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✅ Pros

You do not need to read any manuals or instructions for setting up the Pit Barrel Cooker Package.
Review Pros
The hook system increases your cooking capacity.
This is a very forgiving smoker for beginners and won’t require a lot of babysitting once you’ve mastered a few basics.
It has simple yet ingenious design.
It has unique and plain design.
You get perfectly cooked and great tasting meat every time.
I recommend the PBC to friends and family who are looking for a great cooker for a great price.
It gives good performance even at high altitudes.
You will be capable of grilling various types of rubs and meat at a faster rate in comparison to any other smoker or griller.
The Pit Barrel Cooker arrived well packaged in a high quality box.
I was impressed with the quality of the tools and accessories as well as the smoker.
You can leave the smoker basically alone after you become used to the setting and that means no more babysitting.
It has solid construction.
The porcelain coating helps with insulating and keeps the heat inside.
Steady temperatures are created by airtight construction.
The lack of a water pan because of the closed setup makes it very easy to use the PBC.
It is easy to use.
It is a versatile cooker.
Airtight construction allows you to achieve very steady temperatures over a long smoke.
30-Gallon drum smoker design is the ideal size for smoking.
Easily-adjustable vents help control airflow.
I love cooking over fire and I love having control over the amount of smoke flavor, the temperature, and the method of cooking.
Since the construction is basically air thigh the temperature will stay steady all the time.
No assembly is required.
Despite of its affordable cost, this cooker package can be used for a range of cooking styles and dishes.
There’s not that much to put together other than the horseshoe handles on the lid and smoker body.
I love starting the barrel, walking away, and knowing it will be ready when I get back.
The unit has a simple twist-and-set vent at the bottom that allows you to set the air circulation based on the temperature you want for your cook.
The package includes everything to get started.
With dimensions of 22x22x33 inches, the Pit Barrel Cooker has a high capacity and can be used to make up to 8 slabs of ribs at one time.
It makes a good option for anyone looking for a grill and a great option for anyone looking for a smoker.
With a very high capacity, this cooker can be used for making 8 slabs of ribs at a single time.
It’s faster than pretty much any other type of smoker.
It allows even cooking from all sides.
It can be used by beginners easily.
The stainless steel hooks will help you with smoking more meat since you hang it vertically and not on a grate like many other smokers.
Steady temperatures can be achieved due to its airtight construction.
Minimal assembly is required.
The meat this thing makes is really, really good.
It offers great value for money.
It is a simple smoker for beginners and doesn’t require a lot of tending to.
It has a simple design.
It is portable and easy to move thanks to it’s one piece design.
It does not require a water pan.
It comes with everything you need for grilling and smoking.
Perfect for beginners since it uses a set it and forget it temperature style.
The barrel’s large 30-gallon capacity allows for a lot of food to be cooked all at once.
It is a versatile cooker that allows for grilling.
The simplicity of the steel drum design makes it easy to operate and produce consistent results every time.
It has simple and effective design.
It helps in smooth-burning and consistent heat.
During loading, moisture is collected inside the barrel itself. Hence, there is no requirement of constant refills and water pans.
It has large cooking capacity due to its vertical hanging system.
Cooking in a Pit Barrel truly brings a unique flavor experience.
You can get the Pit Barrel Cooker in the standard format for $349.99 and it’s worth every cent.
I take my PBC to competitions, camping, road trips, and anywhere else I need a portable cooker to create great food.
Air tight construction help you achieve very steady temperatures over a long smoke.
While many smokers can be moved on wheels, this guy, although not pocket-sized, sits at just 56lb.
It has fantastic build quality.
It gives consistent and repeatable results without hassle even for a beginner.
Really durable build should last years.
It comes with stainless steel hooks to hang your meat.
It is an excellent affordable smoker.
Almost no assembly is required.
There is no need of any water pans and constant refills.
It’s portable – good for camping, beach parties, and more.
You do not need to waste time reading instructions and manuals in order to set up the cooker.

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❌ Cons

You need to reach quite low in the barrel to flip food on the grilling grate.
I understand the set it and forget it set up but I would still like to see a thermometer on the lid.
The lid needs a hook or bracket on the inside so it will hang on the edge of the barrel while you are hanging meat, checking temperature, etc.
You are somewhat restricted in how you control temperature.
It has high cooking capacity with the hook system.
You might require wireless thermometer to keep the temperature in check.
Due to its depth, some of the food is cooked you need to be careful when reaching in.
It’d be nice if you could set the grilling grate a bit closer to the fire, or, raise the charcoal up so you’re cooking more over direct heat.
It is a quick-cooking system.
There are no wheels for easier movement.
You can control airflow with adjustable vents.
I would love if the PBC had a probe port to more easily monitor the temp of meats cooking.
There are times I would love to have 2 tiers for cooking.
You will need extra grate to improve grill capacity.
A fixed ventilation setting causes a slow decrease of temperature.
1 year warranty is less.
If you are the kind of person who likes to control the temperature with as much precision as possible at all times, then this smoker/cooker is going to be a problem.
While you ‘can’ use this as a grill, it makes a better dedicated smoker.
Even after reading all the instructions, placing and hanging meat in the Pit Barrel Cooker Package could be a bit of a hassle.
Even after following instructions in the manual, placing and hanging meat can be a hassle.
The vent adjustment at the bottom of the barrel would be better served with a wingnut for tighness adjustment.
If you are a person who has the habit of controlling temperature with a high precision, a pit barrel smoker is going to be an issue.
It works best with one type of charcoal.
Temperature gauge for grill cooking could be improved.
Your first placement of meat will be a learning curve.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Pit Barrel Cooker Package is a product worth more than its price. With its wide range of applications, durability and versatility, this barrel cooker is a must for those who love well-cooked meat and ribs, and are looking for an affordable yet extremely high-quality and functional cooker.
For anyone that is new to smoking the Pit Barrel Cooker is one of the best options available. It’s durable, easy to use, portable and really good value for money. It makes a good option for anyone looking for a grill and a great option for anyone looking for a smoker. The fact that you get both in one at such a low cost with no set up required makes this almost a no brainer.
If you want to add a weapon to your cooking arsenal that can create unbelievable low-and-slow results, we think you won’t go wrong if you decide to make it this one!
For anyone who loves to use charcoal but wants that set it and forget it style of cooking.. you really can have your cake and eat it too. The Pit Barrel Cooker is a smoker/cooker that you need to take a long, hard look at.
While the WSM gives you a little more flexibility, the PBC is a fool proof option that can produce outstanding barbecue. Our recommendation is to go for the Smokey Mountain if you like to be more in control, and the Pit Barrel Cooker if you just want to enjoy smoking and get on it with.
Perfect for anyone who’s looking for a set and forget smoker but perhaps have the budget for a pellet smoker, the Pit Barrel Cooker isn’t a second-rate solution. Because it doesn’t have any electricals or much in the way of moving parts, this smoker will last years to come. And, the distinctly charcoal-smoked flavor also means it’s perfectly justified to sit in your backyard beside a wood-based option.
It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or a professional competition smoker. If you are looking for a low – mid-price unit that is simple, durable & produces great food & flavors I would highly recommend the Pit Barrel Cooker.
The Pit Barrel Cooker is a simple, easy-to-use charcoal unit that can cook up to eight racks of ribs at once. Designed to operate consistently at around 300 F, this cooker needs little attention and can be relied upon to turn out some great food in a relatively short period of time. While there are those that might argue that it isn’t a real smoker, it does create smoke flavor and great food. This is a smoker in the very classic sense of the word.
Pit Barrel Cooker is a fantastic assistant to those who love cooking outdoors! It’s light and compact. You can pick it up and take it with you anywhere. You can even take it camping or fishing. Pit Barrel Cooker holds heat dramatically good. Its unique design creates a circular smoke for all-over flavor.
All things considered, the Pit Barrel Cooker is an awesome ugly drum smoker and we have no problem backing it 100%. We’re not the only ones who feel this way; the PBC checks most of the boxes per Amazing Ribs list of things to look for when buying a smoker.
In summary, the Pit Barrel Cooker is a pit I would recommend to any household and any skill level. If you are a beginner and would love cooking over charcoal and wood, the PBC is an incredible place to start. For my seasoned pros – imagine a portable pit that takes virtually no space in the back of your truck that can cook 10 racks of ribs at one time. For the price, you will be hard-pressed to find anything that competes in the same neighborhood.
The Pit Barrel Cooker is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to cook an excellent barbecue or meal. Food enthusiasts will be pleased with what the cooker has to offer, especially since it is highly versatile and allows you to make all kinds of meals. From meat and chicken to fish and vegetables, you can cook all kinds of food with the Pit Barrel Cooker.
The Pit Barrel Cooker is advised to be used by hanging your meat vertically on hooks. This makes it possible to cook a lot more meat in one session. The only problem might be ribs that are a little long and will almost touch the charcoal basket at the bottom. This can be solved by cutting them in half. On the other hand, you can use the hanging rods and the grill rack at the same time to cook a truckload of meat at the same time.
The Pit Barrel Cooker is one of the best options for you to purchase, especially if you are a beginner. Since it requires minimal set-up and is quite durable, paying a bit more money for this reliable cooker is a worthy investment.
It is safe to conclude that this cooker and smoker is a product which is more than worth the price. Along with a wider range of durability, application, and versatility, this product is a must for you if you love ribs and well-cooked meat. It can be an amazing choice for you if you are looking for a functional cooker of premium quality.

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