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✅ Pros

Pivo Pods come with a remote that takes the action manual, including camera control and rotation of the Pivo.
Review Pros
It has candid camera mode.
It has amazing battery life.
It is quiet and inconspicuous.
It is affordable.
There is 30-days return policy.
Pivo adjusts the frame, angle, lighting, focus automatically using composition Al.
It is easy to set up.
They ship internationally.
It has smooth motor.
It is great when you’re riding alone.
It makes taking creative and fun photos and videos easy.
Multiple shooting modes are available.
It works indoors and outdoors.
It has good auto-tracking capabilities with the Pivo Silver.
It is good for work and play.
Pivo Pod Active tracks faces or bodies with its built-in AI.
I love the travel case because it is durable and it protects the device, especially when traveling.
It is affordably priced compared to the alternatives.
Tracking is accurate.
It has long battery life.
It can be used indoors and outdoors.
The social media streaming feature is a content-sharing dream, at a fraction of the cost and effort of typical solutions.
It is compact and lightweight.
It is compatible with most recent smart phones.
It is fairly straight forward to set up.
It is easy to set up.
It is easy to use.
It has decent battery life.
Pivo pod is a smartphone accessory that can help take better and hands-free photos and videos.
It connects through bluetooth.
The rotation is fairly smooth.
There are lots of modes to choose from (with more on the way).
Once it is connected, it works seamlessly.
The device itself is very user friendly.
It is compact and easy to set up.
Pivo works with any smartphone, be it an iPhone, Samsung, Oneplus, or whatnot. It also works with small tablets.
The solid hardware is easy to work with.
The Pivo Present app works with popular video conferencing apps, including Zoom, Google Meet, and social leader TikTok.
It offers fast motion tracking using cinematic Al.
It is easy to use.
It uses your own smartphone as the camera & supports most common phones.
It supports video call with tracking.
It is very easy to use and highly portable.
The battery lasts a while.
It does a very good job of tracking.
The dynamic footage is more pleasing to watch.
It connects to Pivo’s free app.
It holds charge for a long time.
It has excellent build quality.
App is user friendly.
It comes with 1-year warranty.
It doesn’t take up too much space.
The AI is on point.
It links through Bluetooth (No internet connection needed).
With the remote control, it really is like having a robot assistant.
The packaging is minimal which I personally prefer because I like things simple.
Separate mic with 60m range works with previous Pods too.
It includes a built-in horse tracking setting.
It is easy to use once you’re familiar with it.
The build quality is very good.
The remote control can manage a number of Pivo devices at the same time.
The motor is super smooth and stable.
It can shoot more videos without a camera person.
It works with most cell phones.
It offers high-end AI tracking features for auto following.
Auto Focus is fantastic.
It works indoors and outdoors.
The ability to take photos and videos solo and super easy is a plus for me.
Pivo can spin in 360 degrees smoothly and with seemingly little effort.
Their apps keep developing.
It is compact.

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❌ Cons

It may need to manually rotate pod if it rotates too much and faces out of the ring.
It is pricey for what it does.
If your horse does not stand out against the background it may have trouble following you.
Establishing the Bluetooth connection is hit and miss, and can take several attempts.
I found their site slow.
It can be jittery in fastest modes.
You can lose the horse if you ride too close.
It is fs fairly heavy on phone battery usage.
It may not fit some phone with a thick phone case.
There are way too many apps.
There can be slow tracking.
It uses Micro USB.
It is not waterproof.
The technology and app is still new and there are some bugs, but the Pivo team is very responsive to these issues and are constantly improving the software (all updates are free).
Notifications from other apps can interfere with recording.
Some modes might require a bit of trial and error.
It can’t be used with multiple horses in the ring.
It comes with non-rechargeable remote control batteries.
Carrying case comes separately.
It periodically “loses you” while filming and must be manually corrected.
It charges via MicroUSB.
It doesn’t handle multiple people in videos at the same time well.
There is no tracker on remote.
It is not ideal when riding with others in the ring.
The tutorials included in the app are so highly specific – seemingly focused on the equestrian world – that it seems you may have got the wrong app.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Pivo turns your smart phone into a motion tracking camera. Accuracy can be an issue when conditions aren’t “ideal,” but the software is getting smarter every day. Plus, the price point is awesome.
A really useful piece of kit if you ride on your own and want to track your progress or record videos to share with friends.
Overall this is a good product for its price and abilities. The downside of this product is arena space. However if you are on a budget and you have the flexibility of area space the PIVO is a great piece of equipment to create content as it is incredibly mobile and relatively hassle free to set up.
The Pivo Pod Red is an excellent device for both work and play. It isn’t a device made only for content creators. Those looking to jazz up their presentations, take interesting shots, or just play around with their smartphone camera will appreciate the device. We do wish, however, that Pivo could load the remote control with rechargeable batteries. A truly all-in-one app would also be lovely so that our phones will not be cluttered with too many apps.
Overall, I am happy with the Pivo pod. For its price point, I don’t think it’s fair to expect it to do what the other expensive options can. My only real disappointment with it is it’s tracking abilities. If they developed a wristband or if they updated the app to be able to follow the remote, then I would be recommending this to everyone and singing its praises. But until that happens, I’ll continue to set up my camcorder in the corner to capture the whole ride at a distance. I just don’t trust it enough to record me the whole time. I’d much rather have both cameras set up.
As a creator and someone who is constantly creating content, it is hard to find someone to follow me around capture my content, so this was like the perfect device for me. Also, the ability to take photos and videos solo and super easy is a plus for me. As an image consultant and fashion coach, I have struggled with creating style videos because I constantly have to worry about the camera going in and out of focus when I move and this solved that problem for me. I am super excited to start creating videos again because of Pivo.
Overall, I think Pivo is a superb auto-follow and recording camera mount and well worth the price tag!
Equipment for filming oneself or coordinating multiple shots via smartphones is usually both pricey and complex, meaning that it has been largely confined to professionals and serious amateurs. Pivo brings these capabilities within reach of anyone who can afford more than an entry-level smartphone.
Pivo pod is a smartphone accessory that turns your smartphone into a cameraman. By using a motorized head that can be either controlled by a remote or by using their phone app via Bluetooth. Pivo pod can do a lot of things including automated timelapse, panorama, object tracking, etc. We will see more in the coming section.
The product offers an affordable price, convenient usage, and high-end features that you can leverage using this pod. In addition, they have excellent customer service, such as a 30-day return policy and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
The Pivo Pod X is a powerful companion for influencers, creators or anyone who like to make motion tracking videos by themselves. However, we feel that the retail price of 5355 is too expensive for a gadget that is not even weatherproof while most of the videos are showing outdoor shots. Furthermore, at that price, there is no indication of the warranty period which we feel they should provide at least 2 years since it does not have any certified weatherproof design.
A smartphone camera mount with several apps that support video capture, presentations, and social media feeds. Pivo Pod rotates 360-degrees as it tracks faces and bodies, even dogs and horses. The well-designed hardware is great, the plethora of software and options can make figuring out what to do with a Pivo Pod a bit daunting. It is easy, however, to get started. Mastery will take some time.
I think it’s an excellent tool for anyone doing self-recording.The Pivo Pod is the best choice for the active-minded who need something that can move quickly with them. You will find that having something handy like this tool at your disposal, you can come up with and create more videos than you would have been able to do without it.
For people just getting started, it takes away the roadblocks of not knowing how to edit or how to use more professional cameras, and lets you jump right into content creation. For someone who has about six followers and nothing to prove, it’s been incredibly entertaining.
The Pivo Pod Silver is an AI-powered cameraman that fits in your backpack with autofocus and tracking that rivals DSLRs.

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