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✅ Pros

The is similar to a resistance band, with a glove-like design so you can leave your fingers free.
Review Pros
I never got super sore.
They’re perfect for at-home workouts and those days when you can’t or don’t want to go to your gym to exercise.
It doesn’t bulk you.
These are low-impact classes.
You can select workouts by length of time, type of equipment used, what area you’d like to target, etc.
. Their unique equipment makes sure this is an efficient total body workout.
There are workouts for every length of time you have available to you.
I loved the challenges.
Customer reviews indicate the workouts lead to results.
There’s always enough variety in workouts that you’ll never get bored.
You can get a personalized workout calendar and following it will get you the results you want.
It is convenient.
The workouts can be done with equipment (or without), but it’s all light.
A P.volve membership features a assortment of over 200 exercise movies, and new courses are added weekly.
Over the course of the program, exercises are never repeated.
You will not get sweaty during these workouts.
P.volve additionally provides bundles of kit and subscriptions, so it can save you whilst you sculpt.
It’s so low-impact it’s accessible to almost anyone.
I loved that I could do 1000 sit-ups in a row without breaking a sweat.
The courses will be streamed on-line or by way of an app.
The workouts focus on strengthening and sculpting through functional movement.
This program is meant to create long & lean lines.
The products also include a free 15-day all access pass to P.volve’s online streaming site, which holds more than 150 workouts.
P.volve has an awesome nutrition section with delicious recipes, ranging anywhere from snacks to desserts and entrees.
There are always new videos to try.
If you don’t have the app and just want a DVD, there’s a starter kit that will hook you up.
If you thrive on structure or love how BBG lays out which workouts to do, you’ll love that functionality in P.volve streaming too.
Because P.volve is based on physical therapy and “pre-hab” techniques, the workouts are really good for you from a functional perspective.
It gets resuts.
Each week, the P.volve app curates a list of suggested workouts for you based on your fitness goals.
It’s low-impact nature makes it an all-round winner in terms of strength building and muscle toning.
You’ll improve your overall health while building an enhanced physique.
You really feel like you got an excellent workout in without being so spent that you can’t function.
There is a community for people who are participating in the P valve 30-day challenge so you can share your progress and get support.
Like BBG, P.volve doesn’t require a ton of equipment or a gym.
It felt relaxing the way a yoga class does.
I love that Stephen’s method doesn’t involve tiring muscles out so that they’re “screaming.”
No equipment is necessary.
It’s super affordable.
Every week, the P.volve app curates a listing of instructed exercises for you primarily based in your health targets.
I absolutely love P.volve’s browser-based streaming platform,
The majority of the movements can be done without the use of equipment.
The classes can be streamed online or through an app.
The workout give you a lot of awareness of different muscles in your body.
Their equipment is really unique and is made to target specific muscles and create long, lean definition.
I love the precision of the movements.
It is affordabe.
You’ll get the workout you put in.
The app is super convenient.
The equipment is lightweight.
I loved the community.
The founder, Stephen Pasterino (also known as P), has really recruited a great group of instructors to walk you through the program.
A P.volve membership includes a collection of over 200 workout videos, and new classes are added weekly.
It is ideal for those who like to workout at home.
Every P.volve workout can be done using only your own bodyweight.
You can use the P.volve app to set goals, get a custom plan, track progress and find nutrition and recipe guides.

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❌ Cons

There is no money-back guarantee on the workouts.
It can be difficult to ‘feel’ at first.
Classes vary in production quality.
The form can take some time to learn & master.
If you were not to perform some of the moves correctly, you could experience injury or soreness.
The workouts are likely more effective with the company’s specialty equipment.
The website can feel overwhelming at first.
It does tend to crash or freeze when you’re using their mobile app.
It may not be intense enough of a workout for some people.
It would be awesome to see P come back for more workouts in the future.
You absolutely don’t need the equipment when you’re getting started, but as you keep doing the workouts you’ll want to build on your progress and purchase them anyway.
It is not by any means an easy workout.
I occasionally wished the P.volve instructors showed a bit more of their personality in their workouts.
Personally, I prefer the less produced videos that include Stephen, the creator of the method leads from earlier on the in the program.
At this time, there are no nutritional plans to go along with the P.Volve program.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
P.vovle is a virtual fitness platform focusing on low-impact movements that let you follow this Victoria’s Secret model’s workout at home. However, you may not find it rigorous enough to give you a runway-ready physique.
I really didn’t think that I could get that same feeling of elegance, strength, and poise outside of my ballet past, but here I am, spending an hour (max) every day working muscles I have neglected for years. Thanks P, and thanks Rachel. You guys rock.
Overall, this workout is a great option for you if you’re looking for something completely different, low impact and gentle on your body but challenging enough to see results. The exercises are unique from the usual squats, lunges and tricep curls (think elements of swimming, barre, and Pilates), so you’ll have to reset your thinking and embrace the method.
I absolutely love P.Volve & definitely think it is worth it. I love the method & really believe that it works. It was started to fix a problem that women were facing when working out & is based on science, which is what I love most about it. I think for anyone wanting to lean out, tone, & really focus on functional movements it’s an amazing program.
In the end, I would recommend P.volve to two kinds of people: those who are looking for low-impact at-home workouts that aren’t too intense, and those who are short on time and want efficient workout routines that focus on figure and form over pain and sweat.
I really loved the p.volve workouts. I loved the layout and the overall relaxation I felt after the workouts. I never got super sore, I woke up some days with my muscles feeling tense but never the soreness you feel after a heavy strength day. I would suggest incorporating p.volve workouts into your routine 2-3x a week. If you have goals to lose weight, I would incorporate some cardio. These workouts don’t get your heart level super high. Overall, great program and I loved my experience.
This can be helpful if you notice other programs causing bulk and changes in your shape that you don’t like…But it probably won’t help you reach your weight loss goals the same way an appetite suppressant or fat burner would.
If you’re searching for a new way to strengthen and tone your muscles, you should try the P.ball and for unexpectedly effective results. They’re available for purchase separately or bundled in the Premium P.volve Kit for a slight discount.
With P.volve, I know I’m going to break a little sweat and get a good burn going and I love feeling all those little muscles I didn’t realize I had working to shape my body. Even though the 30 Day Evolution program is repetitive, I know it helped me build the foundation I need to succeed at the more challenging P.volve workouts I’m doing now.
By the end of the workout, I’m toast. Two bands, a small inflatable ball and an hour with Maeve has shown me the true effect of small and focused movements executed perfectly. Ideal for those who like to workout at home, the equipment is lightweight and yet heavy-duty: You’ll get the workout you put in, basically.
I’m only 11 workouts in to my 90 day challenge (I have to complete 16 in 30 days which is up on February 8) but I already feel stronger and leaner, which is what P.volve aims to create: a leaner, less bulky and feminine physique. I can’t wait to share results once I’m done.
P.volve DEFINITELY gets the Elyse Wellness stamp of approval. And because it’s so low-impact it’s accessible to almost anyone, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. I find a get the best results when I’m combining P.volve workouts some cardio (I love hip hop dance classes and try to walk at least 30 minutes a day).
In order for you a exercise that can outline your muscular tissues and form your curves, with out forcing you to sweat profusely, P.volve is perhaps for you.

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