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✅ Pros

A high level of cushioning inside the shoe helps the whole body, including the lower back and legs,
Review Pros
The Orthofeet Sprint sneaker for men is specifically designed to reduce pain associated with arthritis.
The shoes are durable and will last for quite a long time.
It offers air cushioning.
The Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes provide for an accurate and true fit.
It has stretchable material for maximum comfort.
These shoes offer built-in orthotic support.
This is slippers that are perfect for many different feet problems and diseases like, diabetics, hammer toes, bunions, rheumatoid arthritis and even low back pain.
There is not another pair of slippers that are ideal for sensitive feet and tired feet after a long day at the office.
It has antimicorbial lining.
Removable insoles– .25″ thick, provides space for custom made orthotics if needed.
It is easy to take the shoes on and off with the Velcro straps.
These are the kinds of orthotic shoes that can be expected to last for at least two years of daily wear without showing any signs of breaking down.
Many find these shoes do not require the addition of their specialty orthotics.
The lightweight sole adds extra cushioning without weighing you down.
The interior of the shoe is solid enough to bolster your feet’s anatomy.
It relieves pain.
It comes with removable insoles.
Many users report excellent results from using this shoe.
The soft materials used in the design of the shoe’s upper half relieves most of the pressure that you’ll feel from regular shoes.
They offer 60-day wear test, if not satisfied return for a full refund.
It offers soft cushioning with better arch support and orthotic sole.
They have been designed with a system of lightweight air cushioning insoles.
The slipper is made from stretchable material to ensure that the material is stretching to your feet.
The overall look and aesthetics of these shoes are impressive and certainly not “cheap”.
Ergonomic stride design stands out.
It has innovative features made for most feet conditions.
Tie-less laces and heel straps for easy fastening.
Biomechanically engineered designed maximizes pain relief.
It has an innovative tie-less lacing system which enables you to lace up the sneaker without actually having to tie them.
It comes with an adjustable strap for the heel.
It is as comfortable as possible.
It has stretchy and breathable mesh upper.
There is extra depth with a wider toe box for a better fit.
The materials and the design that goes into each and every pair of Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes is nothing short of exceptional.
Wide toe box eases pressure on bunions, hammertoes, and sensitive feet.

❌ Cons

It is not waterproof– for rainy or snow days.
There are also a few of people that are complaining about the color of the slippers.
It has a prominent logo, which makes it clear to others you are wearing orthotic shoes.
Soles wear out quickly.
There is no slip-resistance.
Because they don’t have any heels, they are usually slipping out of your feet when you are walking.
The size of the slipper might be larger than regular size shoes.
Iit is a bit more expensive than a traditional shoe.
Perhaps not the highest end construction materials are available.
Sizing runs smaller.
It may not provide enough arch support for some.
Some find the toe box is too shallow.
Soles wear out prematurely.

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