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✅ Pros

It has high-quality construction.
Review Pros
It offers good low-light photos.
It has excellent display.
It has spectacular screen.
The in-display fingerprint sensor is faster and more accurate—it’s as good as the old capacitive sensors now.
OnePlus 8T offers good performance.
It has very good battery life.
It comes with reliable software updates.
It offers unbelievable charging speeds.
OnePlus 7 Pro has super fast in-display fingerprint reader.
Its triple rear cameras take fantastic pictures.
It has large screen with 90Hz refresh rate.
It has fingerprint-resistant glass back.
It has a neat pop-up camera.
If you have to have a notched selfie camera, the OnePlus 7T has the smallest, most unobtrusive notch in the industry.
It has flagship-like design.
It has powerful processor.
This phone is blazing fast all the time.
It has great battery life.
120Hz AMOLED panel is a differentiator.
It offers great performance for the price.
It supports fast 30W wired and wireless charging.
It has versatile cameras.
It supports 5G and dual SIM.
The buttery-smooth 90Hz display makes the phone a joy to use.
It has beautiful 120Hz display.
It gets two years of Android upgrades and three years of security updates.
Versatile triple cameras are quite useful.
It has good battery life.
OnePlus is making some lovely colors of this phone. We recommend Glacial Green.
It comes with all the extras you need.
It has good main and ultra-wide cameras.
Optic AMOLED screen is big and has a small notch.
It has fantastic 120Hz display.
It supports 30W wired and wireless charging.
It is very fast.
It offers solid performance.
It is buttery smooth and has notchless 90Hz display.
It has one of the best hardware packages you’ll find.
It has excellent software.
Reading mode is also available.
The $600 price tag puts other phones to shame.
It costs all at $80 less than its closest Samsung and iPhone rivals.
The OP8 will have no problem making it through a day. I regularly see two days of use.
Android 9.0 Pie is out of the box.
It has excellent battery life for a 5G phone.
It has versatile camera system.
This is one of the first phones with Android 10, and if OnePlus’ history is any indication, you’ll get fast updates.
It offers strong network performance.
It offers solid performance.
MicroSD storage expansion is also available.
OnePlus offers great specs for the price.
The 90Hz OLED is smooth with excellent brightness and colors.
It is already on Android 11.
The OnePlus 7 Pro is fas.
The camera’s new macro mode is actually useful.
It has 90Hz display.
It has 90Hz display.
It comes with on trend in-screen fingerprint reader.
It has beautiful 120Hz display.
It has official IP rating.
It has comprehensive in-box package of accessories.
It offers flagship performance.
OnePlus’ Android UI is among the best.
It has 39-minute fast charging.
Super-fast charging is supported.
It has 3.5mm audio jack.
It has good battery life and great recharging speed.

❌ Cons

There are no optical zoom lens.
There are only bi-monthly security updates when most other OEMs offer monthly security updates..
It is a little too expensive for what you get.
It has middling camera performance.
It still costs too much for what you’re getting.
There is no IP rating (on the unlocked model).
It offers middling photos overall.
It has poor-quality macro and depth cameras.
3W reverse wireless charging is relatively slow.
There is jitter in multitasking.
There is no wireless charging.
There is no optical zoom.
It isn’t rated for water resistance.
The curved display exhibits some accidental touches.
It lacks wireless charging.
It has IPS LCD.
There is still no wireless charging functionality.
OnePlus 8 doesn’t add much value over its predecessor.
Cameras are not as good as rivals.
OxygenOS 11 lacks cohesion.
Curved screen is prone to accidental touches.
The OnePlus 8 is missing just enough that the price hike over the 7T is tough to swallow.
It is water resistant, but not IP67/68 certified.
Cameras are just average.
There is no wireless charging.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The OnePlus 7 Pro is the most expensive OnePlus phone yet, but it’s still a crazy good value for the money.
The OnePlus 6T is a better phone than the OnePlus 6, but not by enough I wager to warrant OnePlus 6 owners to consider the upgrade essential. For all other users it’s a fast, well-equipped Android phone that sits at the top of the mid-range market. But with the entry-level phone market offering competitive experiences that retail for half the price, and the premium level pulling away rapidly in terms of high-end features, it feels like a very safe play.
The price has gone up more than usual. That leaves the phone in an interesting spot—much of its perceived value is 5G, but you probably won’t see much benefit from that. Some things you would benefit from, like a telephoto camera and wireless charging, are missing. The OnePlus 8 is still a good phone, but it’s just shy of greatness.
The OnePlus 8 Pro is the most expensive phone OnePlus has ever made, but at $899 it’s still cheaper than a number of competing flagships while offering a superior experience in a number of ways. With fast wireless charging, an official IP68 rating, and great battery life, this phone is what the OnePlus 7T Pro should have been.
Without OnePlus’s distinctive alert slider, the Nord N10 5G is in danger of being ‘just another phone for around £300’, although the Reading Mode that’s part of the OxygenOS overlay is present, and battery life is good. Still, it’s probably worth shopping around to see what £329 will get you if that’s your top budget – and whether you can stretch to another £50 for the OnePlus Nord with its AMOLED screen, faster processor and 8GB of RAM.
The OnePlus 8T is a solid Android phone with a terrific software experience and the fastest charging we’ve seen.
It has all of the things you can expect from a OnePlus device, and I mean that in both good and bad ways. It’s got a great screen, great performance, great battery life, its camera could stand to be a little better, and for reasons that seem to apply only to OnePlus, the unlocked versions aren’t IP-rated and none of them do wireless charging. There’s a OnePlus mold, and the OnePlus 8 has chosen not to break it.
The OnePlus 8 delivers solid performance, long battery life and 5G at an attractive price, but the cameras could be better.
These are OnePlus’ best phones yet, and they’re both still a good value. But if you’re looking for the old OnePlus—a phone that leaves you scratching your head as to how the price is so low—you’ll have to move on.
Six months after its launch, the OnePlus 8 Pro continues to be one of the best Android phones in the market. You’re still getting one of the best hardware packages around, the phone is already on Android 11, and it has all the extras you care about.
OnePlus’ latest phone is basically the OnePlus 8 Pro’s top-notch screen refresh rate and battery stuffed into a smaller body. Then there’s the awesome 39-minute fast charging tech, to sweeten the deal. The OnePlus 8T is only marred by subpar cameras and a less unique design.
The OnePlus 7 Pro’s camera, performance and price make it the go-to premium Android phone of 2019.
The 7T is a very similar phone to the 7 Pro. On the one hand, that’s a great thing. The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the best smartphones you can buy, and now the OnePlus 7T is also one of the best smartphones you can buy. But even though the 7T is a great device, it isn’t that new or exciting.
As an overall package, the OnePlus Nord is compelling. For what would be about $570 in the States, you get a killer device with a great list of specs, decent cameras, good battery life, a nice screen, and excellent software. That’s been the story with OnePlus phones for years, hence making the Nord a purely OnePlus smartphone.
The OnePlus 8T is a beautifully designed powerhouse of a smartphone, but it’s cameras just can’t compete.

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