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✅ Pros

Paradigm Peptides has a huge product selection, including peptides, SARMs, PCT supplements, nootropics, CBD and other research chemicals.
Review Pros
Bitcoin is an accepted payment method on their website.
Multiple payment methods are available.
Third party testing shows purity between 98-99%.
You can buy your products from Paradigm Peptides and get the best deals and offers on your orders.
They partner with many other companies to expand their services and deliver their products all over the world.
Paradigm Peptides has some of the best prices on the market.
They have very up to date blog.
The company does well at building a brand, with a solid reputation for research materials over the last 6-years.
This company offers high-quality SARMs, available in prepackaged or raw bulk powder.
Paradigm Peptides is one of the leading brands that manufacture high-quality peptides that are best out in the market.
International shipping is available.
The elimination of TFA from the peptides, and the packing techniques for the vials makes this company stand out in terms of its quality assurance processes.
There are a handful of ways to reach Paradigm Peptides: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, by phone, email and through an opt-in form on the website.
Paradigm Peptides offer an easy-to-navigate site with all the top SARMS available.
We like the extra care the company takes with the manufacturing process.
They have a wide selection of research liquids and tablets, including peptides, SARMs, and Nootropics.
A wide variety of products are available.
Paradigm peptides claims to offer 98 to 99% purity and authenticity in the company’s products.
Their SARMs come in capsule form, which are perfect for newbies to SARMs, as there is nothing to mismeasure.
It is an established company in business for over 7 years.
Paradigm Peptides offers a custom synthesis service so that your peptides meet quality standards and include proper results.

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❌ Cons

This company has been active for over eight years, yet they don’t have that many reviews about them.
There is 15% restocking fee on returned items.
This company doesn’t incentivize bulk purchases like some other businesses do.
Other companies have more peptides.
Paradigm Peptides ships within 48 hours after receiving payment, which means they lag behind companies that offer same-day shipping.
Other companies have better reviews on Reddit.
There are no returns on peptides.
They have limited refund policy.
After spending considerable time searching for HPLC tests and CoAs on the site, I’ve come to the realization that there are none.
There is 15% restocking fee on returned items.
No liquid solutions are available.

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Review Summaries
Paradigm Peptides is a good vendor with lots of room for improvement, especially when you consider their lack of quality control. Regrettably, I won’t be able to include them to my list of recommended SARMs companies, since their lab reports are not accessible to thepublic.Too conclude this Paradigm Peptides review, this company brings a lot to the table, although it sometimes feels like they’re spreading themselves too thin.
Paradigm Peptides aims to provide an effective range of high-quality peptides at a low price. They offer free shipping on your orders above $50 along with a hassle-free option for return and refunds. Paradigm Peptides customer service consists of real people ready to answer your call or mail. Make deals with Paradigm Peptides and deal with amazing offers on your orders from the store.
Yes, Paradigm Peptides is a legitimate company and supplier of research compounds. They’ve been in business for several years and have an outstanding reputation as one of the best companies out there in terms of quality and consistency.
The highly experienced team running the Paradigm peptides knows the peptides, SARMs, and the potent nootropic products inside out. With their prime focus placed on the research chemicals and their laboratory testing, Paradigm peptides claims to offer 98 to 99% purity and authenticity in the company’s products.
Paradigm Peptides has built a pretty solid reputation since we first heard of them. The ability to buy your PCT from the same place you get your SARMs is a huge plus. If selection is important to you, this is a great place to shop.

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