes.
These shoes offer a nice fit for normal and narrow feet.
It is responsive.
They have a tough single layer of mesh with minimal overlays to lower the weight of the upper.
On designed the well-rounded Cloud X 2.0 to be agile and versatile.
They offer high quality and comfortable running shoes and socks for a variety of runners’ preferences.
It is lighter than other long-run shoes.
They are made of high quality and durable materials.
It propels you forward.
These shoes are very lightweight.
It is a good long run shoe.
They slip on and off – great if you’re a triathlete or just getting ready in a rush.
They offer good stability.
They offer a secure and sock-like fit.
There are positive reviews about the diversity of the brand, fast shipping, and shoe comfort .
There is a home try-On option with 30-day free returns.
They offer a fresh feeling even after a half-marathon.
It is energy efficient.
These shoes offer excellent grip and traction on road type surfaces.
Running through the stride, you experience a cushioned crash phase, a spring-like mid-phase, and a smooth roll-off of the toes in the final stage.
The CloudTec soles provide a noticeable softening on impact.
Their 6mm of offset between toe and heel means that there’s nearly as much padding under a forefoot impact as there is for a heel strike
It features spring & rebound.
Cloudmonster weighs 10.5 oz./300 grams for my size US M10.5, which is very nice for this much cushioning.
They’re born to make you feel like you’re running on clouds.
The collars hit the sweet-spot between stabilization and mobility.
They fit like a glove.
These are light and cushioned.
To solve the flexibility problem, the foam is arranged into hollowed-out cubes, called Cloud elements, bisected down the center of the sole to allow much more flex than the typical, uniform midsole/ outsole design.
These are mixed use shoe for lifestyle, running, and gym.
They have a firm and protective cushion.
The tongue of the trainer sits under offset lacing and acts as a second layer extending through the vamp and covering the toebox.
They have a bouncy responsiveness that I’ve never experienced with any other sneaker.
They give a responsive ride.
New pair of shoes are provided after old ones are worn out.
Frequent promotions and discounts are available.
There is no lace bite.
These are breathable.
On Running believes in reduced carbon footprint.
The CloudTec midsole was designed to create an extremely light, responsive, cushioned ride.
There is lots of cushioning.
There are 7 color options for men and women.
These are true to size.
They are super comfortable.
We did not experience any serious degradation in our testing
They have unique aesthetic.
They are buoyant roll forward.
They are lightweight and flexible.
These shoes are great for walking and running.

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❌ Cons

The Cloud under the tip is noticeable at slower speeds.
They can feel a little loose in places.
These shoes are heavy.
Speed laces are too short to use all holes for greater fit.
They offer less gripp on wet and slippery surfaces.
These shoes can trap stones and mud.
You will get rocks stuck in the gap of the outsole/midsole.
Problems with delayed shipping, customer service, and refunds have been reported.
Midsole is still a touch too minimal for running long distances [but the Cloud 5 has greatly improved cushioning].
Logo-tape can begin to peel off after moderate athletic use.
Laces are too thin.
We did find a few complaints relating to glue and threading coming undone.
There is lack of sufficient energy return for long distance runs.
They are expensive.
They are tight around the top ankle area.
It comes up a little small.
I also had a bit of a quality issue with the construction of the upper.
It has low tread.
Design is an acquired taste.
The toe box is shallow (probably due in part to the exaggerated toe rocker) and the fit and quality just aren’t exceptional in the way that On is known for.
These are very cold to wear in winter.
The open spaces of the CloudTec can pick up rocks, sticks, and other annoying debris.
Style options are limited.
It has slippery laces.
Toes can’t wiggle.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The On Cloud Monster is a neutral, performance, and long-distance trainer made with exceptional cushion and spring.
The On Cloud is my ‘go-to’ lifestyle shoe. Many other training shoes just don’t look stylish enough for me to want to wear them all day long, while I’m at work or heading to the city. They would make great nursing shoes for nurses working on their feet all day long too because of how comfortable, cushioned, lightweight, and easy to slip on and off they are. I love being able to break into a run, have the comfort of a running shoe without sacrificing style.
I thoroughly enjoyed wearing these shoes, and they’ve become my new go-to running shoes. I didn’t think I would get excited about running shoes, but there’s so much to appreciate about them, including the bouncy feel, the 30% recycled material, and, of course, the responsiveness.
This running shoe is an excellent option for those runners who want it all: comfort, speed, responsiveness, and support. With helion foam and Speedboard technology, you will want to go fast in these for your speed sessions and shorter runs. But the light design of the Cloudflow means it can also carry you through halves and full marathons too. Oh, and if you want to know what it feels like to run on clouds, this shoe offers a good demo.
All of On’s combined running experience, coupled with the brand’s clear dedication to improvement, is paying real dividends. If you’re searching for light, springy shoes to complement your casualwear, don’t pass up On’s catalog.
Are On running sneakers worth it? I certainly think that their products are worth buying. While researching for this On cloud shoes review, I discovered that the brand is incredibly innovative and creative and for every negative review, there are hundreds of positives that prove these reviews wrong.
If you’re looking for a maximalist shoe that’ll get you through your long runs and your easy runs with a good amount of responsiveness and bounce, this is a strong contender.
Stylish, durable, and bouncy? We just couldn’t get enough of the On Cloud! It’s a daily trainer that’s built to run fast on the track and the road. Its responsive ride goes hand-in-hand with its cloud-like cushion. So, if you want to run tempos without punishing your feet, this is THE shoe. It’s not for long the long haul, but it excels in distances ranging from 5 to 10K.
These sneakers are best for road runners of all levels, but especially those looking for a shoe with serious cushioning to help rack up mileage in comfort — and maybe drop some seconds (or minutes!) off their personal best.
We really liked running in these shoes and we’re confident they’ll prove themselves to other runners. Their style alone earns them enough credit to wear around town. Their awesome comfort, light weight, ventilation, and unique cushioning earn it the credit as a top speedster.
With On’s signature Speedboard for a snappier ride, the On Cloud X 2.0 is an ideal training partner for whatever workout you have planned.
The On Cloud X is an incredibly versatile pair of fitness shoes that offer high levels of comfort to all types of fitness thanks to the innovative CloudTec midsole, which also brings added support and stability, especially for explosive movement.
On Cloudace brings the brand’s unique sole into the moderate stability market, with a rigid midfoot and responsive protection underfoot; the upper fit locks the foot down, exceptionally noticeable in the heel. Collapsible forefoot pods in the sole provide bounce but are also what keep this shoe from a late stage counter to an exaggerated foot roll, ie: collapsible pods prevent a high stability rating. Top quality materials bring durability along with a top weight and price.
A solid running shoe you can wear all-day in the city. Easy on the knees, lightweight and convenient to put on, while pushing hard for your runs. Speed laces hold well no matter the intensity.
Three words sum up the Cloudmonster: Best. On. Yet. Finally, a fun shoe to run in from On! The Cloudmonster won’t haunt you if you’re looking for a well-cushioned trainer with style. On the contrary, it will have you floating above the earth.

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