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✅ Pros

Beta-Alanine can improve muscular endurance.
Review Pros
Outbreak Nutrition products are made in GMP facilities.
Cayenne and Caffeine is found in Instant Knockout, which is our favorite fat burner.
It offers enhanced focus.
It is good to see Tyrosine which can help fight off fatigue.
The product comes with a completely transparent facts panel.
Outbreak Nutrition will provide you with what you need for a full muscle building workout.
It contains Citrulline Malate which enhances muscle pumps.
It is DMHA.(Means it’s strong AF – bias)
Rhodiola helps with cognitive function and overall cognitive health which is a nice addition but more commonly found in nootropic supplements.
This will sell for sure.
It offers crazy tingly feeling pre-workout.
It comes in amazing flavours.
It tastes pretty good.
They guarantee the best quality with their full disclosure labels.
It enhances Thermogenesis.
Mental cocus is insane.
The supplement also delivers heightened alertness as well as clear focus and seemingly more efficient thinking.
Carnitine is great to help your body produce energy and let you smash that treadmill.
This ultimate fat burner is one of the most strong and powerful products that are currently on the market.
It increases energy.
The taste on Outbreak FPS is another great highlight, mostly because it is unlike anything else we’ve had from the supplement world.
It offers long lasting pumps that last a workout.
It costs $29.99 for around 30 servings and comes in 3 flavor.
It is really an all-around type product that despite being classed as a gaming formula, does perform as well as some of the better nootropics on the market.
It has been designed to help users with energy, focus, and mood.
There is no use of proprietary blends, so the amount of each ingredient, including stimulants is included on the packaging.
The website is based on a futuristic Apocalypse theme.

❌ Cons

Octodrine is actually banned in sports, so don’t take it if you’re competing or planning on competing.
It has high caffeine content.
It is a shame to see Coleus when there’s a real lack of weight behind it being effective when taken by mouth.
Ctrulline Malate is slightly under-dosed at 5,000mg.
Teacrine is not proven to be 100% safe or effective.
Theacrine is too weak and there’s a lack of studies.
Notoginseng and Roxburghii seems to add very little to the fat burning mission.
Pocalypse theme for could be fun for some, but for others could be distracting.
Juglans is not really worthy of its presence, especially when there are so many other ingredients that are useful yet omitted.
Choline is ineffective and causes fishy odors in your breath and sweat.
Beta-Alanine causes paresthesia.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Outbreak Nutrition’s FPS is a truly effective supplement with benefits that can be utilized by more than just gamers. The product’s mix of energy, focus, alertness, and cognition make it a handy supplement to have. It is also worth mentioning that we did use a three-quarter scoop many times and still had great experiences.
This will sell for sure, but that is literally only down to the marketing and images associated with the labeling. No-one will look at the ingredients and if they do, so few will have any idea. However, studying further in to the contents has shown that this, while offering a few useful ingredients, mainly offers either issues, not optimal dosing, and omitting proven ingredients seen in the best fat burners.
Outbreak Nutrition has been supplying the best pre, during, and post workout fuel for your athletic and muscle building needs. Special attention to details and ingredient combinations are what make Outbreak Nutrition products stand out from the rest. Whether working out today, or during the Apocalypse, Outbreak Nutrition will provide you with what you need for a full muscle building workout.
Here at Genesis, we absolutely love Reclaim by Outbreak Nutrition since it is one of the most potent formulations we have seen hit our shelves. Reclaim is a ground-breaking thermogenic fat burner that is recommended to anyone wanting insane energy and extreme laser-like focus without the dreaded crash. If you are wanting to add a supplement to your stack that is perfect for gaining energy, mental clarity and assistance in achieving your weight loss goals, then Reclaim by Outbreak Nutrition is the perfect supplement for you.
Overall, the Pump lasts quite a long time, and muscle fatigue was basically non-existent for the heavy compound movements, the tingly feeling wears off after the first couple of exercises which is a given, however, the most important thing is that mental focus lasts a long time. We would recommend not taking this at night due to it’s high Caffeine content, however for the crazy iron-addicts who take pre workout regularly and have a high tolerance, you won’t have a problem sleeping if you give it about 3 – 4 hours after taking a full scoop.
In our honest opinion, the huge amount of stimulants would cause us to suffer side effects. As a result, we wouldn’t choose to buy this pre-workout supplement, there are many better options out there.

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