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✅ Pros

You can use these videos (and everything else on Placeit) for commercial purposes.
Review Pros
With Placeit, you can use the thousands of templates to create slideshow videos, Instagram stories, Instagram videos, demos of new products, product and service overview videos.
Placeit has hundreds of mockups of multiple devices so you can promote your apps and responsive websites like the pros.
It is simple and very easy to use.
Placeit also offers vast numbers of videos templates that are one of the most essential part of the content marketing.
Everything happens in the browser, no software to download.
You really can create something that looks professional in a few minutes.
The overall experience is simple enough.
Placeit also offers a range of apparels to create mock up for your design like leggings, hats, hoodies, and t-shirts etc.
No special software is required.
Placeit has a simple user interface.
Placeit offers a huge selection of industry-specific designs and templates.
It has a vast library of items.
It can be used by anyone without any problem.
One of Placeit’s most apparent benefits is the sheer number of available templates to choose from.
While Placeit offers set templates for you to choose from, there’s plenty of things you can do to customize your templates along the way.
The mockup generator is easy to use with it’s drag and drop functionality.
We like the fact that anyone could use this tool and create something awesome (no design, technical or editing skills needed).
You can create mockups and videos by using the thousands of support they have available.
They offer easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
All of Placeit’s logos, mockups, and designs are high-quality.
Once downloaded, you have the option to edit it using their built-in web editor.
We like the fair prices for an intro template.
High-resolutions mockups and templates are available.
There are thousands of templates to choose from for mockups.
You can save your projects as drafts.
Placeit has the largest library with subtags that allow for easy sorting.
You can design a logo in minutes.
Placeit offers several customer service contact methods you can use.
There is no download limit on designs.
You can apply your own brands color schemes to your logo design. This is very important for brand consistency.
These can range from anything from a mug, coupons, banners, and social media posts.
They offer way more templates and ways you can use the designs than Vexels.
All of their graphics and video tools seem to be linked, so you could, potentially, use the service as a way to serve all of your graphic and video needs.
It is quite affordable.
Those with no design or technical experience can easily create mockups and videos by using one of their thousands of templates.
It is easy to use for those without graphic design knowledge.
This is a great tool for ecommerce retailers for creating mockups and videos by using the thousands of templates they have available.
Placeit is really simple and easy to use.
It is simple and easy-to-use.
Anyone can design, even you.
Placeit has the templates organized into industry categories.
With Placeit’s Unlimited Plan, you can download the entire library for just $29/mo.
PlaceIt offers thousands of designs that can be used for clothing, logos, YouTube thumbnails, animated video intros, and even Twitch layouts mostly in PNG format.
Live chat and support is available in case you need help.
A large template library is updated regularly.
They offer an extensive library that includes more than 1,420 iPhone mockups, 308 MacBook mockups, 2,800 T-Shirt mockups, and everything from social media post templates to coupons.
There are thousands of mockups and designs.
Videos made by Placeit are good and seamless.
It has convenient browsing options.
It can be a priceless resource for ecommerce retailers with little to no design, art, or technical skill.
Placeit’s tools and interface are short, sweet, and to the point.
User reviews have been mostly positive.
The pricing plans are simple enough.
Placeit doesn’t require any commitments, so you’re free to cancel your subscription whenever.
There are over 8,000 templates and designs to choose from and brand your business with.
Because their technology and template library is top notch, you can create professional looking designs, logos, and videos, in a cinch as well.
There are thousands of templates to choose from, across all manner of video formats.
PlaceIt has over 5,700 templates and 13,000+ mockup options to display your designs.
Placeit always seem to be adding new templates.
You can customize each template as much as you want to ensure you get an original design.
Models are shown in a variety of activities, ethnicities, and age ranges.
There are wide range of graphics and designs for all categories.
Video design options are available.
The template browser is fairly well-organized.
Placeit is an excellent tool for creating various types of videos and provides templates for almost each formats.
This is an incredible value for your money.
You can play with all of Placeit’s smart templates before deciding which design suits your brand the best.
All designs are completely customizable.
Placeit is straightforward to use.

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❌ Cons

It would be nice to see a section where you can add your own font choices to your logo.
Like Netflix, you are going to pay each month for a subscription to Placeit.
The rendering of the designs as well as the downloads can be a bit slow.
You are unable to upload custom fonts.
The inability to upload fonts that don’t exist on the website can be frustrating.
If the audio track played alongside the video in the editor, it could be great.
Though the tool allows for simple customization, it doesn’t provide advanced editing features, or the kinds of integrations professional web designers may be looking for.
With no AI to do things for you, you’ll be spending a lot of your time browsing through the templates to pick the one you want to customize.
The thousands of logo designs can get a bit overwhelming and intimidating for some folks.
I do wish there were more font choices available when designing your final logo.
Not many pricing plans; there is only one pricing plan for you to choose from.
For those more experienced in design, technology, and branding, Placeit will probably be a little too simple for your liking.
While Placeit’s annual subscription only comes out to $6.35 a month with the discount, it’s still a considerable amount to invest.
It does not provide advanced customization options.
Placeit can also get a bit pricey if you don’t subscribe to their membership package.
It could be great if you can change the text size and also upload your own fonts.
Placeit is also bit pricey if you don’t subscribe to their unlimited subscription plan.
Users also noted that it was lacking in advanced cropping, realistic blur, color background choice, and gif support.
There are no branding color scheme presets.
No advanced editing features are available.
They have limited mockup customization options.
They need to add more intro templates for some categories.
While Placeit is easy to use for new designers, it doesn’t have the pro features like integrations, advanced editing, and customization that experienced designers look for in other programs.
One-off purchases are quite pricey.
Limited customisations are available.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Placeit below.

Review Summaries
Placeit is a solid logo maker, but it’s not for everyone. If you are looking for a fully-customized and totally 100% unique design, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a beautiful, easy-to-design logo for yourself or your business, Placeit is a great choice.
Overall, we love Placeit’s intro maker. It’s simple, sleek and lets you create some quality intros incredibly quickly.
I truly believe that this logo designer takes all of the guesswork and complications out of logo design.If you have a logo design that looks like something out of the 80’s or 90’s and want to design a professional logo in minutes for your brand, then I would recommend checking out PlaceIts Logo Maker!
Whether you are looking to promote a new app or website with iPhone or MacBook mockups, your clothing brand on t-shirt mockups or a branding project with banner mockups, Placeit has your back with the largest mockup library you can think of. And the best part? These mockups are customizable straight from your browser, which means you don’t need to use Photoshop or other editing tools, just upload your image file and watch it come to life instantly.
With thousands of templates, designs, and mockups to choose from, you’ll have plenty of scope for finding the right vibe for your business. Want to create a video? Placeit has you covered there too. From business cards to banners, to book covers and more, Placeit has what you need to create the right image for your company.
As an ecommerce merchant, setting your brand apart is the key to retail success. Using a mockup tool like Placeit (or any of the alternatives) can help you quickly create products and videos that will not only boost engagement with your audience, but also increase your online sales. With thousands of templates to choose from at affordable prices, you’re only limited by your imagination!
Placeit is a simple and convenient DIY design solution for e-commerce retailers. It allows anyone to create designs for their business. From high-quality logos to product mockups, Placeit has it all. The best part? It’s not just easy-to-use but super affordable as well. The low subscription prices and unlimited downloads make it ideal for e-commerce businesses.
Placeit is best if you are looking for a very specific mockup and can not find it on other programs. For example, it had the best set of clothing mockups (t-shirts, hoodie, crewneck, jersey, hat, etc.). It is easy to use for new designers but doesn’t have the pro features (integrations, advanced editing, and customization) that experienced designers told us they enjoyed about Smartmockups.
Placeit service is more than suitable for beginners, and it is easy for them to use it. However, for a professional, it is not that good. All that aside, Placeit has an extensive range of items to choose from, and it is a must-have platform for beginners.
It’s a simple platform aimed at those who want to create unique designs but without too much hassle. While it does have a few shortcomings, it’s rich enough in features for an average user. The user-friendly interface paired with a broad spectrum of templates should give you what you need to bring your ideas to life.
PlaceIt is the best option if you want to do print on demand part time, or have other design needs for marketing or social media.
Placeit’s logo-maker app is a somewhat buggy experience that might take your money without actually giving you what you need. Don’t touch it until they fix the massive bugs, and maybe do some proofreading. I expected something better than this from the network behind ThemeForest, I really did. The support team, when you can reach them, is Placeit’s only saving grace, and they’re almost the only reason this whole review isn’t scored at a flat zero.
Placeit is a great tool to set your brand apart from your competitors, which is crucial for success for an eCommerce retailers. Also, it is an excellent tool to create videos and drive search engine traffic for you online store. With such great features, thousands of templates and affordable pricing model, Placeit is certainly a good choice for design and marketing tool.
Placeit has lots of pros and cons and depending on your priorities, it could be worth the buy. If you’re a person with minimal design skills, value template options and easy of use, and have the money to pay for a subscription, Placeit may have everything you’re looking for. However, if you really need to be able to upload custom fonts (assuming they don’t offer yours), don’t have the money to pay for a subscription or are looking to pay-per-item, or don’t have a high English proficiency, you may not find Placeit to be the right fit for you.
Placeit provides you with a platform where you can create mockups of your products pretty quickly. In addition, you can design promotional videos and graphics with little or no design skills and start using them on social media right away. All this for a reasonable price, when compared to setting up a photo shoot that can be costly.

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