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✅ Pros

I didn’t have to step outdoors to get a dripping-sweat workout.
Review Pros
The device is also foldable, making it the perfect gym-companion device to take with you when you’re traveling.
This portable gym only weighs 2 lbs and can easily be taken with you anywhere.
This device does offer a ton of exercise variety.
The personal gym also comes with a three-year warranty.
The machine supports a wide range of exercises.
OYO’s patented DoubleFlex activation provides resistance to opposing muscle groups in each movement, allowing you to build a balanced body in less time.
Purchasing the Oyo Nova grants you access to a wide variety of exclusive workout videos.
You’ll also get a wall chart with 75 different exercises you can perform with the OYO.
The device has two attachments you can use to adjust the resistance to your ability level for a variety of different types of workouts that strengthen your legs, arms and core.
The official website offers free shipping and does not mention any exclusions.
The OYO Personal Gym is designed as a portable fitness machine.
The device is made of heavy-duty polymer and comes equipped with nylon coated stainless steel cables for maximum durability.
You can use the mat for virtually any fitness activity you have in mind, making it extremely functional.
It is compact and lightweight.
Portable design, compact and ultra-lightweight, but offers a total-body that allows you to workout anywhere.
Even though it’s light, some of its exercises feel really effective
As portable gyms go, the Oyo Nova is among the simplest ones we’ve come across considering the number of exercises it offers.
There are no heavy or bulky weights to battle.
There is a 3 year no questions asked warranty on your equipment.
Resistance bands offer quick and effective results comparable to traditional free weights.
I liked the portability of OYO Fitness.
The OYO Fitness exercise mat’s thick 6mm material makes it a breeze to roll and unroll.
Apart from the research available to support the working mechanism, the personal gym relies on to reflect which technology is accepted by NASA.
It is easy to travel with.
It got my blood flowing and helped me keep my focus throughout the day.
It can be used virtually anywhere.
You will see real results fast.
It is easy to store anywhere due to its small size.
I liked the versatility.
There are no heavyweights.
The device has been torture tested and is built to last.
It allows for a wide range of exercises.
SpiraFlex technology feels amazing.
I really liked that OYO made it clear where I should start by offering the 10-Week Challenge.
When we’re able to travel again, tossing the OYO in a carry-on bag would be a good away-from-home workout choice.
It is suitable for new through to intermediate plus level users.
It addresses all aspects of fitness.
It can support a broad range of exercises.
Fitness beginners can easily benefit from it while intermediate and advanced users can still get a sense of progression.
There is a generous 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your OYO Personal Gym.
Very clear instructions are backed up by excellent video workouts to keep you motivated.
It allows a wide range of exercises.
Users have access to at least 60 workout programs and videos that help both women and men to use the OYO Personal GYM system.
Resistance and weight training can help with a variety of issues.
Users can easily build muscle and increase their flexibility, as well as burn fat and strengthen their chest, back, arms, core, abs and legs, all while increasing their cardio endurance.
It is very lightweight.
I liked the build quality.
I found it was an excellent way to start the day.
The OYO Personal Gym comes backed by a full 3-year warranty.
The OYO GYM device (the OYO Personal Gym LE) is extremely lightweight, weighing only 2 lbs.
I tried the first two weeks of the challenge and liked that those sessions are around 20 minutes long with no guesswork as to what comes next.
The OYO Fitness exercise mat features 6mm of strong PVC material that’s held up extremely well.
The personal gym has a portable design.
The OYO Fitness exercise mat comes at a fair price, especially compared to top of the line yoga mats.
You also get a wall chart with 75 different exercises along with access to a workout app and videos that you can find on YouTube.
I liked the compact size.
They have great customer service.
Oyo offers a thirty-day, money-back guarantee as long as the product remains unused.
You can workout anywhere.
Flexible range of resistance discs are supplied as standard.
You can also download the free OYO coaching app as well as watch the free workout videos online.
OYO even designed a 10-week challenge you can access if you want to perform the guided workouts.
The company provides a workout app available to iPhone users and you can access full workout videos via Vimeo and a smaller collection of workout videos on YouTube.
It is lghtweight yet sturdy.
This device works with exclusive technology, with one of the most famous known as SpiraFlex.
There are various coupons available and you can also pay via several flexible payment options.
One of the best things about the OYO gym is how compact and lightweight it is.

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❌ Cons

Desired exercises with the OYO may be awkward/difficult to attempt for some people.
All of my devices are Android so I had to borrow my wife’s phone to use the app.
A smartphone companion app would’ve been a great inclusion.
The biggest complaint users seem to have with regards to the exercises themselves is that 25 lb of resistance is too light for a lot of the moves.
The OYO, when fully extended, doesn’t let me open my shoulders and chest all the way.
I had to reconnect each time I used the OYO device, which took a few tries.
Ability to add more flexpacks can be improved.
The 10 to 25-lbs of resistance may not be enough for people who are looking for a heavier workout.
Only one color option is available.
It can take a while to get used to switching between weights.
The resistance offered will not be enough for people who are already strong and buff.
The device may feel awkward to use when you are learning.
I think this device was designed with muscle toning more in mind than building massive strength.
The middle of the OYO—with the FlexPacks in the center—swings around freely.
The OYO Fitness website has a link to an OYO app, but it doesn’t appear to exist anymore.
Although the OYO is good at creating resistance that works out your muscles, it’s difficult to control, at least at first.
Some parts of the product may slip during use.
It may be a little pricey for some.
I didn’t find the rep tracking to be all that helpful.
Only 25 lbs of resistance, which might not be enough for people who are already buff (this is for fitness, toning and weight loss – not for bodybuilding).
The machine can be expensive for some.
It maybe awkward to use when you are learning.
There are no accessories.
Flexpack spindles go out of orientation and tools are needed to fix them.
There are concerns over long-term build quality.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All in all, the OYO is an innovative product that does live up to its claims of providing a complete body workout in a portable format – if it lasts! Concerns over long-term build quality leave a cloud over what is otherwise an extremely well thought out product.
Overall, the OYO Personal Gym is one of the more affordable pieces of exercise equipment available on the market today. The value for the price is truly unbeatable considering you are getting access to multiple gym machines in one device that is compact and easy to travel with. Additionally, when you purchase the OYO Personal Gym PRO you will have access to their exclusive exercises and workouts along with a convenient app if you are an iPhone user.
The OYO Gym will be a great buy if you want the benefits of a home gym in a small, light, and portable package. It won’t suit you if you are a bodybuilder or powerlifter. Nor will it work for you if you are looking to achieve an elite level of fitness. It is, however, ideal for a beginner or a moderately active person who wants to improve their general strength and conditioning.
It’s safe to say that OYO Personal Gym is a reliable option for weight loss and muscle building. Apart from the research available to support the working mechanism, the personal gym relies on to reflect which technology is accepted by NASA. Astronauts have used the system to stay fit in the International Space Station. However, this exercise solution can be considered expensive by some.
For now, I’ll happily use the OYO to work out at home in order to stay safe and healthy. Though not all the exercises knock my socks off, following the OYO’s 10-week plan takes the guesswork out of designing my own program. Your mileage may vary, but for me, the OYO is currently worth it, despite my complaints. But I imagine once I’m vaccinated, and life slowly starts to eke its way back to normal, the OYO will retire to the back of my closet.
This is another type of device that is individually subjective, and while it may not be a fit for all, it does a great job for me, and enough so that they get two thumbs up.
The OYO Fitness reversible yoga / exercise mat is everything we wanted it to be. As a core component of our home gym setup, it’s held up phenomenally and provided an excellent surface for exercise. If OYO Fitness had included extra accessories or information as a bonus, we’d have easily given this exercise mat a perfect score. However, it wasn’t necessary, and we’re still 100% satisfied with our purchase. If you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level, check out the OYO Fitness exercise mat. You’ll be glad you did!
OYO Personal Gym is a great fit for someone who already participates in a consistent strength/resistance training plan and wants a device they can travel with and use in an airport or at a hotel that doesn’t have suitable weightlifting options.
The device is relatively uncomplicated, making it easier to work out when you want a simple workout device that can be paired with varying workout routines. With a large number of video workouts and training programs, it is tough to get bored with Oyo – there are so many options available so that you can always be shaking things up.
Oyo Nova provides the perfect gym solution for fitness buffs who are always on the go or people who are struggling to find the right way to exercise given the ongoing pandemic situation. It’s compact enough that you can take it with you anywhere you go yet provides an intense enough workout that even seasoned gym enthusiasts will feel satisfied.
Overall, I think this device is well designed and priced wisely to appeal to a lot of people. I think it would make a great addition to any home gym arsenal, especially for those who do find themselves traveling often for work. Is it going to replace your home gym or weight set? No, but it can definitely help keep you on track while you’re away from the gym or stuck at work.
Overall, I am surprised by how helpful the OYO Personal Gym is. As a runner, cyclist, and roller derby skater, I primarily focus on my legs and have neglected my upper body for decades. Consequently, I suffer from chronic back pain. The OYO Personal Gym changed all of this. Now, I have an easy way to fit a challenging full-body workout into my fitness regimen without having to leave my home. I strongly recommend the OYO to anyone interested in improving their overall physical fitness. I also suggest that you seriously commit to the 10-Week Challenge if you do give the OYO a shot.
The OYO Personal Gym is proven to strengthen and shape your body wherever you are, making it perfect for total body fitness, allowing you to get lean and fit incredibly fast within a busy work schedule.This makes it one of the best full body portable gym equipment sets that are currently available on the market.
This exercise equipment is excellent. It is convenient and fun. I am a health and exercise enthusiast. The OYO Personal Gym takes away all of the usual excuses that people come up with for not exercising. You don’t have to go to the gym. The gym is at your side. You don’t need a lot of space or a dedicated area in your home.
We’d definitely recommend the OYO Personal Gym by Oyo Fitness if you are currently looking for home training equipment that can help you perform a total body workout in a limited space. It can be used to help you get toned, fit and lose weight. Just remember if you’re a bodybuilder that it’s not a replacement for heavy weights.

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