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✅ Pros

Outschool has stricter guidelines on more sensitive issues and tries to keep teaching as neutral and objective as possible.
Review Pros
They offer a “Learner Allowance” which allows the parent to add funds to the student’s account.
Outschool has a wide variety of topics and subjects, both academic and general interest.
You can teach about your favorite subjects.
You don’t need to be a certified teacher.
You can teach on Outschool as per your convenient timings.
The pay is great because you get paid per student, not per hour.
Whatever your kid is into, there is likely a class for it.
There are lots of class dates and times to choose from.
You have the liberty to use unique ways to deliver your knowledge to the students.
It offers highly flexible scheduling.
This site is great for taking high school electives.
You can set your own schedule.
It’s a chance to make an impact and do something you love.
They have a flexible hiring requirements.
No degree is needed to teach on Outschool.
It gives you access to unique classes and expertise that may not be available where you are.
The best part about teaching on Outschool is that I get to spend time talking to so many great kids about important topics like writing and feminism.
All Outschool classes are filmed by teachers so that they can later be accessed online.
All classes are offered through Zoom video and web conferencing.
Every time you refer someone to the site and they take their first class–anyone’s class, not just yours–you get a $20 credit that you can use towards your own kids’ classes.
Once you have a successful class curriculum designed, getting students is taken care of by the Outschool marketplace so you can focus on teaching and not marketing.
You only pay for the classes you want.
If you spend 30 seconds on the Outschool website, you’ll see that their class ideas are over the top creative, interesting, unique, and bound to grab a kid’s attention.
Outschool lets you set class times based on your availability, which is ideal for stay at home moms.
Most classes are live and the teachers are very engaging.
You choose the content and how many students can be in each class.
I love the transparency that Outschool shows by allowing parents to leave reviews of the teacher and even individual classes.
Outschool offers a chance to hang out with other kids and a new adult.
They have straightforward application process.
I really appreciate that flexibility.
The classes are interactive, so it isn’t your child just watching a video; they are actually have a teacher and classmates.
The site is that is very user friendly.
The best thing about Outschool is that they complete the list of the new topics and subjects requested by parents.
There are tens of thousands of courses to choose from.
You can schedule classes whenever you want.
You can sign up for classes minutes before the class starts.
You can collect decent coins.
There are opportunities for virtual meetups with other teachers.
You can teach almost any subject you’re passionate about.
You can teach fun and creative topics. It depends on student demand, but you can get away from teaching only English.
One-time classes start as low as $5.
Teacher training resources are provided.
You can set your own pay.
The classes are interactive and my daughter gets to see other kids and also engage with them.
Kids can engage with each other and the teacher.
There are many options geared specifically for special needs students.
Most of these teachers are either retired professors or phD holders, while others have everyday experience with students and are exceptionally good with kids.
Your kids can practice social skills.
There are no unexpected costs involved.
Teachers set their own pay rates.
With so many options, there’s truly something for everyone.
Outschool gives you the flexibility to teach any or many subjects as per your interests.
Learners can choose their favorite one and dive deeply into their interests.
Outschool does the marketing part for you to focus only on teaching.
Teaching without Outschool could be highly popular if you’re pricing your classes right and they end up being popular.
Your child can have a fun, engaging learning experience at any hour from the comfort of your own home rather than just vegging out on the couch in front of the TV.
There are so many cool classes for kids to take.
The students are amazing.
You can earn a high hourly rate for your time (4 students paying $25 is $100 an hour for example).
You can teach at different times of the day instead of only early mornings (relevant for US based teachers).
Outschool makes it very easy to click a button and invite other people to the class you registered for.
It’s helping to give my child a learning experience that keeps him excited.
You can decide how much you want to teach.
The good thing about that is Outschool is cracking down on copy/paste classes.
Outschool also markets for you.
It helps in building relationships with the families.
There are so many interesting classes on Outschool.
Outschool keeps classes small so that kids have more of an opportunity to be heard and interact with the teacher and other students.
Instructors are background checked to ensure safety.
I love that Outschool allows a kid to interact with a teacher and other students during the lesson.
You can teach at any time of the day.

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❌ Cons

It takes a while to build up your following.
You have to set money aside for taxes.
If a class doesn’t reach its minimum enrollment, it’s typically cancelled.
Some classes can be a little pricey.
If your child has specials needs they live up to the teacher to decide if they will accommodate the child in their class.
There isn’t any guarantee of getting students for teacher’s sessions.
You might get bad reviews.
With so much to choose from, all bases seem to be covered. I really couldn’t find a con with Outschool.
Teacher experiences vary.
Payment is required upfront.
There are so many teachers offering, so many classes, and minimal oversight on quality.
I originally thought the price was a little steep.
The only real downside I can see about teaching with Outschool is the service fee Outschool charges.
They have complicated (although generous) refund policy options.
Your income will fluctuate from month to month.
It’s incredibly overwhelming to sort through all classes.
You must be from a select countries to become a teacher.
You need to apply and be approved by Outschool.
Teachers must prepare their own lessons.
If you forget your password and try to sign in multiple times you will get block out by IT and let’s just say it’s a hassle to get the problem solve.
As it’s a freelance class platform, you need to actually design, teach and prepare for each class.
Outschool’s commission rate is 30% which is a bit high considering how much work and planning is needed. We think 20% would be a more fair rate.
You have to deal directly with parents.
Outschool charges a commission.
You have to manage your expectations.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, I would think Outschool would be having 3.5 to 4 Star Rating which means that you can try the platform but you should be aware of many teachers are unsatisfied with the platform. That being said, Outschool has achieved scale and can be great choice for passionate teachers who want to teach what they love. Outschool can help you generate some additional income by working from home.
I think as long as you have reasonable expectations for it, and you understand how the system works, then you can have a great experience there. And even if you hit a mediocre class, it’s still just a few dollars lost, and likely a better experience than your kids would have had being passive couch potatoes.
You do not have to pay anyone for training on the Outschool platform, you do not need a mentor to succeed, there is no mandatory requirements for having a mentor, and all training is provided for free.
Outschool is perfect for a variety of course options. Students can choose courses that they need a la carte. Courses are also great for fulfilling elective credits for high school students. Students learn on any device with live video chat classes that fit your learner’s needs, interests, and schedule.
Outschool is a platform that connects online teachers with students from around the world. Teachers create their own lesson materials and teach classes about subjects they’re passionate about. It’s a great platform and puts teachers in control of their own success.
From my experience, teaching on Outschool is a great way to make a side income doing something that you love. If you are a creative person, it could be the perfect platform for you!
I think this is really important: the people who will have the most success on Outschool are good teachers. Whether you’re a teacher by trade or by passion or both, Outschool classes seem to be the most successful when they are taught by people who understand course design, classroom management, distance learning strategies, and how to engage with a wide variety of students.
We love that there are so many classes to choose from on just about any topic! So whether you are looking to help your kid find their next passion, want to nurture their interests, need extracurricular or after-school activities, or want a virtual “camp”, Outschool has options for your kids!
In my opinion, Outschool is a unique way and opportunity for education; it’s the best way to enhance your child’s ability, interests, and learning levels. Personally, I love that Outschool is a part of my kid’s learning process. My daughter enjoys both the classes, the group classes as well as one-on-one classes.
With its wide variety of secure and affordable online courses covering both academic and life skills classes, we think that Outschool is an attractive option for enriching your child’s education. Whether you’re a homeschooling parent, a traditional schooling parent looking for some enrichment, or someone who’s looking for a microschooling alternative, Outschool might be just what you’re looking for.
From my family’s point of view, Outschool is not only a major time saver and an opportunity for educational engagement when worksheets get tedious and my skills as a teacher are maxed out, but it’s a way to give children a unique learning experience, tailored to their interests and learning levels. We fully plan to continue with Outschool’s weekend and after school classes once our son returns to his traditional public school.
Outschool is a virtual teaching platform that allows kids to choose from and enroll in thousands of different live, small group classes. If your kids are interested in anything – you can probably find it on Outschool. The classes range in price from approximately $8-$20. Some classes are very in-depth coding or one on one music lessons, which will cost more. Other classes are more gentle reading group lessons or art lessons that will be less expensive.
Outschool is a unique opportunity for teachers. Unlike iTalki where anyone can teach anything to students of any age, Outschool is specifically focused on K-12 students. If you’ve been looking to get started with teaching online but want to teach something you have a deep knowledge and interest in, consider looking atOutschool.Itt takes time to get setup, but there are teachers who are making thousands of dollars each moth.
If you’re looking for a flexible way to make money online, that doesn’t require special certifications or licensing. Anyone can sign up to become an Outschool teacher and if you’re approved, start making money right away.
Outschool is an amazing platform for teachers who want to offer classes about topics they love. Sharing our passions with students is such a joy and Outschool makes it easy for teachers to do exactly that. With excellent teacher training resources, high earning potential, and the chance to share a topic you love with the world, it’s worth giving Outschool a try.

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