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✅ Pros

A variety of super toys are featured in this type of box.
Review Pros
There are Pet Treater boxes for dogs and cats, which is nice for multi-pet families.
The yogurt iced honey oat dog biscuit made Bailey lose his mind.
You can specify diet restrictions and special requests.
Pet Treater is also very committed to helping animal shelters throughout the US.
This box offers a great value for the money.
I didn’t have any kind of hassle with Pet Treater on canceling since they allow you to order a single box and don’t force you to opt into a subscription.
Each treat and toy is from well known companies who pride themselves in creating high quality products.
The Pet Treater subscription box is an excellent option for dogs who cannot eat certain treats due to medical reasons.
You can also get a dog/cat box or add multiple pets to your subscription to get additional items for all of your furry family members.
The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly.
For every box shipped, they donate an item to an animal shelter.
We love that they cater to cats with allergies as well.
They ship freely across the globe.
Shipping is free.
You can even tell the customer support team to avoid certain types of toys.
The BBB gives the company a solid “A-” rating, with almost no complaints registered there.
They offer boxes for both cats and dogs.
Pet Treater puts a large emphasis on making dog treats that are organic.
Treater takes each comment seriously and addresses problems kindly and apologetically.
Sometimes items are for humans rather than pets.
If your puppy is a bit high-maintenance, you can get them the Deluxe Box, which contains up to eight toys and treats.
There are also toy-only or treat-only options for small dog packs.
Their website does claim a dedication to sustainability and natural ingredients.
Gift subscriptions are also available.
The Pet Treater Cat Pack is a great way to keep your pet stacked with fun toys and tasty treats.
All items in the box are made in the US or Canada.
All the treats are made in the USA or Canada, so no worries about treats that come from China.
It comes with about four toys.
The quality is awesome.
Ordering a Pet Treater box is very easy.
The company donates to animal shelters throughout the US.
Every month you can expect to find 7-9 items in your Pet Treater dog subscription box.
The box itself has a nice teal color to it, and everything is packed in nicely.
It is also available for cats.
You can choose from a monthly subscription, or pay for multiple months in advance to save even more.
Customer service representatives are always available via live chat, email, or phone.
Their customer support is always available to you through live-chat, Phone & emails.
Pet Treater also has a toy-only plan in which you’ll only get toys for your little friend.
Pet Treater is the cheapest dog subscription box on our list.
By my calculations, the value of everything is about $40.47.
There are unlimited combinations of boxes for all your pets.
All treats made in the USA or Canada.
“Welcome Pack” ships immediately.
Pet treater are manufactured in the USA.
They have easy to navigate website with a useful FAQ section.
Crazy Beaks Ball is a very interesting toy which combines the best of both worlds.
Pet Treater supports animal charities.
We found loads of recent comments describing boxes packed with high-quality toys and treats, and dogs who have even started to recognize the deliveries when they arrive.
Items like stuffed animals, chew toys, and rope pulls will make sure your furry friend will never be bored again.
Each package will include a wide variety of toys, treats, and grooming products that will make your dog happy.
A user can cancel at any time.
You can choose dietary restrictions.

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❌ Cons

Both the pizza bandana and the pizza toy feel pretty cheap to me and aren’t especially easy on the eyes.
These boxes are also only customized according to the size of your dog.
Pet Treater boxes cannot be shipped to other countries, as well as to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Guam.
Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary.
There is no option for pets with allergies or other sensitivities.
The toys aren’t suitable for power chewers.
Some items are limited-time-only so replacements can be difficult.
There are no discounts for multi-month plans.
No returns of received items unless damaged.
There is no multi-dog discount.
Some toys aren’t very durable.
here are no options to customize the box based on your dog’s coat type, chewing type, age, etc.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Pet Treater puts a lot of love into their subscription packs – for both dogs and cats. The treats and the toys are unique and worth the cheap price. Treat your pets with these boxes!
This subscription box is relatively cheap, and it is a good option for dog owners who have never used a subscription box service before. The toys are of good quality, and the treats are made with excellent ingredients, which ensures the health and wellbeing of your canine companion, or your feline friend.
Pet Treater is a pet subscription box that delivers treats and other pet products for cats and dogs. Each delivery contains between three and eight treats, toys, and accessories. While no specific value is advertised per box, you can expect to get deals well below retail value. Boxes ship around the 10th of every month.
I thought the Pet Treater box was a fun box for a pretty doable monthly price. Didn’t feel especially high-end, but for the price, I was happy with what I got.
Whether we’re talking about high-quality healthy treats, durable toys, grooming products or other pet accessories, that’s pretty cheap. I’ve received 4 Pet Treater dog subscription boxes so far, and I’ve always felt that I got way more than $24.99 worth of products.
If your dog is on a special diet, a box filled with surprise treats is probably not a great idea. Instead, consider a monthly subscription like the Pet Treater box, which offers a toy-only bundle or a treat-only package.
Pet Treater has three different box sizes to choose from based on your pet’s weight. Your dog or cat receives a box monthly that may include treats, toys, poop bags, grooming supplies, outfits, and other accessories. They send items that are cheaper than the full retail prices. The first box your pet receives will be a little different than the rest because it’s a combination of highly loved items from previous boxes. We like the low prices for PetTreater’s pet boxes, which is why it’s our second pick for the best pet box subscription.
We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Pet Treater Cat Pack is a great way to keep your pet stacked with fun toys and tasty treats. We love that they cater to cats with allergies as well. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly.
The Pet Treater subscription box is an excellent option for dogs who cannot eat certain treats due to medical reasons. The cost for each box is around $15, and it comes with about four toys. Moreover, your pup will have new things like stuffed animals and rope pulls to play with.
Pet Treater’s standard Dog Pack includes toys, treats, accessories, and grooming supplies. If you prefer a dog subscription box without toys, they also offer a treats-only subscription box. The treats are suitable for dogs who suffer from peanut, chicken, and grain allergies.
They deliver toys, Treats, and accessories directly to your doorstep. Fun generating toys comes within the box. This is one of the most beloved monthly pet boxes ever. It is far cheaper than buying toys and Treats.
There are a lot of options out there when it comes to Dog Treat Clubs. Pet Treater is the best of the best, with fun deliveries to match your dog’s personality and tastes, at prices that will keep you coming back for more month after month. This is our highest-rated membership club for your favorite Fido or Fluffy.

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