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✅ Pros

The Orolay jacket has six pockets—two for your hands which is always essential plus four smaller ones that I used for my phone and chapstick.
Review Pros
It even has a side zip so the coat can expand as you move.
With the cute faux fur trimmed hood and quilted design, this women’s down jacket easily scores high among its more expensive competitors.
The puffer jacket had some decent weight and thickness to it.
The coat felt warm and well-insulated.
The down interior is warm without being suffocating, which is something I have trouble finding in winter coats.
Additionally, the coat boasts six large pockets that I keep my hat, scarf and gloves in, as well as my keys, wallet and phone.
This women’s down jacket still uses real down, and that’s precisely the key ingredient for keeping you warm.
The coat is filled with duck down but it’s not bulky, allowing me to move freely and comfortably wear it in a car or on public transit.
This women’s down jacket is budget-friendly, especially compared with many of its alternatives.
The multiple pockets meant I was able to carry almost everything I needed, except for a water bottle.
The sleeves were the perfect length, with the ribbed cuff hitting right at my wrist, and the torso was snug enough to keep the cold out but not so tight that I couldn’t layer sweaters under it.
It is safe to wash in your washer/dryer.
At first glance, the outside material was silky and a beautiful olive green and as I pulled it out, the parka felt and looked incredibly high-quality.
The jacket is roomier than a lot of winter jackets so technically you could size down.
The coat is spacious and roomy, perfect for slipping over even the bulkiest winter sweater and I love the cozy sherpa lining on the inside of the the hood.
The variety of color options, styles and sizes allows me to customize the coat according to who I’m gifting it to.
The 90/10 feather ratio is hard to find at this price range.
The coat is available in sizes XXS -5X.
The coat features a polyester shell which is wind- and water-resistant.
What I think makes the Orolay coat unique is its ability to expand.

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❌ Cons

If you wear makeup, expect the light-colored shearling to get stained (more obvious if you have darker skin).
While this coat kept me warm in temperatures that were hovering around freezing, I don’t know how well it would do in below-freezing temps.
While parkas are meant to have some heft, of all the ones in my closet, the Orolay one is by far the biggest and bulkiest.
The hood is massive — to the point where it felt like I was wearing horse blinders when I put it up.
Fur-trim – Not a dealbreaker for most people.
Sometimes you don’t want the bulk created by a hoodie. Sorry, this one is not removable.
While I loved the number of pockets this coat had, I will admit that they aren’t all placed well for ease of use.
No drawstring to tighten the hoodie. During windy conditions, the hoodie repeated got blown off my head.

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Review Summaries
One of my favorite features of the coat is its fleece-lined hood, which covers my head and ears, keeping both warm. The hood is deep, so it stays on my head even in the wind. The coat is longer in the back than in the front and covers part of my legs, and the sleeves sport ribbed knit cuffs, cinching around my wrists and preventing snow or wind from getting inside.
If you’re traveling to a wintry climate, or just looking to buy this year’s winter coat for yourself, consider the Orolay Women’s Down Jacket. If you’ve ever experienced a winter jacket that will actually keep you warm, you know there’s seemingly nothing better! In this women’s down jacket, you’ll be feeling warm, trendy and thankful for that extra money saved in your wallet.
I am a person with ridiculously high standards when it comes to coats. And this jacket meets all of them. Not only does it look good (I get compliments every time I wear it!), but it’s also comfortable and warm. It’s a high-quality parka that no one would guess is from Amazon, let alone cost less than $140.
The number of pockets makes this a great coat for outdoor activities since you don’t have to carry a bag. I can also see this being useful for running errands in the winter. And while the jury is still out on whether this coat will stand up to extreme cold for me, there is one thing for sure — I’ll be a little less wary to consider an internet-favorite piece of clothing from now on.
The Orolay women’s thickened down jacket is perfect for those looking for a heavy-duty winter jacket that is lightweight and cheap. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the $$$$ Canada Goose winter jacket, this Amazon Coat gives Canada Goose a run for the money. With an impressive 90/10 feather ratio, excellent windproof design, and a 60% higher density compared to those in the market, this winter coat is a great option.

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