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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros’s sign-up steps are quick and easy.
Review Pros
You can live record your meeting audio for later review.
It offers easy integration with major meeting apps.
Live notes mean participants can access live transcription.
Otter Assistant is available to free and paid users.
It integrates with all the major meeting platforms.
OtterPilot automatically captures meeting summaries and slides.
It has the ability to recognize and differentiate between different speakers.
Otter supports basic collaboration features like shared editing in the basic version.
It is free to use.
All files created are saved in both audio and textual formats so that you can edit, comment, and invite other people to view or collaborate with you on them.
It provides accurate transcription for meetings with great features like live sharing, export, editing, and statement replay.
You can install the Otter mobile app on your phone and record your thoughts or interview anyone on the go.
The transcription files themselves are quite clear.
Real-time transcription is super easy.
The UI, on iPhone or iPad, allows the interviewer to edit the transcript in the app.
Otter’s accuracy is pretty good.
Otter separates text for each speaker.
Integrations with Zoom, Dropbox, Google Meet, etc., are very helpful.
You can create an entire transcription with the click of a button.
It offers generous free plan.
If you have audio passthrough on your computer for a virtual phone, then it can record that too.
The user interface is good. It’s clean and easy to use.
The Meeting Gems allow you to add notes, comments, and other actions to the transcript during and after the meeting.
It is ridiculously intuitive.
It has affordable pricing for businesses.
You can add images to the notes during the recording process. has an intuitive interface that makes navigation easy for people with different levels of technical experience.
It transcribes hour-long conversations in about 10 minutes or fewer. also allows you to snap photos, which will appear in-line in the transcription notes when you are done.
I thought was very straightforward to use as will anyone who’s used Zoom or another online meeting service.
It offers excellent transcription editing and collaborative tools.
The turnaround time is faster than other tools.
It enables group collaboration and commenting on transcripts.
It links with your calendar to automatically transcribe all your calls (I use Zoom).
The free plan covers basic needs.
The Gems function allows you to add and assign action items, comments, and notes to the transcription document both during and after meetings. does not share data with any third parties.
Otter.AI has a meeting record feature that can record audio from your meetings.
It is free for individual users.
You can generate text from any audio or video file, meeting, voice note, or conversation in just a few minutes.
It has keyword extraction feature.
Generating transcriptions for conversations or virtual meetings is very easy.
When you’re dealing with lots of video meetings, you can set up the Otter Bot to join each call with you and automatically transcribe everything that’s said.
It gives you the ability to train the app to recognize your voice.
The Otter app gives you the power to transcribe conversations anywhere you are.
The free Basic plan is feature-rich and facilitates the use of most of’s features.
Transcriptions are quite accurate and formatted into full sentences with punctuation.
You can highlight sentences during recordings.
This transcription service is fairly accurate. is reasonably priced.
For starters, it enables users to record and automatically transcribe conversations using either their phone or their computer.
Otter also enables users to edit and manage transcriptions directly in-app.
You can add multiple calendars from different platforms.
You can even import audio and video files to be transcribed.
It gives automated transcripts.
Otter is designed to work via iOS on your iPhone/iPad or an Android app – or with its web app.
It understands multiple people and many accents.
You can teach Otter AI custom words and names that you use frequently.
It offers modern and easy-to-use mobile apps. is excellent for taking notes and captioning.
You can edit notes post-recording.
It supports major video conferencing platforms. offers Real-time transcription with Automatic Speech Recognition that has been developed over the years.
I like that I can export to a variety of formats, including text, Microsoft Word and basic subtitles via SRT.
The premium version also includes custom vocabulary.
Everything is in one central location. Search transcripts to find the actions, takeaways, and comments.
Zoom integration allows you to join Zoom meetings from inside the app (works with MS Teams and Google Meet too).
If you have audio or video files with voice, you can upload them to Otter, and it’ll start turning everything into text.
The personal version also includes calendar integration with reminders for when to record meetings and capturing meeting information in the transcript header.
Audio records can be played back at different speeds, and images and other content can be inserted directly into transcriptions.

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❌ Cons

This is not necessarily a con, but it’s good to know that Otter AI only supports US and UK English transcription at this time.
Otter.AI does not offer video recording for meetings.
The biggest disadvantage is that Otter currently only supports English language transcription.
Meeting summaries are only available if your meetings are long, so access and navigation are not simplified for shorter meetings.
Sometimes the app can’t pick up on the words that were spoken, so you’ll need to edit words and make sure things are correct each time.
While it does well even with tricky English accents, those of us that skip enunciating some words clearly or eat a few vowels can also lead Otter to make mistakes.
There is no multifactor authentication for individual accounts.
Some inaccuracies, especially with punctuation.
Speaker identification is sometimes inefficient.
If there are more than basic problems with, I wouldn’t expect robust support. Certainly not immediate or quick support.
It has poor accuracy score for complex audio test.
Otter.AI is also comparatively more expensive than other transcription apps.
The AI is up to 90% accurate and sometimes misses out on the end of the sentence.
Real-time transcription struggles to keep up with natural speech.
The accuracy rate should be improved for automatic transcriptions.
The company needs to address issues of picking voices out of noise and identifying areas of ambiguity.
It only supports English, the US, and the UK variations.
It is not breaking the text into paragraphs.
You should not expect a high-quality audio recording since the audio file is in the mp3 format. only records audio conversations. only supports English and its accents.
Free users can only export notes as TXT files.
It has below-average accuracy score for simple audio test.
One of the biggest downsides I’ve found is that sometimes Otter is not good at identifying the end of a sentence when two people are engaging in conversation.
Even on the paid Pro plan, each transcription is limited to 90 minutes.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries is a great alternative to industry-standard dictation tools like Dragon Anywhere. It’s also much faster and easier than typing and a good choice for Mac users. However, if you depend on 100% accuracy or want to quote people verbatim, your needs are better served by a human transcriptionist, unless you’re happy to edit transcriptions.
Otter AI is a powerhouse for transcribing audio files and video into text, sharing it with others, and generating takeaways, notes, and tasks. I would highly recommend this tool for businesses, teams, content creators, and people who prefer voice notes over typing.
Otter is an AI-based speech-recognition app that transcribes voice conversations into text. It can be used with popular meeting apps like Google Meets, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex. So, the app allows in-app recording which will then turn into notes. Also, the app can generate rich notes for online classes, interviews, podcasts, or other voice conversations. Those notes can be shared with classmates or teammates. is a great alternative to manual transcription services as it is faster and easy to access. However, if you depend on 100% accuracy, your needs are better served by a human transcriptionist; otherwise, you’ll need to edit the transcripts.
For those transcribing their own content, is much better than a manual process but not as good as a human transcription service. For non-critical interviews where I have the time to make edits, Otter does its job good enough to remain a member of my technology portfolio.Otter.aii is available on iOS, Android and on the web.
If you’re looking for an automated transcription service that integrates with popular meeting platforms and is easy to use, then is worth considering. Give it a try and see if it meets your needs!
Otter is available on both desktop and mobile devices. It is versatile, comes with a range of premium features, and excels on the performance front. Customer support can be slow if you run into problems, but you will be prioritized if you upgrade from a free plan. transcribes hour-long conversations in about 10 minutes or fewer. It is ridiculously intuitive and links with your calendar to automatically transcribe all your calls.
Overall, Otter is still a good app for quick note-taking. Just be aware that the AI can make inaccuracies quite often. You must also be cautious about the limited amount of minutes you can record per month, regardless of whether you’re a paying user.
Though the transcription speed is good, the accuracy is lower than popular transcription tools.’s accuracy should at least be 90% to keep with the standard, but you have the option to edit the transcriptions manually. Supporting only one language is one of the major drawbacks here. has a free plan, which is great for testing its features. The Pro plan starts at $8.33, and the Business plan costs $20 per month.
Otter is useful, flexible, and can save you a lot of typing. It has a free plan, which includes 300 minutes per month, with a limit of 30 minutes per conversation. The paid plans start at $16.99, increase the number of minutes you have available, and add something I find curious: if you manage to find yourself double-booked, Otter Bot will join both meetings and feed the transcripts back to you. Who knew you could be omnipresent? is an artificial intelligence tool for productive, collaborative meetings. It creates secure and searchable notes from meetings so you always have a record of what was discussed.
This is a great tool for professionals who find themselves increasingly responsible for taking meeting notes or who want to save information for later use. sets out to achieve virtual meeting transcription and does so well.
Otter.AI is a Real-time Transcription tool that can help you to transcribe, summarise and make notes of meetings with ease. The tool is not perfect with limitations on Language and accuracy but it does a good job when it comes to convenience and is quite reliable. This is a very useful tool for a variety of people who attend online events and meetings.
Otter’s transcription service is fast and easy to use, with well-designed mobile and web apps and intuitive editing features. It’s excellent for transcribing simple, slow speech, or for when you have plenty of time to go back and edit long transcripts on a budget. The integration with business tools like calendars and meeting software is commendable, but the resulting transcriptions aren’t accurate enough to be usable.

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