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✅ Pros

Having two holes and an excellent ball return gives the Perfect Practice Putting Mat a strong boost in longevity.
Review Pros
The mats come in various lengths.
I think that’s the product’s strongest feature; it’s engaging and fun.
With a life-like feel and also an uphill putt design you can get a real feel for how hard you should be hitting your putts when it comes to hitting them on a real golf course.
The lines helped me see how wobbly or smooth my takeaway was which is a regular issue for me.
This mat is great practice for peak season and the offseason.
The thin mat and short fibres on the surface provide one of the truest putting mats out there.
The smaller secondary hole allows you to test your putting to an even smaller target, which will better reflect your hole out rate from longer distances.
The mat extends to a maximum length of over eight feet.
In terms of ease of use, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is self explanatory: roll the ball into the hole. Make or miss, the ball comes back to you.
The alignment marks on the putting mat help guide your stroke to ensure a straight putt every time.
The mat is just visually appealing; the wood looks classy, the wooden ball return looks great along the side, and the mat itself has a great look to it.
The Perfect Practice Putting Mat comes with the option of lines – solid and dotted.
You can easily see which distance you are putting from.
This is a great point of the product as it can be used at home, in the office, or even in the back garden.
Assembly should take no more than two minutes.
The mat comes with a sleek, well made wooden track that automatically returns your ball to you every time,
The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is 8 foot in length and weighs only 6lbs which makes it both lengthy but also not too large that it isn’t portable.
I would say that the putting mat is fairly portable.
Get more shots in with this great feature as the mat will automatically return your ball so you do not have to go and collect it from off the floor or around furniture.
It has really quick assembly.
It takes seconds to set up and roll in / out between uses and you don’t need more than a press of your foot to get the putting mat flat and rolling true.
Thanks to the ‘train track’ alignment lines and a smaller hole, you can really focus on hitting straight putts.
The thickness makes me think this mat will hold up against the test of time, and end up being an investment that lasts far beyond a season or two.
I think the combination of the retrieval system and the quality of the surface is what makes this product reasonably unique in the current marketplace.
The speed of this mat is quick.
The signature feature, the ball return, works very well.
The material is quite thick and resists slipping, which makes it viable on multiple surfaces.
Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology simulates what it’s like to putt on a real green.
The look of the overall structure and putting mat is sophisticated enough for a nice office, a living or family room, rec room, or really wherever.
Although dealing with a company in LA, I received it within 10 days and their support team were fab at keeping me up to date.
This is one of the best-looking putting mats available with its natural wood finish which means that it will not look like an eyesore if put up at your desk or around your living room furniture.
Having the distances marked, along with the various alignment lines and borders, helps give more structure to what you’re practicing.
The mat is extremely easy to assemble.
Compared to budget putting mats I’ve tried, the artificial turf on the Perfect Practice is a much higher quality.
Golf Sply Co and Zach Allen put together a practice plan to go along with the Perfect Practice mat.
It works great.
Easy storage and setup make for convenient use.
Setting up the Perfect Practice putting mat is about as easy it gets.
The ball return mechanism works really well.
Site and alignment lines, alignment mirror, and reduced hole options allow golfers to work on feel and mechanics at the same time.
Perfect Practice putting mats come in three different sizes, compact, standard, and XL so they are perfect for any room size.
Golf Sply Co claims the Perfect Practice mat will roll anywhere from a 10-14.
For purposes of ease and efficiency in putting practice, a ball return is great to have.
The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is made from crystal velvet material which is high quality.
The different size holes are also real nice to have.

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❌ Cons

It could be a bit long for some spaces.
The seams running around the edge of the mat could be tidied up a little.
£129 is quite a lot to spend to be honest.
Price point is higher than other, similar products.
$150+ for a putting mat isn’t exactly cheap.
Shipping times may vary depending on product availability.
The Perfect Practice putting mat comes in a little more expensive than its competitors.
The artificial turf look is great from far away, but is less appealing closeup.
The mat isn’t super thick, so your surface will play a factor.
Lack of ability to adjust slopes and contours may be a drawback for some golfers.
Your floors may not be level and you may have a natural break in your putts.
I would like to see the smaller hole line reduced by 25 – 50% in width to provide better accuracy when aiming up with my putter.
It is on the higher side for price compared to other putting mats on the market.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
With so many added features and available upgrades, there’s no reason why anyone that purchases this product won’t become a better putter. If you find yourself bored during the cold months of winter, or just want something to do while you’re watching football on a weekend, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is both fun to use, and is sure to help you make more putts.
The Perfect Practice Version 2.0 putting mats have helped thousands improve their putting game, and now you can too. These portable, lightweight, and natural wood finish practice mats are the perfect solution to improving your golf skills when at home or in the office.
If putting is not your strong point I’d get one of these. I’m quite a decent (dead weight) putter, and I have friends scratching their head as to why I’d buy this. But the bottom line is this has given me more confidence to aim to hit the back of the hole. And, I’ve only had it 24 hours!
Overall, I think the Perfect Practice mat combines many of the features missing from some of its competition into one product. You’ll pay more for them, but I suspect that is the main reason why this product has been so popular as of late.
Not all putting mats are created equal, and I think that’s what the team at Perfect Practice wanted to drive home when they made these mats. From our experience these mats are well made, look great, and include a bonus video putting lesson. If you want the best putting mat on the market, grabbing one of these is a no brainer decision.
For golfers of all abilities the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great addition to a selection of golf training aids for home putting stroke practice. It’s surface will allow you to get a consistent feel for what putting on an actual green feels like without spending as much as premium choices. It also comes with a design that is aimed at working on key putting areas.
If you have the space to commit to a putting trainer, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great choice. The ball return makes it easy to put in the time perfecting your stroke. After a few months of draining eight-footers on the mini hole, the regulation size cup will look massive when you get back to the course.
The Perfect Practice putting mat is an excellent in-home option that’s easy to setup/teardown, rolls well, and is a good value compared to the rest of the market. Its solid construction and stronger materials make it a much better option than most of the “more affordable” at-home putting mats. If you’re looking for something to help keep your putting stroke healthy while on quarantine, the Perfect Practice mat is definitely worth your consideration…if you can get your hands on one.
The reasons why I really do love this putting mat are the features that help my putting game and the quality of the product. There is also an attention to detail that indicate the designers put a lot of thought into not only the overall look and feel of their product, but truly wanted to make sure it works and helps golfers improve their golf games.
If you’re on the hunt for a new putting mat or want to upgrade to the best putting mat for skill development I would look no further than the Perfect Practice Mat – this is now my go-to putting mat for practice at home.

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