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✅ Pros

Pipeline management puts your lead generation and sales process front and center using a proven methodology.
Review Pros
Activities work as a sort of simple task management tool to keep you on track.
It is incredibly easy to use and requires minimal training to adapt to.
It is incredibly easy to use and requires minimal training to adapt to.
Prices start from $15/month/user and go up incrementally, making it an affordable service for small businesses.
Pipedrive allows you to create customized graphs and reports to visualize sales trends and company growth from right within the software.
You can sync your work email address with Pipedrive.
Any member of your sales team can make customized automated workflows simply by dragging and dropping to improve the sales process.
The software is well designed and easy to navigate – even for complete beginners.
It offers a variety of apps across Android, iOS, and via the web.
Pipedrive was very responsive when we contacted them, asking questions about the software.
Pipedrive boasts a magnificent sales reporting dashboard.
Pipedrive offers integration with most of the big names associated with CRM software.
Pipedrive is a highly visual CRM. The sales pipeline allows users to view and track communication with clients.
Managing contacts on this CRM is just as simple as most other operations.
Pipedrive has a very simple and visual platform.
To keep businesses focused, the software feeds leads directly into your sales pipeline.
With Pipedrive, you’ll have absolute clarity so you can choose the right activities and deals to focus on every time.
The user interface is very easy to learn and use and does not have a steep learning curve.
Native apps for iOS and Android allow users to take work on the go.
You can also schedule internal calendar tasks and events to keep your team organized and on the same page.
In the Scheduler, you can outline the times you are available, synced with your Google calendar.
Pipedrive can help you launch and deploy a smart bot that can collect leads on your website.
Pipedrive is a very usable CRM.
In addition to the toll-free number available for some countries, the Pipedrive support team is also accessible via social media.
Pipedrive CRM lets you quickly move contacts from one step in the pipeline to another by dragging and dropping.
Pipedrive CRM provides support via chat and email around the clock on all plans.
Customizable reporting dashboards are offered.
A built-in AI tool called Sales Assist helps users improve performance.
The Pipedrive app can integrate with 100+ of your favorite apps.
You’re given unlimited pipelines and properties to help with the organization of your sales process.
It offers extensive third-party software integrations.
If you need assistance getting Pipedrive CRM running smoothly, you have many support options.
It provides visual pipelines.
Full client support is available to you through a helpline, email, and live chat. The same support is available to your customers as well.
It has extremely simple setup and user interface.
It offers visual sales funnel with actionable alerts.
The CRM integrates with MailChimp for a quick sales funnel, A/B testing, and segmenting your email list.
The system gives you control over the process of importing data from another source.
Pipedrive sends reminders to sales staff via email or directly to their mobile phones.
The Activities tab is an easy spot to view and execute your sales activities, crushing through your to-do list in no time.
It has interactive UI design.
Pipedrive offers some automation to help save time on certain tasks.
It allows 20+ available integrations (i.e: Google Apps).
Pipedrive CRM integrates with many big-name productivity tools.
Email templates make the email marketing process easy within Pipedrive, and more templates are added all the time.
The Kanban view allows you to drag and drop deals through different stages of your pipeline.
Pipedrive of course also has a mobile app which is also easy-to-use while on the go.
24/7 support is available.
Every related contact, organization, and deal stays linked, creating a full-picture snapshot of your sales process at every step.
When it comes to pricing, Pipedrive CRM keeps it simple with three tiers.
The Sales Inbox feature can connect with your email inbox, putting all your communication with clients in a central location, so it’s easily accessible.
Pipedrive offers a simple user interface (UI).
Your sales team can easily see and respond to communication with clients, new leads, and the entire proposal process from start to approved.
It has a simple, intuitive user experience and clean dashboard.
Pipedrive allows you to set up automated triggers to send out template emails and remind you of upcoming tasks.
You can build, label, and manage your custom pipelines and process stages.
It provides email tracking and integration.
You can connect your email, which will then live inside of Pipeline.
It is easy to set up.
You can create clear and attractive charts that slow, at a glance, sales growth, and goals tracking.
It allows real-time email syncing and calendar integration.
With Pipedrive, you can pay on a monthly or yearly basis.
Pipedrive helps sales reps track each deal through the pipeline via a visual interface and easy-to-use tools.
The timeline view helps to make sense of your company’s sales history and lets you plan for the future by showing you upcoming events by the week, month, or quarter.
It is easy to onboard team.
No matter which package you choose, you will be able to access Pipedrive Marketplace’s 150-plus integration apps, both free and paid.
Pipedrive makes it ridiculously easy to track your leads and email conversions.
The design is simple and the minimalist layout is refreshing.
Pipedrive has very clear customer support numbers.

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❌ Cons

It is not a marketing platform.
It does have important workflow automations, but they are not as robust as what you might find with other CRMs.
Leads & contacts are not separated.
Mobile app is not as functional as desktop version.
It offers limited functionality for the price.
It does not focus a lot on the management aspects of the organization. It is suitable for a team that does not need reminders and restrictions.
Pipedrive offers little in the way of email automation and simple cadences.
It is somewhat pricey for the tools available.
The leads and contacts are not separated.
There is no separation between lists of new leads and contacts.
There aren’t comprehensive project management tools built into the software.
It is not for users who want a free plan.
There are not many tools for lead generation.
It lacks a desktop application.
Lead generation tools cost extra.
Unfortunately, Pipedrive doesn’t have a free plan.
Reporting requires third-party integrations.
It still doesn’t have some real estate features that other CRMs have.
Its automation is not as good as some of the other software like HubSpot or ActiveCampaign.
Phone support is limited to the Enterprise plan.
Integrations are not seamless.
Pipedrive doesn’t have specific project tracking outside of sales, whereas Insightly does.
The package rates are somewhat on the higher side.
It is not for users who need one-on-one customer support via phone.
While the pricing starts at $12.50 per month, this entry-level price does not include many of the essential features of Pipedrive.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Pipedrive is a CRM system that proves particularly useful for small businesses looking to more efficiently manage their sales operations. The tool’s app is quite friendly and easy to use, so it’s great for first-timers who have no prior experience with CRM software.
Pipedrive has highly visual and customizable sales pipelines and reports, simplifying the user experience and streamlining sales processes. It also offers workflow automation that eliminates the need to manually update sales pipelines and calendars whenever a task is completed. Sign up for its 14-day free trial to see how it can benefit your business.
Pipedrive excels is its simplicity. It was designed to be clear and easy to use, with minimal fuss and clutter. This could work well for your sales teams, as it saves wasting time teaching everyone how to use a complex platform. It has a lot to offer in terms of features, with automation to save time on repetitive tasks, a sales chatbot to capture leads automatically, and syncing of sales activity calendars within the sales team; you can expect to save a lot of time using Pipedrive.
Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for businesses of any size. Pipedrive’s features keep salespeople organized while helping them identify sales opportunities, keep tabs on relationships with prospects, and communicate with prospects without having to leave the system.
Pipedrive is an easy to use CRM platform with a helpful visual sales funnel. However, the software is pricey and lacks features for generating leads.
Pipedrive is trusted by over 85,000 companies worldwide including, Vimeo, and Remax. It focuses on giving your sales team the necessary tool to increase their pipelines while improving their customer acquisition processes. It is very easy to use out of the gate, requires no contracts, and can grow with your sales needs.
Pipedrive is a large and growing CRM company targeting small businesses and professionals. While not designed specifically for real estate, its CRM is very easy to use and definitely adaptable to the needs of real estate brokerages and agents. It is laser focused on being a good CRM instead of having the extras that some CRMs stuff into their solutions.
Pipedrive is a sales and marketing management tool for small and medium businesses that helps visualize the sales pipeline, track important activities and hold client conversations to add value, with mobile access for greater productivity. Even with its data exporting difficulties, filter complexity and non-intuitive email integration, the platform overall is easy to use and intuitive.
Pipedrive is a customer relationship management software that helps small to medium-sized businesses boost revenue by better connecting with customers. Using visual pipelines, lead prioritization tools, and automated workflows, subscribers can easily manage the progress of all of their sales.
Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM that is ideal for small teams with limited tech support. Code-free integrations and built-in features like pipeline management, sales reporting and sales forecasting are all easily accessible through Pipedrive. With no contracts required and a clean UX, this CRM is simple enough to jump into using, but powerful enough to grow with your sales team.
Pipedrive provides great features for small to medium-sized businesses that require that extra level of organization. Compared to Salesforce it is a much cheaper option. Full features can be unlocked for as much as €63 per user/month as opposed to €300 per user/month that Salesforce offers. Most importantly Pipedrive requires almost no training for the employees to be able to use it.
Pipedrive CRM is an affordable and easy to use cloud tool with a good range of features and customization options. Prices range from $15/month/user (Essentials plan) to $99 (Enterprise plan). The Advanced plan ($29/month/user) includes features such as two-way email sync, customizable email templates, email open and click tracking and automation workflows, making it the best plan for growing businesses.
If you operate within a small business or are a part of a marketing team, then Pipedrive offers an efficient and easy-to-use CRM that boasts smart marketing tools to help you actively sell your products and services.
Pipeline CRM improves its small business-focused solution with advanced capabilities, chatbot creation for websites, and efficient reporting. But as we’ve seen with previous iterations, ease of use remains one of Pipedrive CRM’s best features.
Pipedrive is a sales management and pipeline CRM tool designed to help small sales teams manage their lengthy sales processes. You can easily import your leads, assign them to your salespeople, and move them through different sales cycle stages. So in this Pipedrive review we have got you covered with everything you need to know about Pipedrive CRM tool.

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