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✅ Pros

Magpul technology has been incorporated.
Review Pros
While unremarkable in itself, the AK-V is equipped with a Magpul AK grip that is standard for most firearms of this kind.
Lifetime Warranty is offered.
Magpul kit makes it pretty good with the buttstock and pistol grip.
It’s an AR-15 with M-Lok so the sky’s the limit.
It is easily customized.
Palmetto State Armory has a large amount of reloading items for sale including kit accessories, brass, bullets, presses, priming tools, reloading equipment, etc.
The barrel is made out of 4150 Chrome-Moly Vanadium and is nitride finished.
I am entirely happy with the 16″ stainless option since it checks all the boxes, a midlength gas system, 1:7 twist rate, and chambered in 5.56 NATO.
It’s an affordable entry-level rifle.
It is very reliable.
The PSA PA-9 features an 8-inch chrome-moly steel barrel chambered in 9mm, of course.
It is super affordable.
The Palmetto State Armory components and rifles are really well priced.
Mil-spec everything makes it easy to swap out parts.
It has an excellent AR-15 style design.
In terms of aesthetics, the complete gun is an attractive package.
It is an affordable 1000 yard rifle.
They even have a Lifetime Warranty on their PSA firearms.
Pretty average here but could use more consistency in color.
The lower is assembled with a Palmetto State Armory MOE SBA3 lower build kit with a Magpul Grip, PSA six-position buffer tube, and SBA3 Adjustable Brace.
It is made in the USA.
After some minor break-in to loosen things up…my PSA uppers were fully reliable at my current round count of 1500 across all three.
The lower is assembled with a Palmetto State Armory MOE SBA3 lower build kit with a Magpul Grip, PSA six-position buffer tube, and SBA3 Adjustable Brace.
The trigger offers stright, clean, and crisp pull.
Palmetto State Armory offers a large selection of handguns, rifles, shotguns, and various firearm parts and accessories.
The rifle has a Magpul pistol grip.
Zeroing the rifle is easy, it has an illuminated reticle, and magnification adjustments are easy.
The top of the receiver is fully covered in Picatinny rail.
The company also sells reloading-focused books, DVDs, and software for those who want to begin reloading their own ammunition.
Palmetto State Armory’s customer service has been top notch.
It is an accurate gun capable of MOA or better groups with all ammo types.
The break allows the AK-V to shoot with negligible muzzle rise.
I got the triangle folding brace and I love it.
Short bungee sections absorb shock.
It is padded for comfort.
Compared to other online firearm retail store websites, Palmetto State Armory has helpful search features, especially for new site visitors.
The recoil impulse feels like an AR, but a touch softer than a standard carbine gas system rifle thanks to the mid-length gas tube.
It is durable.
The magazine release is all standard to military specifications.
It is affordable.
It works great with optics and scopes.
It has great trigger assembly.
Compared to other online firearm retail store websites, Palmetto State Armory has helpful search features, especially for new site visitors.
I really like the ability to use the slim panels without the A2 finger groove.
The magazine release is a paddle style release and works well for both right and left-handed shooters.
It’ll do its job within mil-spec with regular plinking ammo, and seems to like PMC Bronze overall the best
If you head over to their site, you’ll notice that they have lots of daily sales and limited time discounts.
If you aren’t impressed with 1.53 MOA out of an upper that can be had for under $300, I don’t know what to tell you.
Palmetto State Armory AR-15 was one of the first AR-15s to pass the AK Operators Union 5000 round torture test.

❌ Cons

It is made just up to mil-spec standards.
Rifle is heavier than most AR-15 rifles.
There is a touch of creep as the trigger breaks
It can take some time to get on the phone with a customer service representative.
They don’t come with a ton of bells and whistles.
It has basic features as compared to more expensive options.
To cancel an order, customers have to call the Palmetto State Armory customer service department to start the process.
This AR shoots much better with heavier ammo, not great with anything lower than 69 grain.
The ETS magazines that ship with the gun were not without their issues either.
Most larger companies make a better AR (2x price of PSA though).
Historically, PSA hasn’t had a great reputation as far as quality goes.
It is not accurate at longer ranges.
Your AK-V setup will be largely dependent on what handguard you choose.
I tested a 50-round drum that I got from Gun Mag Warehouse, and do not recommend it.
I wish it came from PSA with a muzzle brake to stay on target easier.
Most buyers have noted that, if you order on a Monday, you won’t get your stuff by the weekend. It usually takes five days or more for Palmetto State Armory orders to arrive.
Although Palmetto State Armory has helpful website features, a price comparison tool is not one of them.
The price is subject to change at a moment’s notice.
Sharp edges on the free float rail.
It runs large.
Free-floating handguard is thin but a little too sharp around the edges.
Sometimes popular options become out of stock.
Some cosmetic corners get cut.
A free-floating barrel used by Colt and HK are more accurate than the PSA AR-15.
Spotting impacts was hard at times.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Palmetto State Armory builds a great rifle for the price and I would highly recommend picking up a 224 Valkyrie from them if you are looking to shoot 1000yds with an AR-15!
Whether you’re new to AR-style rifles, or just want a quality gun that when purchased, won’t break the bank – The Palmetto State Armory rifle models have to be a solid bet.
The PSA PA-9 is a nice little budget gun overall. In the end, the choice is up to you.
I am super happy with how the build turned out, the only thing I have changed about the rifle is I removed the RMR. There just wasn’t a need for the second optic on a rifle that is going to almost exclusively be shot from a bench at 100 to 200 yards.
Buy the AK-V. The only regret you’ll have is how much you’ll have to spend on ammo to get your fix shooting this fantastic firearm
The complaints about Palmetto State Armory are probably overblown. And, the PSA superfans may be exaggerating how awesome Palmetto State Armory rifles are. But, if you buy a rifle from Palmetto State Armory, you’ll get a quality firearm. You may not get it quickly. But, you’ll be happy with it once it arrives.
The PSA AR-15 offers spectacular value in an entry-level AR with utter reliability across three tested variants. Accuracy and looks are decent with some slight variations in black anodizing. But with a price point of under $500 for a complete rifle with lifetime warranty, it’s a no-brainer.
Overall, Palmetto State Armory has several impressive top-brand products in stock and has a good online presence as well as a solid customer base.
Palmetto State Armory makes a formidable offering in this upper, lower, or combination thereof. At this price point, it would be hard, if not impossible to beat. As it comes from PSA, this rifle would be a fantastic first AR or a great addition for a gun collection giving you a capable rifle for the range, training, home defense or hunting.
PSA may get a bad rap for being so bargain-bin, but don’t judge them based off their prices alone–just take a look at reviews and comments across the gun-webs to see just how well-loved these rifles are.
Palmetto State Armory is a Veteran owned and operated company that makes us think of an Amazon or Walmart for guns and gear. Anything you could want, from firearms, optics, scopes, backpacks, gun parts, holsters, etc., can be purchased from PSA online with surprising ease. PSA guns are manufactured and distributed from the store itself, which allows them to offer incredibly well-made guns at a much lower price than any other manufacturer we know of.

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