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✅ Pros

You can take advantage of Owner perks and save money.
Review Pros
When we examined Ownr’s pricing structure, we found that their services are significantly less expensive than hiring a lawyer.
If you open an RBC business bank account for your new corporation, you can get up to $300 back on your Ownr fees.
Ownr pricing is quite competitive and it varies depending on the province and the type of business you want to register.
Ownr has partnered with several brands to help you get your new business started and running smoothly.
When you incorporate a new business and sign up for the managed corporation service, you save an extra $100 discount off of the incorporation fee.
Once you register your business, you take advantage of exclusive offers and potentially save up to $5,000.
You can incorporate your business in a matter of minutes and on your own schedule.
Ownr has a simple , easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
It does all the hard jobs for you so that you can focus on other areas of your business.
‍It’s much less expensive to incorporate your business with Ownr than to go the more traditional route of using a lawyer.
You have all the tools and resources you need to build and manage your business according to federal or provincial laws.
You will get $300 or $89 cashback when you open an RBC Business Bank Account for incorporation or sole proprietorship through Ownr.
Ownris backed by one of Canada’s leading big banks, RBC. You can be sure that you’re dealing with a reliable and regulated fintech company.
You can save money with simple pricing and a one-time fee.
You can access your corporate documents and information through Ownr’s online portal instead of having to drive down to a lawyer’s office.
Ownr provides the tools and information that you need to incorporate and then manage the administration of your corporation.
After registering your business with Ownr, you could get up to $300 back if you open an RBC business banking account.
You can save quite a bit of money using Ownr.
It is an easy way to register a business in Canada.
One of the benefits of Ownr is that the services take the guesswork out of the registration process.
New RBC business bank account holders benefit from additional savings.
After registering your business, you can get a 50% discount for the branding tool, Tailor Brands.
Ownr sends off your application for processing and you can get your business license via email within one business day in Ontario and Alberta.
When you register your business with Ownr and open an RBC business bank account within 60 days, you receive a cash back amount based on your business type and province.
They’ve partnered with some great companies to provide entrepreneurs with resources to get their businesses off the ground.
You can generate several different legal documents.
You can also get discounts on Vistaprint, TELUS Business, HeirLume, Xero, eBay, among others.
Ownr has a partnership with RBC that allows you to get some or all the registration fees you paid back, if you open a business account with RBC.
Registering your business with Ownr is simple.
Ownr is partnered with RBC, which gives you the benefit of getting some or all of your registration fees back when you open a business account with RBC.
You can have all the documents you need to incorporate your business prepared for you.
In addition to helping entrepreneurs start their businesses, Ownr also provides automated legal services.
Ownr has an affiliate program that pays you when people sign up through your referral link and use Ownr to register their business.

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❌ Cons

As of writing this article, you can only use Ownr if you’re located in British Columbia, Alberta or Ontario.
It is only available in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.
If you’re incorporating with a lawyer, you will be able to get advice and answers to specific legal questions from your lawyer. Ownr has great tools and support, but no access to a lawyer.
One drawback of Ownr is that it’s only available in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.
They only offer business registration services in three provinces. Those provinces are Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.
Ownr currently only supports sole proprietors and corporations. If you’re looking to set up a partnership or joint venture, Ownr isn’t for you.
Partnerships and co-operatives are not currently available.
Currently, only the residents of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta can register or incorporate business on Ownr.
Currently, you can only register a sole proprietorship or corporation through Ownr.
With Ownr, you can only register either a sole proprietorship or a corporation.
Partnerships cannot be registered.
It only handles sole proprietorship and corporation business structure.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I still maintain that Ownr is a cost-effective alternative for registering or incorporating a business in Canada. But if you can do it yourself, you can save even more in the long run. A lawyer should be your last option of registering or incorporating a business in Canada due to their expensive fees and time-consuming process.
Using Ownr is cheaper and far more straightforward than registering your business yourself or employing a lawyer to do the work. And, compared to a website that offers a similar service, their pricing is competitive. However, their perks, discounts and add-ons are unparalleled. This is why we highly recommend registering or incorporating your business through Ownr.
If you’re looking to start a business but haven’t yet done so because of all the hurdles to overcome when you’re first setting it up, Ownr can help. For an affordable fee compared to what you’d pay for a lawyer’s help, you can quickly get all the legalities out of the way and start doing what you’re passionate about.
Overall, my Ownr review is very positive. From deciding on a legal structure and registering the business to setting up your accounting systems, starting a new business could be overwhelming. Ownr has you covered with the business registration part.
Overall, the ease of use and low cost of using Ownr make it an excellent choice for business owners who want to incorporate their business.
Whether you end up choosing to register a sole proprietorship or incorporate your business, Ownr can help you achieve your dreams at a lower cost compared to using the services of a lawyer. You could easily save $800+ when incorporating a business provincially or federally by using their service. If you choose to open a business account at RBC at the same time, you could also get all or most of the fees you paid back!
If you’re planning to launch a sole proprietorship business or corporation in the near future, I highly recommend checking out Ownr to handle your business registration. If it’s a corporation, consider Ownr for the ongoing management services that they offer as well.

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